Ping Pong Stereotypes 2

Ping Pong Stereotypes 2

[The ball breaker] Emil, did you bring some balls? Yeah, they are on the floor! Do you have any more balls? I think this one is broken. Yeah, it’s broken! Oops! Sorry! [The no backhand guy] Maybe I should stick to playing forehand… [The sweaty guy] Good match! [The lucky guy] Sorry! Sorry! Always lucky. Sorry! It’s all about skill! [The tennis guy] Ace! This is not tennis! [The excuses guy] I can’t see anything! The lights… and the floor… and your shirt! I just went to the gym yesterday, my hand is so stiff. The table is not straight. Now it’s good! My rubbers are too old! There is not enough room here! [The ritual guy] [The diving guy] Alright, so all of you who have not subscribed yet Remember to do that now! If you want to see a part 3 of stereotypes, give this video a thumbs a like. Until next time!

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  1. These videos are so much fun to do ? Which stereotypes have not yet been covered by us? We might make a part 3 if you guys enjoy this video ?

  2. 0:20 just unlucky not his fault

  3. At 3:30 you can hear someone wheezing

  4. I am the lucky guy?

  5. No ping pong balls were harmed during the filming of this video

  6. Eu sou todos esses menos o suado

  7. Please make stereotypes 3

  8. Someone tell me why I decided to watch this? I don’t even play ping pong

  9. My hand is stiff touches his shoulder

  10. it's me , the no backhand and the sweaty guy ????


  12. Emil, did you bring some bolls?

  13. At our school in the Philippines we use old rackets, only 1 ball, a broken table and an old net and 10 players but we still play we just take turns.

  14. Part 3 pls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Try with 2 bat's in 2 hands… One shot from right hand another from left hand….


  17. You guys are so dumb…

    But hilarious!!!!!!!
    i'm totally subscribing!


  19. You should do tennis stereotype

  20. Please play ping pong with baddest quality of bats

  21. I am the tennis guy

  22. You all know why he laughed at 00:10

  23. Do your intro in bengali

  24. The '' f**king try Hard im just trying to do trick shots" guy

  25. Estereotipes 3 please ❤️

  26. 1:42 that is so true fam ?

  27. No backhand is totally me

  28. Intro with hokien language

  29. 面白い?好き!

  30. Was it real sweat

  31. I am no backhand guy lol

  32. The tennis guy just killed me, its just exactly like me haha

  33. Pls introduce in bengali

  34. Play playstation or xbox while playing pingpong

  35. Could you please play by sticking two guys together on oneside and two on the other.

  36. In the beginning I was the tennis guy. I held the paddle like a tennis racket and did the follow through for every shot I could. I still do the follow through from time to time as old habits die hard, but am at least using the handshake grip which felt a lot better than the full grip. I was also the no backhand guy for a while, but quickly realized that with the short amount of reaction time you have it is not possible against good players that counter and place shots perfectly.

  37. I’m no backhand

  38. Don’t rub the sweat on the pongfinity merchant it’s the best!!

  39. 一緒に卓球したいな…

  40. Would like you to play table tennis with a golf club and would like to speak in Thai

  41. The cheat

    Enough said

  42. I m the tennis player

  43. What about the guy that just can’t play!

  44. I’m really bad at backhand so I just dont

  45. My friend is ball breaker,we need 100 balls per week 😀

  46. ボールが……

  47. wtfffffff 728 subs i follow you 60k what

  48. Ye…. I'm the non backhand guy…

  49. hurry up and make a part 3

  50. The no backhand one is more like a tryhard

  51. I’m tennis guy ?

  52. Emil’s best line: “Oh I can’t see anything, the lights and the floor and your shirt”

  53. I am the forehand guy

  54. Do you know the music's name?

  55. Bat of the week guy, who shows up with new bat/rubbers every week endlessly searching for the perfect bat which will miraculously make them a better player.

  56. Haha I'm actually the no backhand guy, i forced my self to include backhand for 2 weeks and it didn't go well

  57. im really the sweaty guy

  58. Do your intro in Arabic plz

  59. 1:59 we need this bass boosted


  60. Can you make part 3??

  61. Why am I watching this I'm a badminton player

  62. 1:29 dia bilang "yowes lah" ??

  63. Those are some nice Mizuno shoes.

  64. I am the lucky guy ?

  65. When it’s the first day of school 0:30

  66. I'm the tennis guy xD

  67. oh yeah.. table tennis is so full of charachters.. looking forward to the league in 2 weeks 🙂

  68. The top-spin-everything guy

  69. Piping sound of ping-pong balls is satisfying

  70. やっぱ、どこの国でも卓球は世界共通なんだな〜って思った

  71. No balls were harmed in the making of this video

  72. Trick backhand vs trick forhand

  73. You forgot ball stealer guy xD

  74. Lol I feel attacked. At 240 pounds I'm the sweaty guy

  75. This is not lucky guy, this is rat

  76. Im the no backhand guy i barely use back hand might as well use pen grip

  77. Im the no backhand guy?

  78. Make Ping Pong Stereotypes 3 please

  79. 0:32 that's Xu Xin

  80. Another one at 800k

  81. I’m the tennis guy

  82. 800k special Stereotypes 3

  83. I think I am the excuses guy

  84. Hola muy buenos sus vídeos desde Venezuela

  85. 0:29 The face is happy

  86. 1:56 Its always me

  87. Next stereotypes
    The Pro
    The noob
    The gymnast
    The snack guy
    The Quick break guy
    The Rich kid
    The complainer

  88. U guys are too funny!

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