PlayStation Plus – Free Games Lineup June 2018 | PS4

PlayStation Plus – Free Games Lineup June 2018 | PS4


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  1. Wow it sooooooooooooooooooooooo

  2. They forgot to mention CALL OF DUTY BLACK OPS 3!!!

  3. Somebody dun goofed the uploads!

  4. Is this the ps+ line up for mars? Why is this so late

  5. PlayStation plz bring destiny 2 on sale or come up with a deal

  6. Maybe its TOO LATE…

  7. Stop using Internet Explorer.

  8. Bad games, and we now about it alread, lol. what about july

  9. Bro you’re about a month late on this.

  10. What year is this?

  11. Whaaaaaaat? I have seen that before lol

  12. how about january 2009

  13. thats this month idiots
    what about the next one u know in 5 days or so

  14. ….. have they still not realized they uploaded the wrong month?

  15. Go home sony, your drunk

  16. You forgot black ops 3

  17. A bit late don't you think?

  18. upload july body ☝️

  19. this video just only Reminder. and maybe no one download it.

  20. Yeah, we uh, we know

  21. Me thinks Sony had too many brownies, if you catch my drift..

  22. Next month is july. lol

  23. Sony: Omega Labyrinth Z murderer

  24. Retweet from Sony or two consecutive Junes in a row this year.

  25. lol

    The incompetence.

  26. Sony, You're too late.

  27. Fak 2 months with the same games :'c

  28. They used Internet Explorer

  29. This video I think is a little late. Just a little.

  30. Isn't this like, a tad bit late?

  31. Wait until next week for the Free PS Plus July 2015 lineup

  32. Thanks for telling me this Sony. Just one small thing…. never mind don't worry your pretty little head.

  33. xD nice one sony but i'm interested in july too

  34. hahaha boring…

  35. Yes!!! My time machine works !!!!!

  36. didn't know playstation using internet explore

  37. Go home your drunk sony lol

  38. Bit late, isn't it?

  39. Wrong video lads

  40. ??????الشهر خلص 5/10

  41. Should of put "reminder these leave PS+ soon" in the thumbnail.

    Your just confusing people else.

  42. Go home, your drunk.

  43. What about Call of Duty?

  44. Erm…'s nearly July Sony……..

  45. Why didn't they add BO3 Atleast, pointless video.

  46. This games are so junk..

  47. Seems like Sony just troll us because next month will be big.

  48. Later every month and still incomplete…fortunately, PlayStation Grenade produces a video with all the month's games shown in timely fashion. Heck, they even updated the June video when COD BlOps III was added. Just give up doing these videos if you're not going to do them correctly.

  49. please add Witcher 3 or nier automata next month

  50. Thanks for the reminder?

  51. Thanks for the reminder of the games we already got ??

  52. I'm freaking out man….

  53. Just in time PlayStation!?

  54. add the ability to change psn id please

  55. No one cared for this games, so they put up another video thinking people were distracted by E3 or something LOL.

  56. Sony did you upload this with Internet Explorer?

  57. Xcom 2 was free less than a year ago

  58. It’s been a month. Your gonna upload July’s lineup in August

  59. What is playstation smoking

  60. Is someone change the date of sony one month back ?

  61. Yeah…but what are July's?

  62. We already know and you missed out black ops 3

  63. Well someone just uploaded the wrong video. I'm guessing an intern.

  64. Junes almost over thou .-.

  65. Uploaded the wrong video?

  66. What was the point in this?

  67. Thx ps4 for the free games

  68. Para cuando resident evil 4 free yo play

  69. Shame on you, Sony… It's the of June.

  70. This video was uploaded just to remind you to download these games before July

  71. You guys need to fire someone.

  72. Haha dafuck was this supposed to be the reveal for july and the new guys messed it up?

  73. Master of Trolling.

  74. Una mierda de juegos a ver si para julio dan mejores

  75. add me, we can race on trials. QuakeLaw. i can't do most extreme maps. my plan was to play the same maps that Captain Sparkles plays and see if we can beat his or nick's times.

  76. Can someone tweet PS to tell them to fix this trainreck

  77. Oh wow I had no clue.

  78. Also call of duty black ops III



  81. love your channel

  82. PlayStation plus 1$ plz

  83. we want crossplay
    guys help me comment to spread this message

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