Play the Happy Holidays Resort Video Game w/ Molly from Bubble Guppies ? Nick Jr.

Play the Happy Holidays Resort Video Game w/ Molly from Bubble Guppies ? Nick Jr.

Hey, it’s me, Molly,
here with a new gaming video. Since it’s the holidays, let’s play
Nick Jr. Happy Holidays Resort. Oh! Look at all the Nick Jr. friends
we can play with! Where do I wanna go first? Hmm, look! Shimmer and Shine
have a gingerbread house! I’ll start there. Puptacular! Now let’s add decorations! Hmm, this gingerbread house
needs some work. Let’s decorate it with delicious treats! First, I’ll add some chocolate doors
and candy windows. Sweet! Now I’ll touch up the outside with… Yum, candy canes and gum drops! We helped Shimmer, Shine and Chase
make that palace look pawesome! This game is making me hungry! OK, now it’s time to really make
this house Shimmer and Shine! Boom Zahramay! Now that’s one
geniefied gingerbread house! Hey, look, it’s Chase with some presents! Thanks, Chase! That was fun! What should I do next? Oh, I’ll go climbing
with Rocky and Everest! Everest, reporting for snow duty. Woah, looks scary! But Everest is a winter pro,
and ice or snow, she’s ready to go! Looks like I have to climb
and pick up pup treats. Watch out for ledges,
they’ll slow us down! Whoops, got a little stuck there! – Woah!
– Oh no, snowballs, look out! – Delicious!
– Look at all these pup treats. It’s enough for a pawesome holiday feast! – Careful!
– Woah, that wind is dangerous! I made it, and there’s my pal Rocky! Hi, Rocky! I brought the holiday star
for the mountain top! Let’s bring some holiday cheer
to this mountain! I declare this… Mount Everest,
ready for the holidays! Phew, that was fun! But I still have more places to go,
people to see, and games to play. There’s Sunny and Skye,
they’re building a snowman. Maybe I can build one too. Wow, so many options! What should I pick? Let’s see. I’m liking these sunglasses! What a silly moustache! [giggling] – Arms!
– Now the arms! What a great pose! Well, that’s a festive hat! Aww, look at these cute heart buttons! And… done! The perfect winter snowman! Look at him dance! [giggling] Click on where you want to go! Hey, there’s Rubble and Blaze! Cool, I’m gonna decorate some trees! Pawfect, you lit up the holiday tree! I think I have to collect
these snowflakes first. Let’s see if I can get ten. One. Two. Three, four. Five. I’m going blazing fast! Hang on, Rubble! Six. Seven. Eight. Nine. Ten, swimtastic! Now I can decorate the trees,
I need to decorate five! – One.
– Great light tossing! Two. Now that’s the holiday spirit! – Three.
– Two more! And that’s four! Only one more string of lights to go! I’m throwing these lights like a lasso! Yeehaw! – Puptacular!
– Wow! That pile of snow turned into a snowman! – Great work!
– I did it! With a little help
from Blaze and Rubble of course. Aw, looks like I played all the games
at the Nick Jr. Happy Holidays Resort. Maybe I’ll play some again. Which was your favorite game? You can ask your parents to subscribe
to the Nick Jr. YouTube channel for new videos every day and find more
of your favorite shows on TV on Nickelodeon and the Nick Jr. channel!

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