Ping Pong Shot through a Card House

Ping Pong Shot through a Card House

What’s up everybody! We are Pongfinity Welcome to another episode of Challenge Pongfinity This is the series Where YOU challenge US With your craziest ideas Related to table tennis. We will go through all of your comments Pick the most creative ones And make a video out of them. If your idea gets picked We will feature it And give you a shout out. So make sure to leave your ideas In the comment-section below! William Stewart wants us to make an around
the net shot With the edge of the paddle. This should be no problem! Next up, Daniel Tran wants us to play with
a mobile phone And do an around the net shot. I have a feeling that this is going to be
a good racket! Let’s see. As I figured This is a good racket. Let’s see how many around the net shots I
can make. Dr. Depipreeta Dutta Gupta wants us to make 15 consecutive behind the back shots. Let’s see how it goes. Our friend Dvysku Wants us to build a card house And spin the ball around the net And between the cards I tried it out with normal playing cards But they were not big enough So I bought these extra large playing cards And I’m going to build the card house with
these And see how it goes! Malte Reichow wants us to play table tennis
with a frying pan. I started with the knife last time So I will let you start with the frying pan
this time. Let’s go! Marek Kowalski wants us to play15 seconds with
2 balls And we will have to turn around And switch hands After each shot Otto, do you get dizzy easily? Well, I haven’t done this kind of stuff in
a long time So we will see. Well, I get dizzy very easily so this is probably
going to feel horrible. But let’s try it out. But we will first try out with only turning
around And then if it goes well, we will switch hands also. That went quite well And we are still on our feet So let’s try switching hands also. Thanks for watching guys! If you enjoyed this extra long episode Make sure to leave it a thumbs up! And check out the link in the description. If you are new to our channel Subscribe here. And watch the previous episodes here. Until next time!

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  1. Hey guys, it's time for the last video of 2017! This time we have got an extra long video to celebrate the 10th episode of #ChallengePongfinity. This took a lot of time to make so we hope you enjoy it 🙂

    We also made a Patreon page, which you can check out if you want to. On the page you can watch some bloopers and get some other extra rewards if you want to support our content creation. Here's the link:

    Looking forward to 2018! Happy New Year to all of you!! 🙂

  2. Se amor .me pegou

  3. You forgot to play table tennis while giving the outro

  4. The red shirt is a lot better than the blue shirt

  5. Can you played with ping pong ball

  6. can you do a behind the back around the net shot??

  7. Do a 480 degree spin and smash!!!

  8. How about hitting another ping pong ball with your ping pong ball fired at you from the other side of the table. Moving targets, tough!

  9. Do a forehand till hit the post net but stil in the table and point

  10. Do table tennis trick shots of dp dude perfect something different .

  11. Try to play with an egg

  12. Play 10 around the back shots with your wrong hand

  13. I like your moves

  14. try to play with sandal

  15. What nationality are they??

  16. 2:29 it was said perfectly ?

  17. Around the world challenge

  18. 8:40 like two ballerinas

  19. pls try to play with plate.

  20. Play with your head

  21. Spin backend 10 times

  22. The new dude perfect xD

  23. Play 100 times i a miss

  24. Can you try playing table tennis with 2 table

  25. you can switch on or off by playing TT

  26. Try to play ping pong while u tie your shoes. Hahaha?????????

  27. hit a shot by taking back flip

  28. Play smash with the side wood of racket

  29. Make a video on how to play table tennis well

  30. Use a car on the place of table

  31. Can you make 15 under the Let shot

  32. please try to play with your head

  33. Do around the net shot with your mobile through card house

  34. Play table tennis while eating

  35. Do 10 times smash with a telephone

  36. Hit 20 lucky points

  37. Play while holding the racket with your head and one eye closed

  38. Play with match Emill Miika Otto

  39. Can you play a ball near the net and then it should be on sauce bottle

  40. Play table tennis standing on a skateboard

  41. Play in the swimingpool with upside down fae in the water challenge you will not able to do it

  42. Play TT with your head…..

  43. Play with a
    Badminton rackets and
    Play multi ball both of you'll should play
    At least 100 ball

  44. play table tennis with a fish

  45. Play with chopsticks for 10 times

  46. Play ping pong with only using your foot and try to do and around the net shot as well while you're at it

  47. play table tennis with waxed paddles
    very eagerly…RAKSHIT VIJ from INDIA

  48. Spin the ball with the frying pan and also make a backhand shot with a frying pan 5 times continuously

  49. Try to play with football shoe

  50. Play with your head

  51. Play tt with the glass

  52. Smash whit right hand in 20 secunds and after smash whit wrong hand in 20 secunds.
    I love your channel!

  53. Play on one leg with one eye open

  54. Both players play with shoes

  55. Hey guys you are amazing. I challenge you to shot ping pong ball in to a bottle whose nozzle is exactly of ball size from another end of table.

  56. I thought me and friends only plays with a phone lol?

  57. Please play the longest match ever in table tennis history

  58. pick 10 net shots in 20 seconds

  59. An figth extremely fast

  60. Try play table tennis with a hair dry while it is on

  61. Try to do 10 around the net shots with blind folded by switching the hands.

  62. play table tennis blind folded

  63. try to play with your head (with football)

  64. Do TEN around the net shots consecutively, and then, without stopping, do ten jump-smash down shots.

  65. Are you playing table tennis with pen?

  66. Do your intro in a topspin rally

  67. Play with an apple

  68. Do an around the net shot rally with mikka

  69. Play a tournament

  70. Play with a hammer

  71. Surve with a golf club

  72. Do your intro and ending in German and also play table tennis.

  73. play with a spoon

  74. try to speak in Portuguese (Brazil) at the beginning of the video, I'm from Brazil and I do not speak fluent English but I love the VC channel

  75. play table tennis with a cricket bat.

  76. Play with bat baseball

  77. Pão com presunto

  78. Do intro in chinese

  79. Play with the ending oh racket where the chinese players bounce

  80. Hey i am indian i have seen all your videos and its honor to play with yu sir

  81. While playing shift ball at other table

  82. Play table tennis with cricket bat

  83. Do intro in Hungarian laungage!

  84. Play with coca cola

  85. Play with 2 bats and boll

  86. Can you do intro while running three rounds around table..

  87. Keep a knife and hit the ball on the knife so that it gets cuts into two halves

  88. Can play with tube light

  89. Play ping pong with a large fan

  90. I want a pognifity

  91. Try to play with spoon

  92. can u intro telugu

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