Play Badminton With Just Your Hand!

Play Badminton With Just Your Hand!

0-0. 0-1. 0-2. Game! If you have trouble getting
a handle on racquet games, try your hand at Voli. In this unique paddle
game, your hand becomes your racket, making
a good hit intuitive and fun. The game’s flier
is designed to soar with a rubbery tip that’s
easy to bounce no matter how you hit it. The rules are easy to learn,
because there are none. So you can play any way
and anywhere you want. Test your range in the park. Find a net to play
competitively. Or make up a game. 5 points. We’re playing to 21 or getting
fired, whichever comes first. Play the easy and
fun Voli paddle game, and find hundreds
of other gifts we’ve discovered for you at [BEEP] [CLACKING] [LAUGHTER] [CLACKING] Yes! [LAUGHTER] I’m sorry. I was trying to record
Danny slapping his butt, but then he stopped. Oh, there we go. All right. Didn’t even have
ask for that one. (Singing) [CLICK]

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  1. Like this comment if you think you could beat Ben in badminton. ?

  2. They sell those "balls" already and you don't need the racket mittens

  3. Oh come on they really missed out.. they could have just called it Badmitten

  4. When you’re wife tells you to make a sandwich

  5. Make an Giant gummy frog

  6. hey is it ok if you guys can make a really really huge gummy bear please make just for a little video

  7. I want you guys to bring back gigantic things.

  8. Vat19 can you do more will it stop a bullet videos . Please

  9. But does it have a bottle opener

  10. how i wish i could work at vat19…

  11. Vat19: makes a product designed for one specific use only
    Vat19: "Great idea guys, now let's make 10 more products just like it but make them look different".

  12. ⚠️WARNING⚠️

  13. Honestly the first 15 seconds is so relateable to every time I have tried to play badminton.

  14. You guys should make a new gummy I now won make a big gummy worm and put little gummy’s in

  15. You should try mberry and spicy foods.

  16. Try eating the spicy Korean ramen noodles with a lot of packs of hot sauce guava juice did it

  17. Hey vat19 why don’t you try to make a gummy iPhone ?

  18. Make a boat out of plastic wrap

  19. burn or bliss but less the chocolate one
    and use the world HOTTEST chocolate bar for the spicy

  20. Is it just me or does the racket look like an N64 expansion pack

  21. the add is good.. but why?.. whyyyy????? its going to be a pain to play with this.. let alone a match with scores… because there is no reach and force to human arm like badminton.. come on Vat19… give us something something useful

  22. Pen this comment ;-; NOTICE ME SENPAI

  23. Cool and funny love your vids

  24. the hell would someone who is actually better than ben will play with this?

  25. But does it have a bottle opener

  26. please don't say anything bad I'm 11 and I watch your videos

  27. Great for a athletic friend.

  28. Man ur serves are shit i see why you thot about accepting this product

  29. Can you guys make a huge s’mores

  30. He protec
    Head attacc
    But most importantly
    He SMACC

  31. I bought instant snow an the candy dipenser

  32. hay vat19 I have an if we make a puud that has every power of the other pouty please make it with a big tup and put it in words largest can ever

  33. Hey Vat19, you guys should try to get and eat some pepper x peppers. They are the hottest in the world, twice as hot as the Carolina reaper

  34. They ran out of ideas

  35. Now do an office parody

  36. hey vat 19 please make a gummy house

  37. the flyer is copy righted by a malay traditional toy

  38. Is it just me or does one of the employees at Vat19 look like Jon Hamm

  39. Can you play it in class?

  40. I have a video idea. Where you survive a whole day only on vat19 items, gummy’s for meals, pogo stick or unicycle to get around, etc

  41. Ai là người việt nam điểm danh

  42. Tow easy steps to play click sign up(Random password and B day) and your IN!

  43. Make a gummy picnic

  44. It didn't float in the coffee

  45. Vat19 how can you get on the channel?

  46. Liking this comment will make ur shotgun accuracy 200% better

  47. You guys should try combining all of your hot sauces and any products involving hot sauce. Once you do that all of you should try it and see how spicy it is

  48. But does it come with a bottle opener

  49. Just make sure you dont backhand the person next to you

  50. But does it have a bottle opener???

  51. would you please make a charger that has 3 plug ins one is a i phone charger the secound one is a samsung and the other last one is for a chromebook laptop. and that also charges the same speed as a 20 dollar or more charger

  52. I thought it was gonna be called bad mitten

  53. Upload all of your office segments into one video and call it, The Office: Vat19….

  54. Can you try other sport like ping pong

  55. But does it have a bottle opener?

  56. The start is literally me

  57. Please make the worlds biggest gumball

  58. I can't play with a racket so I play with my hand, I always win :3

  59. YouTube says this video was made in 1 year ago. Wow

  60. This isn't even badminton

  61. or just find another sport to play

  62. Am I the only one who just watches vat19 fun entertainment and doesn’t buy anything? Like this comment if u do to I’m wondering.

  63. Or just use an oven-mit.

  64. I LOVE playing badminton even though I’m really bad(minton) at it!

  65. Can play in water and play in car

  66. So….
    Is it fire-proof?
    I'm gonna play with it on the top of a volcano

  67. I’m not good at badminton but I would beat him

  68. Unique? Every beach paddle game ever made would beg to differ

  69. Smack that
    all on the floor
    Smack that
    now give me some more…


  70. How come at the beginning Ben was repeatedly serving even though he lost the point?

  71. Smack that, till you get sore, smack that, get on the floor… – Akon

  72. 0:46 excuse me what the hecc

  73. Can I use the flyer with no gloves and just a hand

  74. what if you lose the birdie?

  75. At the start that isn’t how u serve

  76. Woah! That is awesome!


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