PlayStation Plus – Free Games Lineup: November 2018 | PS4

PlayStation Plus – Free Games Lineup: November 2018 | PS4


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  1. El segundo juego está completamente en Inglés ¿como quieren que lo entienda si no hablo ingles? ¿Acaso no piensan en los que hablan español?

  2. Not Ps Plus Asia ! Why

  3. Yakuza is actually a great series, it's a MUST play

  4. Broke: RDR2
    Woke: Yakuza Kiwami

  5. Maybe I'm wrong, but… Isn't this the 2nd time they put a Yakuza game for Plus?

  6. Esse sistema de Ps+ tem que acabar, muitos jogos q as pessoas compram necessitam de ps plus pra usar recursos completos, ou seja vc paga e recebe uns joguinhos miseráveis por mês. Sou a favor de acabar com a plus paga e o dinheiro que vc usava pra pagar agora vc usa pra comprar um jogo de sua escolha ao invés desses horríveis q eles dão e por fim seria online grátis!

  7. Very sub par games TBH

  8. cant understand the dislike bar !
    those games are lit ! have fun guys !

  9. so many dislike :/ please try Yakuza… it is amazing game

  10. Another poor lineup…

  11. Never played yakuza before, Now is the time.

  12. for december we need red dead redemption 2 and fallout 76 for free cmon psn

  13. For once the leaks were true

  14. Xbox got battlefield 1 and Assad is creed 🙁

    Ps plus is just terrible

  15. It would be cool if Red Dead redemption 2 was on for psplus ?

  16. Time to buy ps plus

  17. never played bulletstorm before whats it like?

  18. 1k dislikes like bruh it's a free game take it or leave it


  20. So no bonus game for halloween?

  21. Awful xbox has better

  22. "GAWD! I ALREADY HAVE THESE GAMES! GAH!", bet people say. 😀

  23. But I already have Kiwami. Since release!

  24. Can u put more interesting games instead of boring games

  25. yes I was gonna buy yakuza!

  26. Little big planet 3?

  27. Eh could be better

  28. meanwhile in asia we don't even get any of the games from the video

  29. Soca esses 2 jogos no seu cu sony

  30. Another bad month. See you guys in December.

  31. Everyone needs to play Yakuza ASAP!


  33. Free if you pay. ?

  34. Wow another month of games that I wont even play . Ps plus is the biggest thing I regret buying ALEXA PLAY SHREK SOMEBODY ONCE TOLD ME

  35. Que mierda de juegos

  36. Not bad. Extreme is worth a try

  37. Pinches juegos de mierda la verdad

  38. So we get a PS3 game and a PS2 game…

  39. Can't wait for Yakuza, I've always wanted to try this game!!

  40. Has the November games come out for you guys? Cuz I’m still on October free games still :/

  41. I'm looking forward to playing Yakuza Kiwami. ?

  42. Wow just wow, come on PlayStation you actually had some decent games going for you

  43. Not gonna lie neither of these games seem fun so I won’t be getting either

  44. Does anyone know the exact date this comes out it's nov 2nd now

  45. I don't want either of these ?

  46. Why playstation love to do stupid games ??

  47. i pass this month byung sin sea kya

  48. 씹새끼들아 왜 내 댓글 븍락 시키냐 사람이 사람같지 않냐 쳐 죽여 버릴 새끼들아

  49. I already have the physical copy of Yakuza Kiwami. Getting the membership this month just because I want a digital copy as well :3

  50. Why Xbox players have Battlefield 1 and we have not ???????

  51. When will they be available to play ?

  52. Why do I not have the games. It’s still showing last months games

  53. No one cares about this trash

  54. When dose the games comes?

  55. What Vita games this month? Or PS3?

  56. Maliximos los juegos

  57. Bullet storm looks fun

  58. I better see everyone playing Yakuza this month, You have no more excuses!

  59. 2 games i want be playing lol.

  60. What day to they drop?

  61. Oh ported/remastered games from over 7 years ago each lol. How generous Sony! And people saying we shouldnt complain… we pay for the subscription. These games aren't really free. We have every right to complain.

  62. dung from 2011 + remake that played in 2005

  63. @PlayStation porque Bulletstorm nao aparece na minha lista de jogos gratis ?

  64. Sony o bulletstorm full clip edition não está aparecendo gratuito na psn plus…Porque?

  65. Putz regrediu pra caramba em

  66. Downloading Yakuza now!

  67. The Yakuza series is an awensome one, these games are the one of the best series on the SONY platform, these type of game aren't like a GTA, but there are the natural evolution of the oldschool Beat em up, a real must play.


  69. When will they be available?

  70. For some reason I cant download the Yakuza game because my account information doesn't match the locale in the URL, I'm using my Singapore account. Please help me, I really want to play the game

  71. Why did i get beyond and didnt get yakuza or bulletsorm????

  72. why Asia are different free games????

  73. finally no more that weird horror games

  74. I have PS Plus account but both Yakuza Kiwami and Bulletstorm are not found in my PS Plus free games. Instead the free games is Beyond Two Souls.

  75. Pq o bulletstorm do PS4 não veio esse mês ?

  76. A plus só deu o Yakuza po

  77. Alguém pode me ajudar

  78. Wait why i dont have that game on playstation plus i only get beyond two soul plz hel

  79. is yakuza free on singapore playstation network?

  80. There is no need for Yakuza now that Hokuto Yakuza is out in America

  81. Decamber game Please Until Dawn

  82. i just want mlb the show

  83. I already subscribed to ps plus.. but why this games not available on my free games for this month.. can anyone help me? ?

  84. Ppl cany buy nothing

  85. Didn’t Yakuza Kiwami already came out on ps plus

  86. Faiiilll, give us something better

  87. didnt they already give away bullet storm last year?

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