Ping Pong Serve: Should I change the grip?

Welcome back to EmRatThich’s channel. The summer has finished. And now we come back for the next season of
table tennis. A player asked me “I would like to know how
to hold the racket correctly while serving.” This is a very good question. The serve is very important in table tennis. Every shot always begins with the serve. That’s why the serve and the service return
takes more than 40% of the rallies in table tennis. Let’s learn from the Ma Long’s technique,
his grip, his service and more. I’ve explained in the
previous video “Ma Long’s technique”. That the pro players do change the grip for
his forehand, and backhand topspin. The link to this video is shown above. This is the grip of Ma Long used for his Forehand
drive. You can clearly see this is a neutral grip,
his thumb is put on the edge of the handle (not the rubber). His index finger, and his thumb “pinch” the
racket to support his forehand drive. The grip for his powerful Forehand topspin
is the same as the grip for the Forehand drive. Look how he applied the pressure through his
fingers. Remember: Relax, Explode, and Relax. Appy the pressure at the moment you hit the
ball. This is his grip for the backhand drive. His thumb is pushed up higher, vertical to
the rubber. This grip supports his backhand drive. The pressure comes from the thumb during the
stroke. So changing the grip for each stroke is necessary,
which can increase the quality for each type of shots. Some coaches prefer “fixing the grips”, but
I recommend you to “adapt and change the grip for each type of stroke”. For the serve, you can’t use a lot of your
forearm to create spin in your serve. The main source of spin is your wrist. So you should hold your racket loosely, to
freely “accelerate” into the ball by using the wrist. That’s why Ma Long holds the racket loosely,
mainly at the handle edge. So he can impact a lot of spin with the quick
acceleration from the wrist. For the grip when receiving the serve, you should
use the same grip. For example, when you receive the ball with
your forehand, use your forehand grip. Some players asked, “Do I have enough time
to change my grip during the rally?”. Yes, you have enough time to do that. Changing grip can help you increase the quality
of the shots. Look at this replay, you can see that Ma Long
has anticipated, and changed his grip from the forehand to
the backhand.

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