Play Catan Outdoors! | Casual Outdoors Weekly #11

Play Catan Outdoors! | Casual Outdoors Weekly #11

Welcome to the game. The game of life and death. Just joking. Just for fun. ♪ [♪ theme music ♪] [♪ upbeat string music ♪] Hi! I’m Redbeard and this is another episode of Casual Outdoors Weekly. Koaw: Hey hey hey! This is my gig. –Ah man! Koaw: I appreciate it but…ya know. Yeah. I’m Koaw and welcome to another episode of Casual Outdoors Weekly where we go over an outdoors activity for you to do for the benefit of your health and happiness. We also knock up our nature-smarts a bit all under six minutes. And this outdoors activity is to play Catan outdoors. You can do this activity with any board game or card game, just take it outside! Catan is one of my favorites because it is fairly simple to play, the board changes for every game, games rarely take more than an hour with 3 people and it allows for the right amount of skill and luck. The main goal of the game is to reach 10 points. First to 10 points wins. Points are achieved by building settlements, which are worth 1 point each, building cities, which are each worth 2 points, acquiring special yellow cards, which are each worth 1 point, or achieving the feats of having the longest road and largest army, each worth 2 points. Everyone starts with 2 points corresponding to their first 2 settlements. All point acquisitions require resources, designated by 5 types of resources: brick, ore, wheat, wood, and sheep. Certain combinations of resources buy points and are earned by dice rolls at the beginning of a player’s turn. In this case, an eight rolling would give white one brick, as a settlement on that resource gives one resource card. Blue would receive two bricks, because blue has two settlements on that resource marked with the eight. And red would receive four resources because each city pulls an extra resource. This is why the initial setup, where you choose to put your initial settlements, is the most important part of the game. [players chatting] From two dice, seven is the most common combination to roll, followed by eight and six, nine and five…etc.. Seven! [♪upbeat vibe music♪] Did I mention that you can steal resources from other players? Bethany: I need to steal from you! -Since when? Ben: ‘Cause she blocked us. -She came after us Boz! Boz: Why?! I don’t understand. She blocked me right there! I didn’t want it like that! I need to build a road. Woah, woah, woah that’s uh…that’s unacceptable. And you can trade resources with other players as well. What do you want? A wheat. Boz: Save that! She is killing it with those sixes! Boz: You better city here soon. Ben: That is an ore farm. Yeah! It’s blocked! Uhhh…whose turn? Come on! We can’t let Bethany win! On you. Why? ‘Cause I can’t let you! Girls rule! Seven! You can block that six again then. -What? Block that six again and that’ll help us. You have to move the knight bud and steal a card. Only card she’s got. K, I win! And I still have extra cards. [laughter] I wwooonnnn! Three…two…two…game. That’s match. I win. – Way to go baby. Ben: I took second. I have eight. Redbeard: Aight, whose cycling out? I’ll cycle in. This is a Super Chill activity that is will cost about $30-40 bucks to buy a new game of Settlers of Catan, depending on where you live. Or you can hit up your local thrift store and spend two bucks to buy some used board games and maybe they’ll have Catan! Nature is Nifty – Playing board games is a way for children and adults to develop better social skills for more useful interactions. We are a gregarious species. Many species use play as a way to develop the brain such as is evidenced by rats who play as juveniles are more socially competent as adults. On this lake in Wisconsin, we were lucky enough to see a gathering of loons that had come from many different area lakes. These loons are working together to hunt fishes under the water. [loons loudly vocalizing] This species, like us humans, uses vocalizations as a method of communication for getting together and accomplishing tasks. Just like my family worked together to catch fish on this lake so did these loons work together to catch fish on this lake. Though I couldn’t find any research on how loons go about playing to build their social skills. Dealer’s Choice – So I’m on vacation right now as you can probably tell. I’m not in Virginia. I’m in Wisconsin. But I do play Catan outdoors with my family. Let’s just keep this short. Butterfly photos: I’m still accepting those. Check out the butterfly episode if you don’t know what I’m talking about ‘cause I can feature your butterfly photos. (Open ‘til end of August.) Spread some knowledge. Be nature-heroic. I will see you next week.

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  1. Anyone else play board games outdoors?

  2. Fun! However, based on how competitive Catan can get and how “vocal” the players, if you play outside, you might not want to be within the hearing of other people.

  3. Yes!!! Catan!!! … and that is why the song: ‘Final Countdown’ by Europe is so perfect when picking the first spots for this a critical decision in a short timeframe. Maybe you can link to the song? (It’s stuck in my head, now)

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