Platinum Games EPIC Shooter Vanquish Remastered Leaked! & New SNES/NES Switch Games Incoming!

Platinum Games EPIC Shooter Vanquish Remastered Leaked! & New SNES/NES Switch Games Incoming!

What’s good everyone OJ here welcome
back to another video and we’ve got some awesome information for you guys so
let’s go ahead and get right into it and we’re starting off with the vanquish
remaster announcement that was leaked due to the Microsoft Store listing and
we even have a release date for the game so the Microsoft Store has listed a
remastered version of vanquish for the Xbox one with a February 17th 2020
release date will likely also release on the PlayStation 4
Komatsu rights now here’s a description of the game and then I’ll get into my
own personal problem that I have with this game because I love it and I hate
it at the same time so here’s the about vanquish is a platinum games developed
hit sci-fi shooter it is returning an overpopulated earth suffocating under
limited resources looks to provenance the solar-powered space colony for
support when Providence is suddenly taken over by a mutinous group and is
technologically used to devastate cities it’s up to specially trained unit of
space marines to reclaim the colony equipped with blade the experimental
weapons system that can scan copy and save up to three existing weapons space
DARPA agent Sam Gideon must infiltrate Providence defeat legions of future tech
foes and disable the energy transmitter threatening life on earth this story is
absolutely nuts the more you don’t pay attention to it the more fun you’ll have
and the scan features 4k graphics at 60 frames per second available on the Xbox
one X remastered for the first time on Xbox one so it looks like if it’s not on
Xbox one X you might get 30 frames for a second or maybe even an unlocked
framerate we don’t know the game originally ran at 30 frames per second
but it felt like 60 to be honest but it felt so good to play that you didn’t
really notice back when I played it at least make misses directed by Resident
Evil creator Shinji Mikami and developed by Platinum Games at first launched with
a ps3 of Xbox 360 in October 2010 fall by PC in May 2017 so not too much of a
gap between the original Xbox 360 release in the PC release no just joking
there it’s pretty large captor 7 years so pretty cool here make this is a game
that I actually 100% did back in the day and this game is extremely fun it’s
cool game to play and I like it but there’s a couple different things that I
don’t like about the game particularly like the lack of real upgrades like you
can upgrade your gun but once you die goes back down to nothing so there
should have been like a real upgrading in this game to where you can like
collect money and buy some different upgrades and weapons stuff for like your
suit and all that they should have done that so that was one issue that I did
have not another issue that I had was the challenge mode dude the challenge
hood in this game was absolutely nuts it took me forever I played it for three
days straight 15 hour stints went dehydrated almost had malnourished mint
and I ended up beating the game I ended up beating the challenge woman I already
beat the game but then also beating the challenge mode because that was the last
achievement that I needed and I realized at that point that achievements are
worthless that’s when I realized that I don’t know why I wasted my time doing
this but no all jokes aside Vanquish is actually a really cool game I’m glad
that it’s getting remastered I’m glad that it’s gonna be at 4k 60 frames per
second and for all those who are gonna play it have fun this is one of
PlatinumGames best titles it’s crazy there’s all sorts of action it’s a very
fun game to play I just don’t feel like putting myself through this again I
already beat and played the game 100% completed it so I’m good but for
everybody else what do you guys think about this vanquish remastered as far
we’re gonna look freaking amazing because the PC version looks dope so
it’s probably a little great on the Xbox one X I’d love to hear you guys thoughts
on this in the comment section below alright moving on to the next topic here
we’ve got some brand new Super Nintendo and NES games coming to the Nintendo
switch-on line so the Super Nintendo Entertainment System Nintendo switch
online app will add starfox to super punch-out Kirby super star and Breath of
Fire 2 and the Nintendo Entertainment System Nintendo switch online app will
add Chris Tallis and journey to Silas on December 12 Nintendo has announced and
these are really good games guys like if you want to see the full description of
all the games you can check it out link in the description below but this is
absolutely awesome but before we got to get into that and meet gushing over one
of the games here so in Japan Star Fox 2 and Kirby super star are the only Super
Nintendo Entertainment System titles while Famicom Wars and route 16 turbo
are the Nintendo Entertainment System titles them the Nintendo switch online
subscriber exclusive app allows to play classic Super Nintendo
Entertainment System and Nintendo Entertainment System games with online
play added to every classic game you can compete or cooperate online with friends
share your screen or pass the controller depending on the game but I think think
the pigs out of this obviously it’s cool to get something like Star Fox 2 that
was a Super Nintendo classic exclusive so to see that come over to the Nintendo
switch online that’s pretty cool and also on this one Breath of Fire 2 that
is my pick in terms of the best game out of all of this because Breath of Fire 2
