Physical Education Games – Knock It Off

Physical Education Games – Knock It Off

This game is called ‘Knock It Off’. It’s a soccer passing or kicking game. You need cones, soccer balls, and tennis balls to play this game. The playing area can be either a field or a gym. Partners will start by facing three cones with three tennis balls balanced on top. There can be many groups spread out in the playing area. Give each pair a soccer ball. For two minutes, players will attempt to pass or kick the ball at the cones, trying to knock the tennis balls off. We see the first player kick. Whether it is a hit or miss, he retrieves the ball. He brings it back by either dribbling
or can dribble a little bit of the way and then pass to the partner. Now it is the partners turn. The kick has knocked the tennis ball off the cone. This repeats for two minutes. Depending how well groups do, you can change the distance from the cones for the next round. That’s it!

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