Playing madcity with some cool fellas||AlexPlaysGames||

Playing madcity with some cool fellas||AlexPlaysGames||

Hello! Welcome back to my channel i am Alex back with another video hope you will enjoy my video I am very exited because i just buyed this plane for 250.000$ and im very happy to fly it *Going to get jetpack* Sorry for crash landing xD cuz im bad pilot I killed a noob bacon hotrod while robbing club or whatever it is called dont remember Subscribe to my channel for more video and tutorials! and gameplays aswell as You can be a superman i mean not actually with power but showing as flying like it by pressing c and taking out phone by pressing m I will make a video very soon topic will be how to make money fast in madcity…..comment down below if u want me make it Please like and subscribe 😀

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