Ping Pong ROBOT BATTLE ft. Michael Maze

Ping Pong ROBOT BATTLE ft. Michael Maze

What’s up everybody! We are Pongfinity And today we are here in Copenhagen With the one and only – Michael Maze. How are you Michael? I’m great! I’m feeling good, I’m at the Bröndy football stadium It is my favorite club So I feel perfect! Great! We are going to try out Butterfly’s brand-new
Amicus Prime table tennis robot. We are going to do some challenges between
us Let’s see how it goes! Let’s start with an accuracy battle. The one who uses less shots and knocks down
all the cups, wins! I’ll go first. That was pure luck. Let’s replace the cups with real table tennis
balls to see who is more precise. Sounds good to me – let’s go! I guess we can say that the last challenge
was pretty even. Now – let’s do the speed battle. We will set the robot on max speed And random distribution. Next, we are going to go around the net. Five forehand and five backhand! Let’s go! Now, let’s have a side spin battle. Let’s see how well we can handle the spin
of the robot to knock down the pyramid. Next, let’s try the maximum underspin and
topspin of the robot. I’m gonna beat you easily! Alright, that’s a wrap then for today! Thank you very much Michael for having us
here! Yeah, thank you. It was my pleasure having you here It was very very nice! And a huge thanks to Butterfly for making this video possible. If you want to buy your own Butterfly robot Remember to use the “Pongfinity” promotion
code And get 72 table tennis balls for free. Until next time!

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  1. If Otto had been doing the around the net shots, they would have won

  2. For the second challenge Miika won

  3. I can do that. I just choose not to.

  4. There is no reason anyone should be this good at ping pong

  5. I love that Royal Oak

  6. Otto would've won all the challenges

  7. Balla güsul almış ne amk dkkdldodld

  8. ad han er Brøndby fan

  9. You arent in Copenhagen you are in brøndby

  10. Like hvis i er fra Danmark

  11. I would play better than yours

  12. Like hvis i er dansker

  13. All balls are coming from a center of a table. What a shame, mr.robot!!!?

  14. Obviously pongfinity won without any doubt

  15. Wow! If you have ever played table tennis you would know how insanely difficult that is .
    I can barley hit the table sometimes let alone smash the ball into another ball.
    These guys have mad skills!! ???

  16. Orange one i think so

  17. Incredible practiceing techniques .. ?

  18. If you go a little bit far away it's not 'after a few practices

  19. These guys are awesome

  20. Sounds gud to me in his Lurch voice

  21. THIS is a robot you idiots -> – not a serving machine – KUK video

  22. 翻訳ガバり過ぎ

  23. C'est quoi cette machine

  24. Eli siis ootte suomesta ja jos oottr nii 820k tilaajia se on paljon!!

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