PlayStation Plus – Free Games Lineup July 2018 | PS4

PlayStation Plus – Free Games Lineup July 2018 | PS4


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  1. Absolver looks cool, going to try it

  2. [A distant cry of "SHAUN!" Echoes in the distance]

  3. Malisimos los títulos gratis de ps plus una burla para sus suscriptores

  4. I've always wanted to play heavy rain, never had PS3 and only recently got PS4, I'm quite happy with this! Absolver looks pretty cool too.

  5. We need fallout 4!!!who agree with me??

  6. What is this games

  7. I get two games that i always wanted to try out for free? Awesome

  8. When you bought an game, but it becomes free for a month…

  9. Can someone tell me what Absolver is, i've never heard of it.

  10. This is like the 3rd time heavy rain was released though

  11. black ops 3 two in psn +

  12. Ew, Heavy Rain XP

    That Absolver looks cool, though.

  13. When will the PS5 Releasing???

  14. Wasteland 2 next month i beg you!

  15. Absolver I heard was a lack luster

  16. I like the other game but I don't like the Heavy Rain one

  17. Finally ps4 gets a ps3 game, and ps3 gets a ps2 game. What a mess

  18. Keep giving us games thats already available with ps now..

  19. Sony I just download my PlayStation second up they take them my real username I said that username is been taken I am Sam is Bowser and that says that are been taken and I just downloaded it

  20. Well the Games are nice but I rather have something else instead of getting Heavy Rain….

  21. Compañia sony que pasa me mandaron mensaje dearchivo de actualizacion en modo seguro

  22. Y eso que lo actualize

  23. How long does it take to reload the shop

  24. Because its 1 july at my place

  25. I just looked up when the PS Plus games come out its the week after July 3! come on and wait that long!!!!!

  26. Booo! Ive done both games.

  27. Menuda mierda de juegos! La ultima vez que pago suscripción anual. Hasta ahora han regalado, "heavy rain", "untildawn", "beyond two soul", "life is strange", "batman: the enemy within", "the walking dead"…, ¿Que le pasa a Sony con este genero? Solo regalan esto o mierdas que nadie conoce…

  28. Allow crossplsy dammit

  29. 80% of people on the comments are talking about heavy rain and me being a FPS and open world sandbox game fan, I’m thinking wth half of these games are

  30. Excited for heavy rain

  31. Estara en español heavy rain o sera como beyond que solo en inglés vv

  32. Que juegos de mierda, ¿¿para eso pago 60 dólares??

  33. Going to do an absolved live stream next Tuesday if anyone is interested just started a new YouTube looking to make friends and squad mates on own!!!

  34. um is something wrong with psn cuz these games aren't showing up as free for me still says xcom and trials.

  35. I'm not complaining and all, but Heavy Rain (at least *was*) a game available on PsNow. Sure it's nice to download, but as Sony encourages both PsPlus and PsNow users to share the same services, I find it kind of useless to give a not only available game, but a plot driven one at that-one with little replayablilty after getting it's endings

  36. When are these available to download? I just tried to find Heavy Rain but it's not there yet.

  37. Why does PlayStation only offer two games a minth when xbox offers 4?

  38. Glorified visual novel, again? Alrighty.

  39. Press f to shaun!

  40. Next an assasins creed game please sony. I love your games, but i want to play assasins creed any of the games from trilogy

  41. Heavy rain againt?

  42. Please make payday 2 or driveclub free 🙂

  43. Update the store!


  45. I'm new to the whole ps plus thing, so when do these games become free exactly? I checked the ps store today and they werent free

  46. Both games are masterpieces

  47. Can someone tell me what time?

  48. AS NEVER, IT IS NOT POSSIBLE TO MAKE THE HEAVY RAIN DOWNLOAD …. AFTER YOU BUY FOR FREE, ABOUT TWO MONTHS DO 'BEYOUN TWO SOULS ????  I managed to solve. I had inserted "Absolver", from the phone, without problems, while for "Heavy rain", I tried from a fixed position and I did not find any obstacles.

  49. Guys I got nex machina instead of heavy rain … what do I do ?

  50. For Heavy Rain anyone else getting not availabe for purchase as you already own Beyond Two Souls? Which I got when it was free on ps+ the other month.

  51. heavy rain is the perfection of gaming!!!

  52. PlayStation we need the PlayStation home back on ps4


  54. Its fun games but plz playstation in august plz do sims 4 or something like an open world game idc what open world game just any cuz i like open world genres……or do lego marvel superheros or something like that

  55. Cross play already!!

  56. This pay to play multiplayer games needs to die

  57. Drop a like for Cross-Play to be added

  58. Why isn’t multiplayer free tho ? Like I don’t wanna pay a extra $60 when buying a game

  59. Bonjour, mon fils jeune et novice à activé sa carte "playstation +" sur son compte mais comme il est mineur nous avons pas accès aux jeux, avez vous une solution ? Le service d'assistance Ingrat de sony ne veut rien entendre.

  60. Hello, my young and novice son to activated his card "PlayStation + " on his account but as he is minor we have no access to the games, do you have a solution? Sony's ungrateful support service doesn't want to hear anything.

  61. sony just allow crossplay like if agree now

  62. Can Adventure Time be one of the next gamas o PSPLUS?

  63. give Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag for free in August

  64. Meanwhile in ps plus asia…

  65. playstation is the best!!!!!!!

  66. What about Mafia 3

  67. When are we gonna be able to change our gamer tag

  68. Dude who elses heavy rain is messed up? it is glitching so badly

  69. Ahem cross-play maybe

  70. Sigan la comunidad absolver [hispano]

  71. O meu esta com algum problema pego atraves do problema que tenhão criado e implatando nos arquivos de algum dos jogos que eu tenha salvo e nada desse problema ser resolvido

  72. Please Crossplay between Ps4 ans Switch

  73. Bo3 free make bf3 free too Imah talk too EA

  74. Eu gastei 300$ em gift card e aparece que já foi

  75. And this is why I am moving to PC becuse of ps plus . Multiplayer shud be free

  76. These games aint Free they are with our ps plus subscription~ We pay for these garbage games! lol! We getting robbed blind! Ps plus should be if we want this luxury of free games a month we get the ps plus service. But they lock our multiplayer privileges unless you get the ps plus! Wish gamers from PS community would get together and understand this scam!

  77. I hope we get Armello in the future

  78. I watch this vid so i buy ps plus(i didn't see description) and i was dissapointed it wasn't release on ps asia 🙁

  79. we want the free online is not fair that we have to pay so we compensate thanks to our support we help them make money buying games and their consoles and accessories and so they pay us you are bad only focus on making money not on how it is published you are not interested want to be to reach the chasm again remove the plus and that and ONLINE BE FREE !!!!!


  80. We need battlefield 1


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