did so many things before a Chrono Trigger it didn’t get all of the
accolades and praise but Breath of Fire 2 is a phenomenal game that’s really
good and you should definitely check it out if you’re an RPG fan there’s a lot
of intricate combat systems in there a lot of different locations to explore
the battle system is good like it is a very good game so I’m very happy about
Breath of Fire 2 coming over to Nintendo’s switch online app also
crystallis that’s dope to like I like the fact that they’re bringing over
Crystalis because that is an action RPG man it was an action RPG back in the day
you level up and all of that I never beat that game never beat that game back
in the day also Kirby’s super start I’m going to get all those games right there
obviously Kirby super star is a great game great games so you can play all of
them on there and of course we’re punch-out that’s a legend right there
man so great lot I like the fact that they’re dumping more than like 1 or 2
games the fact that we get like 6 of them across the NES and the Supan to
know very good so what do you guys think about these picks here for the Super
Nintendo online app and also the NES one I’d love to hear you guys thoughts in
the comment section below all right I’m moving on to the next topic here daemon
ex machina we’ve got a free collaboration DLC with The Witcher 3
Wild Hunt and is now available in Japan not here in the West but in Japan let’s
get into this because this is just nuts right like who would have thought this
would happen so the third of the three planned collaborations for daemon ex
machina following the code geese set and Eureka Seven set is the free
downloadable content The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt set which is now available via the
Nintendo eShop in Japan publisher marvelous has announced The Witcher 3
all set includes the following there’s all bunch of stuff there I’ll have it
listed for you guys so you can make yourself look like Goro or Cirie and of
course daemon ex machina is not available on the Nintendo switch but you
won’t be able to get these unless you go like on the Japanese a shop but there’s
no official set for the West yet for this so we’ll have to wait on that but
marvellous is kind of crazy I’d be all over this game but marvellous is still
kind of crazy last time I checked they’re still doing weird copyright
stuff but this is pretty cool and unexpected and maybe once they kind of
relax a bit I can actually show up some more of daemon ex machina because it’s
actually a pretty good met game it’s one of the best met games that I’ve ever
played it gives me that old-school kind of front mission type of vibe but like
completely you know modernize right for the new gamers so I actually like the
game it’s just that I can’t really show it much because BAM copyright claims all
over the place so what do you guys think about this collaboration set with The
Witcher 3 did you guys expect something like this for daemon ex machina let me
know your thoughts in the comment section below
all right I’m moving on to the final topic here the new Super Mario maker to
version 2.0 point 0 update is now available you can go out there and you
can slay with the master sword and Link and bombs and arrows and the downward
thrust and the dash attack all of that is there plus the new ninja speedruns
you also have the new enemies in there like spike got new obviously the p-block
frozen coin – block this is really cool really cool update and once again if
you’re an elite ninja here on youtube or on Twitch I will be playing Super Mario
maker sometime soon within this week or next week I’ll definitely played some
Super Mario maker too so make sure you guys get your levels ready get some
really cool action levels focusing on The Legend of Zelda focusing on the
master sort of be able to play as link that’s what I want to do so I want to
some good levels focus with that you might see your level on stream also
really cool super mario 3d world – block levels i love the – blocks in Super
Mario 3d World those have been added in make some
awesome speedrunning levels – so Super Mario maker – it’s one of those games
man that continues to add great content it already has a bunch of content and
Nintendo’s having some pretty good updates this pretty much changes up the
whole game because it’s actually getting me to get back into it with this whole
Legend of Zelda stuff with the Master Sword I’ve already seen some amazing
Legend of Zelda style levels with the Master Sword so I’m hoping that you guys
in terms of the elite ninja here you guys can get some really cool levels too
because that’s the one thing that I feel Super Mario maker was really missing was
that action element which is a melee combat like I talked about a little bit
in my update video for this so to see levels being made like this is just
awesome and like I’ve stated before it pretty much changes up everything so
make sure for all the elite ninja here make sure you guys get me a really cool
levels on the discord what do you guys think about all the different news here
from banquets being remastered to the Super Nintendo stuff daemon ex machina I
love to hear you guys his thoughts in the comment section below alright guys
that wraps it up for this video here gonna scroll into description below we
got Facebook and Twitter gonna give us a like it up on our social media hit that
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the scoreboard in the future and subscribe the players’s for this RPG
japanese and nintendo gaming news thank you so much for watching i will catch
you guys for the next one face

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