Ping Pong Battles against Strangers 2

Ping Pong Battles against Strangers 2

What’s up everybody! We are Pongfinity Welcome to part 2 of Ping Pong Street Battles! We will be challenging people on the streets With these items. We’ll play a game of table tennis to 11 points Our opponent gets to choose Which item we will play with. If they beat us, they will get 20 euros. Let’s go! Thanks for watching guys, hope you enjoyed
this episode! With today’s items we managed to beat all
our challengers. Comment below which items we should use in
our next episode And remember to like and subscribe. Until next time!

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  1. These vids are so much fun to make! Next time we'll do 5 battles with 5 different items, comment below which ones we should use!

  2. Can you play ping pong with your head 1 minute

  3. Could you do it indoors next time? the wind is a big factor and it’s not fair for both side

  4. Trouve l'intrus


  5. Very nice video great job best video ever

  6. Really fun sport. Makes you smile – most of times!

  7. How is it that the strangers only know how to play backhand and not forehand?

  8. That blonde girl has got some nice serves ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡° )

  9. Pongfinity I am your greatest fan love your vids thanks for them from NZ

  10. The people are playing first time ever tabletennis i assume from the level

  11. صلو على النبي

  12. What's with all the backhands

  13. I love pongfinity!!!

  14. 4:20 how the chick plays in high heels 😀

  15. Like: miika
    Comment: otto
    Ignore: emil

  16. If only I could be there and try the challenge. Id be 20 euros richer

  17. Am I the only person waiting until there will be someone that really can play and will win?

  18. A great example of social experiment… impressed

  19. That racket is low quality dude 😀

  20. You guys are the best

  21. Porque heran 20 € si no ibiesen en Espanya serian dolares

  22. Se eu fosse esse cara eu ganhava facil

  23. I definitely could've won against you guys with those things.

  24. was this in Pasila? it seems familiar

  25. Copia de dude perfecto Xd

  26. can you play tt by tying cloth on your eyes by hearing only sound of the ball

  27. Make that in Tallinn

  28. I wonder how many people one that were cut out

  29. I am still laughing because Otto can pick the weight with only one hand

  30. Use a Knife or a Golf Club

  31. Я так ракеткой не играю

  32. Introduce your next video in Burmese

  33. Tajusin vasta nyt että ootte suomalaisii


  35. Queria jogar contra vcs mas eu moro em Goiânia então e impossível

  36. Missä päin Helsinkiä noi pöydät on?

  37. Yllätyin täysin että ootte suomest.

  38. Speak in italian

  39. سعودي مر من هنا ???.

  40. No body:


  41. How to get bitches?
    Ping pong

  42. Nah u should have used a potato

  43. Challenge people that can actually play

  44. I'am from Brasil, plis save my

  45. i freaking hate people who hold their paddles inside like the first guy and the blonde girl.

  46. It's amazing, when you get into a new community for a while you, well at least myself, forgets how, well, bad at it the average person is compared to someone who has been practicing.

  47. Pongfinity please come to india

  48. Start your introduction in punjabi or hindi

  49. Come india and battle with me in this rules

  50. Voitteko tehä part 3 Espoossa

  51. I LOVE your channel.

  52. weird how amateurs use backhand all the time, yet when you start playing more you usually have a weak backhand

  53. if you hold the table you lose

  54. Mika had a badminton racket and he still went easy.

  55. You Guys Don’t Stand A Chance Against Me…

  56. you should find stronger opponents, but still fun to watch

  57. Wuy did the first one cheat

  58. 8:48 went from 3-3 to 5-3?

  59. JMJTW-5TJMPJMPKPJPJMTJAJQJDJUKTKTJAJAJAKAJAJAJjadmtwttjjadmtwttjtj-j0a-a0a-a0a–aAAAAAAAAaBal-6m–m-m-mwithcreditwithcareofvaluebymailtheabsencefromhellthebabytheabsenceassuchfromscratchatleastfromhelltheabsenceofcoursefromstrengthatworkonsaturdaythebabyfromscratch

  60. Fake video, can't be in finland if theres sun ?

  61. This guys are só bad…

  62. Otto…this girl

  63. the second person played in high heels, damn that's imressive

  64. Where Are you from pongfinity your launguage is different

  65. Hyvä Video!! ??

  66. why does the first guy only hit backhands

  67. You should use a box of cereal and a rubber mallet

  68. Present a video ni spanish

  69. How tall are those two guys of pongfinity?

  70. Where is my under water ping pong match with iron ping pong ball and bats and oxygen tanks…
    Asking for 2 years …smh

  71. Play with a table tennis trophy

  72. Why do they all use back hand it’s weird

  73. This is the most European video ever and I like it a lot

  74. What country are you from

  75. 7.40 that was a foul

  76. They are good player


  78. If I versed u it would be a good match

  79. Conclusion pongfinity never lose

  80. Pongfinity : beat us twenty uros
    Mr Beast: play with us 10000dollars

  81. how come noone of them never played table tennis LUL

  82. Your battle videos are not good because you are increasing your points

  83. why do people only play backhand

  84. Where are you from

  85. 9:14 dis girl be playing on high heels.

  86. i would love it if there was a pongfinity tournament hosted by you guys and see what happens i would fly over to Finland

  87. Ci sono italiani?

  88. just use a real raquet………….


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