Pickleball Lob-Should You Use It or Lose It?

Pickleball Lob-Should You Use It or Lose It?

To lob or not to lob. That’s the question. Stay tuned. Hey everybody it’s CJ Johnson. Is the lob part of your
pickleball shot arsenal? If it is put yes in the
comments below, if not put a no. Before we start talking about the lob, I’ll bet you’re a savvy pickleball player
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whenever I post a new video. I’m often asked if lobbing is a good
tactic in pickleball and like most things pickleball, the answer is it depends. The lob is used to move your opponents
away from the non-volley zone. There are two types of lobs. A defensive lob is hit primarily from
the baseline while your opponents are at the non volley zone. An offensive lob
is when all four players are at the non volley zone, Usually engaged in a dinking game and
one team uses the lob to pull the other team back into a defensive position. What’s important to know about
the lob is that it’s a risky shot. If you hit it too short, you’ve gifted your opponents with an
overhead that they can now smash at your feet. If you hit it too long, you’ve either lost your serve or you’ve
lost a point and that’s relatively easy to do because it’s not a
very long court. However, like all things pickleball,
there’s exceptions to the rule. I once watched a 4.0 level women’s
doubles team at a pretty large and very competitive tournament, win gold medals based almost exclusively
on their ability to lob and then defend the lob. Eventually their opponents got so
frustrated that they either hit their overheads into the net or out. So yes, at a certain level, a defensive lob may help you
to win points or to win games, but the higher you go in levels, the greater ability those players have
to run down the lob to hit overheads and to defend against a defensive lob. There is one other time that the defensive
lob comes to mind and is actually probably your best chance
to keep the ball in play. When your opponents have pulled you off
the court and you need extra time to recover a high soft lob, while
difficult to hit on the run, maybe your best option. To answer the question that we
started with to lob or not to lob, while there are a few situations
in which you need defensive lob, it’s not a tactic that I would
recommend using regularly. Now the offensive lob, the one that you use when all four
players are in a dinking rally at the non volley zone, that’s a
completely different story. Make sure you join me in the next video
where I’m going to show you how and when to use it effectively. In the meantime, check out these resources to help you
improve your overhead and to defend against the lob. If you got value
from this video, you know what to do, give it a thumbs up or better yet, share it with your pickleball playing
friends because together we can Train Smart, Live, Bold, and Age Well.

Comments (12)

  1. Do you hit lobs? Yes or No?Bonus points for telling us if they are defensive or offensive lobs.

  2. Yes, offensively, or when I’m in trouble. Better against old ladies like me, than young, tall people.

  3. Yes, absolutely, Lobbing during the dinking game is a very offensive shot. Though a very dangerous shot (second to the third shot drop) in that poorly executed will bounce out or be hammered back at you.

  4. Seldom hit lobs, mostly when running down a good lob behind my partner.

  5. NO…unless I think I can get it over their head at the kitchen.

  6. Not yet, but working on it

  7. yes, for me playing at the intermediate level, the lob needs to be apart of my game along with all the other shots. I have learned not to use it against tall lanky players because It is just too hard to get it right, but on shorter players it is like a change up in baseball.
    When I am moving to one side to pick up a cross court shot, instead of bringing it back to the middle and getting it slammed down my throat, I am trying to hit a softer lob back as per the advice of CJ Johnson.

    I have watched others and myself even use it as a serve with some pretty good results as an offensive strategy. As I get better I may change my mind. We will see. Thanks again for the video. I will be taking a lesson from Dominic Catalano next week

  8. Yes, just have to pay attention to eo where I aim it and the reach of my opponent. Need to improve my defensive lob.

  9. I rarely lob but I play against an 80 year old guy who lobs very effectively. He has a knack for lobbing you as you're rushing toward the net, which makes it more challenging to stop that forward momentum, turn around and head back to return that lob. He also lobs just high enough to keep it out of paddle reach, which shortens the time the ball is in the air, reducing time to defend against it. He's got it wired. I also play against a 5.0 player who has mastered the offensive lob at the net. That's the lob I'd like to add to my arsenal.

  10. I use the lob to get players off the net but you have to pick the right to do it!!!

  11. Aloha CJ! Thanks so much! These are wonderful teaching videos on the LOB! I have a decent lob. Where I find difficulty is when I'm on the right side of the court (facing the net), and our opponent lobs over my partner, who can't get it, fails to communicate for me to get it, and then I'm in an awkward position to retrieve it. Even if I know I have to cover those lobs, they're not as comfortable to move to and then execute a decent return than those where I'm moving from left to right. Maybe you could do a video on retrieving lobs. Thanks again!!!!

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