PlayStation Plus – Free Games Lineup January 2020 | PS4

PlayStation Plus – Free Games Lineup January 2020 | PS4

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  1. Waittt i got frantics instead of goat simulater

  2. Next video December 2019 ps plus line up

  3. Playstation almost made everything possible, But there is one thing, ONE thing that keeps us gamers from experiencing the best of playstation, And that is the Playstation plus which keeps us at bay from playing Online.

  4. Why do you upload these trailers so late?

  5. Seriously? I have downloaded the games and finished one hour of Drake's fortune campaign 3 days back.just now uploading about the free games

  6. I would love Horizon Zero Dawn and maybe something like Spiro or cash bandicoot

  7. Se o primeiro mês do ano foi assim, imagina o resto …

  8. Lol when was the last time ive played goat simulator… 3 years ago

  9. demorou só um pouquinho para lançar esse video, só um pouquinho

  10. disappointing…no added value what so ever to have ps plus these times.

  11. I have played both these games already. How about cosmetics and skins for the games I do play?

  12. Little late don't ya think?!

  13. İ dont like the PS plus. İ wanna play multiplayer free

  14. в рот е.. вашего козла. А за Дрейка спасибо.

  15. I'm downloading this just for uncharted 2

  16. 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼

  17. That Scaling though hahaha from UNCHARTED to Goat Simulator xD

  18. Este mes si estuvo decente los juegos

  19. meme game that stops being funny after 5 minutes and a collection of games that at this point everyone probably owns or has played

  20. Algum br ta assistindo?

  21. i swear i was planning to buy uncharted last week 😂😂

    thank you sony 😂❤️


  23. We got frantics instead of goat simulator..

  24. I wanted you to put the AMAZING FROG game on PS4 I love you bye

  25. I've got 100% achievements on steam from Goat Simulator and I've played Uncharted trilogy on Ps4 🙂

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