Play as Linkle in Breath of the Wild! Zelda Mods

Play as Linkle in Breath of the Wild! Zelda Mods

What’s going on boys and girls what’s up
world welcome to the first week of zelda mods weekly I’m Austin Jon and I love
breath of the wild you do too well nice we have so much in common did
we just become best friends what we’re going to be doing in this series is
taking a look at the most popular and newest mods for the legend has held the
breath of the wild as well as some that I find just generally really neat
modding can be an intimidating process with the risk of losing some or all
functionality of your gaming console so this is gonna be a great showcase of the
mods that the creative modding community has made of this game you can see me
checking them out and seeing which ones are awesome and which ones are dank and
not worried about breaking your console there are hundreds of mods between the
switch and Wii U versions of the game and I’m gonna be going over them both if
you like to show your support for the creators and the porters of these mods
then there will be a link in the description down below to the listing of
all of them feel free to check out the link and give them a ten point Oh
incredible rating to show your support play the intro music have you ever thought Nintendo with
somewhat sexist professor oak making you identify as a boy or a girl well this
isn’t the 90s anymore and 2019 that’s not gonna stand
we need a creative female protagonist in zelda one with their own identity who
isn’t a blatant ripoff of Lincoln his style
color scheme or name until then we have link’ll this is Lincoln mod it’s an
ongoing project by several modders they’ve brought Winkle into breath of
the wild complete with their own sounds updates her DLC a version for the switch
and Wii U over 40 outfits modified in the game and most importantly the most
immersive possible experience possibly possible the guards outside of Gerudo
know you’re a girl yeah you see me I’m a strong independent woman and you’ll
respect me I don’t need no outfit to fool you no more shorts now she has
adorable skirts that are completely immersive and ready for combat
the Hylian hood gives you a big compass hanging from your neck your poor sweet
old grandma who always wanted you to be flava flav she’ll be so proud when
you’re naked you have a top on because this is a family-friendly channel damn
it oh and the boy shorts can’t forget about the boy shorts the diamond circle
it gives you Princess Leia style buns and I love it the Gerudo outfit makes it
look like she’s ready for a Coachella flame breaker
Delp Zorro outfit fishy stealth armor ninja AF climbers outfit Laura Croft AF
reading outfit makes you look like a Dark Mage out of Final Fantasy instead
of some weird glow in the dark face paint the effects coming off for the
ancient outfit are absolutely stunning and I wish they were on length to begin
with the barbarian outfit damn look I even say girl and the damn snow quill
outfit is so fluffy I wanna die oh and the royal bow is now a crossbow and I’m
sure there’s some other weapons that are done but I was just too caught up with
all of the the actual armor and stuff it’s amazing pretty much every single
item in the game has been changed to give linkle her own identity her own
style and her own adventure that may may not include always going the wrong
way despite her wearing a compass around her damn neck
even the amiibo link outfits give her her own unique look as if she was in
that game Reggie takes some notes every HD remake come forth needs these little
outfits otherwise I’m not buying that game okay I’m probably couldn’t be still
buying that game but still boys and girls this isn’t just a mod this is an
experience now that your linkle from ocarina of time because ocarina of time
should have a girl version you know what else from ocarina of time we’re missing
could it be the gorons rolling the diving mechanic the long series of fetch
quests for a sword that doesn’t break if you’re thinking about any of these
you’re wrong but if you’re thinking about chickens
then have I got news for you introducing the ocarina time style cuoco
made by Landis Sarah Lane these cuccos by the way that’s a proper way to say it
it’s Italian these cuccos have too much color too
much variety I need them all white plucky and identical now these aren’t
your low poly blocky chickens that the cuoco lady asks you to fetch an ocarina
at time if that is her real name no each of these chicks has a brand new model
and texture giving their own full unique identity of being exactly the same as
the rest of the koukos in the world but now they’re all a different color hold
your head up high chicken andross chicken chicken rise and I think it
changed my paraglider to one two there’s still a swarm that attacks you and
they’re all white cuccos but I give this modded 9.9 because the swarm damage is
only a quarter heart and it doesn’t knock you to the ground
immersion broken did you boot up breath of the wild for the first time and find
items like the traveler sword and the knight shield and thought what the heck
are these did you find those adorable and probably not going to drive you
crazy looking for them corks in the woods and look at their shield and think
something was missing maybe a red swirl do you want that shield that looks like
there’s a damn person stuck in it trying to escape you do
well good this is the classic weapons pack by issue link this pack of weapon
mods takes several mods have replaced various swords and shields in the game
with ones from previous Elder games the Ocarina of Time series we have the Deku
shield replacing the boku shield or Deku shield however you want to say it the
traveler sword now becomes the corcyra sword now you’re your own eight-year-old
boy I mean girl cuz we’re linkle from majora’s mask we have the steel Lassalle
shield replacing the icon and mirror shield maybe because the Ocarina x
original mirror shield defended a group of people that’s a real thing look it up
the knight shield is now the hero shield which may or may not be a total ripoff
of the Hylian Shield the feather edge is now the razor sword which is upgraded
after 100 swipes it’ll turn back to a regular sword or just disintegrate and
the royal broadsword is the much better Goldust enhanced gilded sword we also
get a variant of the goddess shield from Skyward Sword / the Royal shield the
dragon boku shield is now the Ordon shield from Twilight Princess this
soldier shield is now the Hyrule warriors knight’s shield they’re digging
a little bit and the rusty shield is the red rusty Knight shield that I don’t
know where this is from I think possibly a Link to the Past oh and yes they added
the mirror shield from Ocarina time over the Gerudo shield but they went with the
later release of Ocarina of Time the one that didn’t have the star in the moon
resembling the Islamic symbol many of the textures were lifted from the most
recent remakes of the games and some were made by hand but all of them are
amazing it’s a really awesome experience to walk through the world and see these
