Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End (PS3, X360) Walkthrough Part 1

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End (PS3, X360) Walkthrough Part 1

haha he would sleep through your own
hanging jack tell me so hmm come on Jack you can do it as you will know your compass is unique mean about it is not about Michael I
well if I get to settle we do yeah if you think yeah now I would make on you know just your
neck down yeah so blame the world is nothing without
wind speed jet remember my charmed No ah slow down going yeah yeah yeah nope on behind Kevin let’s be on our way learn from your illness
and–but I think you get to like this look learn from your Hill I am I love you bet ha you’re getting slow in your old age
check after your sword your flintlock is your
desk being apart is not war about thunderjet
there are you saw your flintlock is your best
friend yeah yeah Marcus No yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

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  1. هذا بلي تو

  2. i remember i play this game on wii that was so hard to play my arm feels like a
    Aso about to broke . Aaaaaahhh what a good Memories 😀

  3. who is watching in 2017 ????

  4. ………………………..

  5. they should make a remake of this game for ps4 not many pirate games left :/

  6. I hope there are more good pirate games ;/

  7. so tem pessoa que fala ingles nesse canal

  8. My bro has that game xD

  9. can anybody tell me how to dowload

  10. anyone watching this on March 2017?

  11. is this available on xbox one yet

  12. It was Batman Arkham before Batman Arkham.

  13. i hope they make a Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Men Tell No Tales game for current consoles, imagine the PS4 graphics!! OMG! Since 2007 aswell so it will be a major upgrade, new engine, face scans, great audio, HD textures, open world to an extent, sail the seas with the Black Pearl similiar to AC Black Flag

  14. assassin's creed black flag better than pirates of caribbean

  15. I have no idea how i came here 😛

  16. i hope my PC can run this game

  17. they should have made this for xbox one

  18. Isn't jack in the locker at the start of at worlds end? The prison is from dead mans chest isn't it???

  19. this is not ps3 you fucker

  20. Today marks the 10th anniversary of the theatrical release of "Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End!" 🙂

  21. can't believe this game is 10 uears old, still looks great

  22. childhood game :')

  23. what's the main difference between the PS2 and PS3 version

  24. Who else is watching this 2098?

  25. How do you do an olé? I was dumb enough to only buy this game & none of the previous ones(though i'm maybe gonna buy Salazar's Revenge if it comes out as a game, preferrably on 360 or PC)

  26. password for game, pleas 🙁

  27. Watching in June of 2017. You have become my favorite female gamer

  28. I watched the intro. Then I bought the game. I like this game. Its a nice fucking game. Welcome to my Island for vacation btw ese

  29. They should remake the game or make a new one😭

  30. I played this game on ps now with the ps4 and its a badass game

  31. I want a ps4 Pirates of the caribbean: dead men tell no tales

  32. this is remake or remaster?

  33. I got this game with my PS3 in 2008, and to be honest it was far more exciting then many modern

  34. Masseg viber

  35. I had this

  36. I loved so much this game…

  37. Bro please give this game pc download link

  38. This game was my childhood 🙂

  39. XD I remember when I was 7 I played it and it never started only once

  40. I want this game for PS4 withe an amazing graphic.

  41. dude i used to play this all the time

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  42. why does this game start like dead man's chest?

  43. I have this at android with ppsspp

  44. i want this game for pc help me please

  45. OMEN… i couldn’t find POC jack sparrow pc game in youtube, the game which has small boat and use octopus as the boat skill and save crews during ship fighting. Anyone know the name of game please help by comment. Thank you

  46. Looks better than the ps2

  47. 2018 ;( Game of my Childhood

  48. I was like 7 8 when i use to play this omg miss it so much im now 16

  49. Please sony please remaster this on ps4

  50. Link of this game plzz

  51. does this guide include all collectibles

  52. who's watching in 2089?

  53. Who is watching 2018???

  54. when I first got this game I said I can beat it and I had faith and trust

  55. Alguém q falei em português aqui…,😊

  56. you play very nice

  57. Omg i played this game in 2008 .. im remembring the days

  58. this looks better on PS3 then on PC idk why

  59. Anyone watching this in June 23 2018

  60. 2018?
    This is my childhood

  61. my favorite game

  62. I remember this game ahhh the memories

  63. Haa…brings back memories…

  64. Anyone watching in 2018?

  65. i remember the melee being way cooler in this game, either it is or this guy jus sucks cock at it

  66. Lol piratas of the abbtean wow!

  67. I have always hated the fact that PC/PS2 and PS3/XBOX versions were different from each other.

  68. the first game I ever played on the Xbox 360 lol and gears of war immediately after in the same day

  69. Think I'm gonna play this game again🤔but the problem is that now I finish all the ps3 games in one or two days😕

  70. Hey this seems familiar…

  71. if satan invented a video game

  72. How was the game made before the movie

  73. Bro I used to play the shit out of this game on my old ps3. Used to come home from school and just kill a bunch of redcoats in that one mission where they literally wouldnt stop spawning forgot the name of it… so i'd just habe fun a kill a load of em

  74. you play well but the game is not like you!

    I MEAN YOU PLAY MEANINGFULLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  75. LEGO IS CHAMPIONS OF ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    LEGO SHOULD BE ON PLAYSTATION 3 TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  76. Ah, the nostalgia… I remember doing this just before my middle school days. I was always nervous about the duel sections.

  77. I remember not being able to get past this level when I was young.

  78. It wasn't perfect, but I loved this game lol

  79. Guys we need a remaster for ps4 or the other platforms

    Edit: for ps4 it would be cool cause I own a ps4 and I have only one pirate game which is Ac Rogue. And as a fan of the pirates of the caribbean I would love this besides I even own a xbox 360 but I can't find it on xbox 360 store but can someone give me a link where I can buy it as a cd pls?

  80. I got so happy when i found out that this game is added to Playstation Now, so we can play it on ps4:)

  81. Just found out this game exists lol. Gonna buy it.

  82. The PS2 version os better

  83. Igrao sam ija al nisam strateaku igru

  84. I miss this game😣

  85. Notice how different the music is from the films… And I can't find the game music anywhere! :/

  86. Pirates of the caribbean at world's end 2007 ps3

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