Play Switch Games FREE for 2 Months | GameStop Holiday Policy Hack

Play Switch Games FREE for 2 Months | GameStop Holiday Policy Hack

There is an extremely easy way to play any
game free for over 2 months and it comes around every year! Hello everyone, my name is Adam and welcome
to TimeLag Gaming! So GameStop has an extended holiday return
policy on pre-owned games. The usual return policy for preowned games
is 7 days, you can open them up play them and return the games within 7 days, most people
know that… But during the holidays this policy is 2 and
half months instead of 7 days. This extended holiday return policy allows
you to buy used games and return them through January 15th. So if you buy any preowned game from November
1st to December 24th you can open them up, play them and return them through January
15th. Why is this so great? Well you can buy a bunch of Nintendo Switch
games play them, beat them, and then return them in January. You get to play endless games free for over
2 months. This is especially great for playing games
you don’t find are worth the money or if you are on a budget. There are many games like the Links Awakening
that people don’t think are worth the full $60 price tag. Well that game doesn’t take long to complete
and even when trying to 100 percent complete it the game only takes about 25 hours. There are other games that only have about
5-10 hours of gameplay that you might not want to spend your money on but you want to
play them. This Holiday return policy hack lets you do
that. There are also tons and tons of people who
normally buy games, beat them and then sell or trade in those games. That’s what I used to do all the time because
that’s the only way I could afford playing all the games I wanted. This is especially common on single player
story driven games because once you complete the game there really isn’t any point in
going back to play. So again this holiday return policy is perfect
for this because you can play a bunch of games and return them 2 months later, through January
15th. It even works on games that just came out
like Pokémon Sword and Shield. Of course this will work with any games on
any console. It will NOT work on new opened games though,
only pre-owned games, so keep that in mind. Once you open new games you can’t return
them so do not try that. This is for preowned games, any accessories,
or unopened games only. It should also work on online orders too. In a way this isn’t even a policy hack. This doesn’t use any loopholes like the
other GameStop policy loophole videos I’ve done. This follows their policies. Although technically this is designed for
people buying gifts. But it works as rental service just like how
it does with their usual 7 day return policy. If you do want to try this out yourself please
ask the cashier to confirm they offer the extended holiday return service at your location. This should be their holiday return policy
across the entire US but still it’s best to ask them to confirm. You can also get a gift receipt so you don’t
have any trouble when trying to return it in January but you don’t need one. This might also be their return policy in
other countries for EB games but I can’t confirm that, so you’ll have to ask them
yourself. I realize you might be suspicious of this
but it really does work and to prove this to I actually did this exact thing 2 years
ago and I did it again the other day and I recorded the conversation to show you this
is actually legit. When I did it two years ago I bought the game
called Rime for Nintendo Switch. If you don’t know Rime is short game but
it’s a really good one. However the graphics on Switch are terrible! Like I’m talking the worst graphics on Switch. Everything is completely blurry and pixelated. So because of that and the game only taking
about 5 hours to complete I decided to use this GameStop holiday return policy hack. I bought the game in November, beat it and
then returned it in January. Because the game only took 5 hours this is
the type of game I could have bought and returned using GameStops normal 7 return policy but
at the time I was playing lots of other games so it took me the full two months to beat
it. But that’s what so great about this, the
2 month allows you to beat longer 20 – 40 hours games, heck you could even put 100 hours
into breath of the wild over the holiday break. When I went to return the game in January
they didn’t even hesitate, they just returned it and gave me the money back. Now fast forward to last week. I wanted to show you guys this worked and
so I did it again with Pokemon Sword. If you don’t know I am not a huge Pokemon
fan. I don’t dislike the games but I’ve never
been a huge fan. However I have been really wanting to play
the new game and wanting to stream it so I thought it was the perfect game to use this
hack on. I can play the game, stream it, beat it and
then return it in January to get my money back. So I did exactly that, I found a store near
me with a pre-owned copy in stock and went in to pick it up. I also recorded the conversation and asked
them about the return policy…. [Employee] Yeah somebody put it on hold like
2 day ago and I guess never picked it up, lucky you! Do you have a membership with us too? Yes. Thank you. And one cool thing we do, literally anything
glitches, crashes, we can replace it for 3 bucks, would you like to protect the cartridge? Uhhh, no. Oh your card just expired last month, If you
want to renew it today It’s only 9 bucks and you’ll get an extra 5 dollar coupon
on the receipt, do you want to do that? Um not today. Okay, then it will be $59.61 as your total And I did have a question, I’m gettin this
as a Christmas present for someone, do you guys have some sort of holiday return policy? Yeah you have until January 15th Okay Do you want a gift receipt? Uh yeah sure! As you heard they do in fact have their holiday
return policy and you can return your pre-owned games through January 15th. Now the return cut off date might be different
each year so if you are trying this in 2020 or 2021 just be sure to ask the current policy,
but it usually always starts around November 1st and the return cut off is usually around
January 15th. Also if you actually do this be sure to put
the receipt in the game case so you don’t lose the receipt. As long you put that receipt in the case and
don’t lose the case then you’ll be all set to return the game in January. Now if you still aren’t sure this is legit
I called up another location to confirm they have the policy and to confirm that you can
get the cash back not just store credit. [Employee] Thanks for calling GameStop where
we can buy your phones or tablets, this is Noal how can I help you? Um Hi I bought a pre-owned switch game on
like November 20th, am I still able to come in and return that? Yes! You just need the receipt. Okay, that with the Holiday return policy
right? Yeah you have until January 15th to return
it so you have plenty of time. Okay and I can get cash back for that right? Yup Okay, alright great! Thank you. Yeah no problem. So as you heard they do in fact give you your
money back and this holiday return policy does in fact work. Also if you just look on the bottom of the
receipt it says… “Any product purchased between 11/1/19 and
12/24/19 may be returned with receipt by 1/15/20. Product must be in resale condition.” So this does work, I have done it and I’m
doing it again but only do it if you are certain that your location also offers the extended
return policy. This should also work when buying pre-owned
games on as well. They generally have more preowned games in
stock online than in stores. But they tend to have more newer released
titles pre-owned in store. This is truly a full proof way to play any
games you want for free for over 2 months. I’ve done this before and I did it again
this year and it’s a fantastic way to play games you aren’t sure are worth the price,
or to just save money on games you would have ended up trading back in after beating anyways. The holidays can be a very expensive time
of year and gaming is expensive in general so this is a fantastic way to save some money
over the holidays every single year! This won’t just work in 2019 but also in
2020, 2021 and so on. As long as they still offer this same extended
holiday return policy you can keep using it as a rental service. But now I want to hear from you! Have you ever done this? Are you considering trying it out yourself? Let me know your take in the comments down
below Thanks again, for watching!

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