various weapons from previous Elder games just there the textures are even
replacing the weapons select thumbnail but the only way it would be better is
if the text for each weapon was changed as well while going through the gray
plateau instead of picking up random boku weapons now you’re grabbing Deku
shields and corcyra swords that’s just great a quick little mod to
definitely take note of is true fierce day and a sword with sword
beams this fixes the fierce deity sword firstly its texture has to be the
badass-looking original sword not the cheap knockoff thing that falls from the
sky when a figure is held on top of a controller similar to the master sword
the fierce deity sword shoots beams whenever a swipe happens or with the
throw command unlike the Master Sword it shoots the
beams regardless of your health these beams travel longer than the master
swords and even longer than some bows also the sword now does 80 damage and
the beams do 40 and it can’t break because it wouldn’t be a god sword if it
broke easily right I know the days leading up to DLC pack 1 being released
many people were talking about what new benefits the new armor would have and
I’ve had new things like daytime speed-up because we have nighttime
speed-up and just other great enhancements but the best thing that we
got with sideways climbing speed up that all changes now with better armors by
hylians e better armors while it doesn’t add any new armors in the game it makes
all of the armor better it makes that all that hard time that you spend
finding all that armor in the game worthwhile perfect example a big gripe
in mind was always have the snow quilt trousers with the boots don’t give you
increased snow speed well now they do the tunic gives me level 2 cold
resistance and the headdress makes me unfreeze about I think having level 2
cold resists on level 1 gear might be a little overpowered similarly the Gerudo
veau headband is a flame guard the spaulder I think that’s how you say that
word is heat resistant to and the trousers are sand speed up it just works
specialty sets such as the stealth radiant and hero’s armor remain
untouched the elephants you find yourself swapping all the time to deal
with the environment and the enemies is just fixed it just works a fully
upgraded ancient armor set gives you attack up 3 Guardian resist 3 climb
speed up 3 and hm proficiency that’s pretty dope the dark set is still 3
climb speed up 3 and attack 3 and the base powers increased to 28 and this
set bonuses night speed up I really wish they made one of the sets in the game
full speed up just I would love that just wear one outfit you run like the
wind maybe that’s in a different mod I don’t know yet
I feel like if it was possible to have each article give you two or three
different level one enhancements that would stack it’ll be a little bit better
or have them blocked after level one gear but this is an overall quality of
life mods so don’t find yourself pausing and changing outfits all the gosh dang
time the million rupee question is it immersive like if you get this folder
you can be standing in super duper hot environments it used to take two
articles of clothing to achieve that well if you think about it this way in
ocarina of time if you wear a red shirt you can stand in an active volcano so
maybe it is immersive but I’ll let you be the judge of that
have you ever played through breath of the wild and thought to yourself wow
it’s very quiet except from when a guardian spots you and you’re about to
be cut until laser cut link sushi do you miss the roaring theme of the Zelda
overworld when you leave a city do you think that there should be more music
than a few random piano notes while you’re going out on this expansive
journey well if so then I’ve got news for you this is the Legend of Zelda
complete music pack by mr. gammon tour he has painstakingly replaced over 40
music arrangements in the game with excerpts from other Zelda games and even
more games that aren’t zelda to help build the mood when you teleport instead
of that long drawn-out sound we get a quick sexy minute teleport sound from
Twilight Princess when entering rito village we get some soft Skyloft music
from Skyward Sword get it cuz the birds birds live in the sky Skyloft is in the
sky riding your horse around during the day we get that nostalgic Hyrule Field
theme from ocarina of time the sound quality is a bit lacking it might have
been ripped from an old tube TVs output with a fisher-price microphone
and it’s a little distorted so I’m not too sure how I feel about it but gosh
does it bring me back to the sound of the late 90s all were missing is
Backstreet Boys in Furbys when you’re at a tower you get the we channel music
which sounds like a very weird thing but it actually fits it fits very well when
you visit the burnt up old destroyed temple of time we get the ominous
chanting choir from the temple of light I mean the temple of time from ocarina
of time the only downside to this mod is that
it’s three gigabytes in size and some of the levels are inconsistent other than
that 10 out of 10 Ravalli scale is now record you know who didn’t get a dank
track overdubbed in that mod I’ll give you a hint he’s big and blue and rips a
mean accordion and if you didn’t get the hints I’m not telling you since I’ve
watched casas theme by mr. Gordian about 50 times today alone don’t believe me
look at my comment on his video this is cast as theme from smash ultimate mod
Sakurai’s team decided cast needs a sexy Mambo something or other remix to smash
your friends too and why not put in Zelda now it is if you thought that you
spent too much time standing next to him before well now he’s broken out a full
band for a sick theme where’s the band I’m not too sure either they’re
invisible or it’s completely immersion breaking I want to believe they’re
invisible or it’s a sheik accordion with the speaker with backing tracks coming
out of it I don’t care I love it and I need it to end off the first episode of
Zelda mods weekly 2 mods that are horrible break immersion serve no place
in our rule but are pretty funny my motorcycle is now a banana and the giant
horse is now Thomas the Tank Engine Skyrim I got nothing on Zelda and that’s
could be wrapping up the first ever episode of Zelda mods weekly since this
is a brand new series do me a favor and leave a like down below so I know you
guys are a fan of it and want more as I mentioned before links to all the mods
will be in the description below even if you have no interest in modding if you
go choose one of your favorites and leave them a ten-point no rating that’d
be great and the least we can do support and motivate the modding community if
the series gets enough likes you’re going to see APIs
so tube appearing in the top corner right now from here feel free to check
out the next week episode if you new to the channel be sure to subscribe
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notifications aren’t happening we click that Bell until next time Austin John

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