Playing Groundies On The Playground! Fun Outdoor Family Game!

Michael: Hey guys, welcome to The Beach House. Michael: For the next couple of days, we are gonna be playing some awesome fun playground games. Michael: The first game we’re gonna be playing today is called Groundies. Michael: Tons of you guys in the comments have been asking us to play this game. Michael: And so we’re listening and we’re playing Groundies today. Becca: But before we get started. Becca: Make sure to get yourself Yubi Loop. Because this will go towards helping a lot of people in Haiti Becca: So make sure to help if you want help support. Get a Yubi Loop. Becca: Links in the description below. Michael: This is a game that is played on a playground, at a park. Super-fun. Michael: The rule is one person’s it and they have to try to tag everyone else or at least one person. Michael: And then that person becomes it. The person is the ground you can go anywhere, but if they’re on a playground, they have to keep their eyes closed. Michael: Everybody else can still keep their eyes open though. Michael: Also, if you are not it, you’re allowed to walk anywhere you want even off the playground. Michael: But if the person is it says groundies and there’s someone on the ground, that person now becomes it. Becca: What does that remind me of? Michael: It’s kinda like Marco Polo with any fish out of the water. So you guys ready to play? Kids: Yeah! Michael: Alright. Let’s play. Okay, I’m it. Michael: Groundies! Michael: Nah. Just kidding. Michael: Okay, I’m it first. I’m gonna try to see if I can tag someone on the ground first. ♫ ♫ MUSIC PLAYING ♫ ♫ Michael: Everything is too high in this playground. I guess that means I have to come on to the playground. Becca: He’s coming. Becca: He’s the groundie. Becca: He’s coming. He has to close his eyes. Becca: It’s so scary. Becca: That is so scary. ♫ ♫ MUSIC PLAYING ♫ ♫ Becca: James you’re it. Becca: Are you practicing Ellie? Becca: She was just doing this. Becca: She was just doing this. Becca: With her eyes closed. Michael: That was really hard. Becca: Yeah? Michael: That was really challenging. Becca: Yeah? Michael: And dangerous. Make sure if you guys are up here and your eyes are close that you…be safe. Michael: Okay, James are you it? Becca: You don’t have to have your eyes closed when you’re off of the playground just when you’re on the playground. Becca: Who was on the ground? Michael: Ellis’s it. Michael: She was off the playground when he said groundies. Michael: Ellie, your it. Oh no. She’s got her eyes shut and she’s coming. Michael: She got you. Fair and square. Michael: Okay. Here she comes. Mom’s it. Everybody stay away from Mom. Michael: Yoohoo! Yoohoo! Becca: I got him! I got him! Michael: That counts. Corbin’s it. Michael: Now you got to go down on the ground. Corbin: I’m the groundie. Michael: Corbin’s it. Becca: What out Ellie. He’s coming! He’s coming! Becca: Don’t step on his fingers. Corbin: Got you. Michael: Did he get the bottom of your foot? Michael: Yeah? You gotta keep away from him. She’s coming up the stairs. Michael: Look out Charlie! Look out! Ellie: Got you! Michael: She got the cameraman. Michael: That means I’m it. Mr. groundie. Becca: Okay. I’m the camerawoman now. Mr. groundie I see. Michael: You make this too easy Corbin. Gotcha!! Michael: You’re the groundie now. Becca: His like, I’ll never let go! Becca: You have to close your eyes if you’re on the playground. Becca: Yell it! Yell it! Corbin: Groundie! Becca: Corbin! Becca: You have to yell groundie if they’re on the ground. Corbin: Groundie! Becca: You did it Corbin. ♫ ♫ MUSIC PLAYING ♫ ♫ Becca: That scared you. ♫ ♫ MUSIC PLAYING ♫ ♫ James: Dad, come and get me. Becca: Oh! That was so close. ♫ ♫ MUSIC PLAYING ♫ ♫ Becca: Did you get Ellie? Becca: Well, come up on this weight set. Becca: Then maybe they’ll all go on the ground you can yell groundie. Becca: I’m it. Becca: Alright. Here you go Michael. ♫ ♫ MUSIC PLAYING ♫ ♫ Michael: You got hit Ellie. Becca: Ellie’s it. Ellie: I’m the groundie. Final round. Michael: You have to close your eyes if you’re up here. Corbin: Come and get me Ellie. Michael: She’s remarkable with her eyes closed. Michael: That was closed right? Michael: Okay, all right guys thank you so much for that fun game idea. Michael: We had so much fun playing Groundies. Will definitely play it again for sure. Michael: Let us know in the comments below if there’s any more fun playground games you guys want us to try out. Ellie: Subscribe! Corbin: We’ll see you guys tomorrow. Ellie: Tomorrow we’re playing lava monster. We’ll see you then. ♫ ♫ (THE BEACH HOUSE THEME ‘PAUSE THE GAME’ BY CODY CRABB) ♫ ♫

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