PlayStation Plus – Free PS4 Games Lineup: March 2018 | PS4

PlayStation Plus – Free PS4 Games Lineup: March 2018 | PS4


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  1. It's march 2nd and still can only download knack and prime

  2. Bloodborne is an absolute masterpiece! Cannot believe it's on the Plus lineup of free games!

  3. I bought Bloodborne month ago ?

  4. It's march guys, why are we still getting KNACK BAYBEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  5. probebly everyone watching this video has already played these games ?

  6. I wanted to buy bloodborn
    Thanks for giving it free yesss

  7. When are these game here

  8. What day exactly does it come out

  9. I bought bloodeborne 5 days ago:(

  10. Why am I here? I dont have a PS4

  11. It's already March and I don't see those games on the store !!!

  12. Never doubt Sony they listen to their customers ? #EXCLUSIVES ?

  13. 2 AWESOME GAMES in one month!?!?

  14. Time to put in my bloodborne BD and hunt those casuls.. Heh heh ..

  15. When will theese games be free?

  16. When is it coming out?

  17. When does these games come out, can anybody help?

  18. Excellent Sony! Much better this time, thank you! Please don't let this be a one off good month!

  19. Enjoy your free Ratchet skin in Jak X: Combat Racing.

  20. I was going to kill my friend to get give me bloodborne back,

    Ratchet and clanck…..ps3 memories came back…

  21. What day will these be on the store for free? It still has the February ones on mine

  22. Rage simulator here i come!

  23. its march where are the games?

  24. I can’t find it in my Playstation Plus ? Is it out yet ?

  25. Yes this is a great month for PlayStation!!

  26. Next it should be rocket league

  27. Only weird thing is that these games are coming on the 6th of march?! Why so late

  28. are these games also for PS plus SEA region?

  29. Come on… These don't look like good games at all…

  30. Ok, but what about the free PS3 games and ps vita games for March, we have 1 year left…Tell us all the games for ps plus march 2018!

  31. I can work with these

  32. GUD lineup. Keep it up.

  33. Please DEVIL MAY CRY 4 or DMC this tittles are amazing

  34. The PlayStation store still hasn't changed and it's already March 4

  35. Already have these two, but at least people will be able to enjoy them, especially bloodborne. Ratchet and Clank was a good game, all I can say.

  36. I platinumed both games but I'm still hype for everyone to experience these games

  37. We want exclusive games always

  38. Hey, a good line up. I bought these games last year in 2017. Great games. Great line up.

  39. Does anyone know if its the complete edition of Bloodborne?

  40. The casuals are going to rage quit.

  41. No magic in bloodborne you dumbasses xD

  42. Bruh it's March and the games did not come out

  43. Does anyone know the exact
    date that those games are going to be available?

  44. I wish too see a Transformers rise of the dark spark game in this thing

  45. Why haven’t I gotten my games yet? Oh wait I just remembered it’s PlayStation

  46. Finally got the free games right for once

  47. Guys i need your help
    If i download lets say bloodborne via ps plus can i play the game after one month pass or it will be locked ?? And if it wont lock up what happens if my ps plus expire ?
    Please somebody answer me i really need it .

  48. Sony is not dum they give the free games that lots of people already purchased

  49. when in March? ive been checking daily..there not up yet..approximate date??

  50. Pongan gratis a detroit: became human :v

  51. When does it come in???

  52. Nice to see a good 3D platformer on ps plus after Knack was so disappointing


  54. Awesome Line-Up! Bought a ps4 wit psplus in january,and thought the games would be something like knack or rime every month. But well…you have convinced me.
    But there is one question left: Where is Bloodborne? I wanted to download them , and bloodborne is now completely out of the store or the psplus games. Its the only one missing

  55. X?ox lost this round XD PS4 has the best game???

  56. Available today? Right?

  57. Not worth buying PS Plus

  58. Bloodborne is trash

  59. Im i dreaming or does this video has less that 1 k dislikes?

  60. Sony stops the ps games more on ps3 and psvita, Sony also stopped the backward compatibility of the games, which is a mistake, I kept my ps3 and psvita I have now been at xbox, although I have a ps4 I do not approve of your choices which is to forget

  61. I always own every decent game they give out ?


  63. Why did i buy rachet and clank recently 🙁

  64. Yo unban kiirob221 please im begging you

  65. Playstation yall got outsmarted i got them without ps plus from my other account with the 2 day trial

  66. You wanna hear a sad story? I'm getting a Ps4 on my birthday in mid April and by that time these games will be gone and I was looking forward to play these games when I get my ps4

  67. GG this month. Shame its not a usual thing, im enjoying bloodborne and my sons enjoying ratchet and clank.

  68. Have bloodborne but don’t have ratchet and clank

  69. But in April….

    No Man's Sky yes or not, razita? XD

  70. Add me for bloodborne.
    Psn – panchoo2834335

  71. You guys should have Dark Souls II as one of your free games after this!

  72. Y there no psvr games

  73. I dont like those games 🙁

  74. I wish they did this for gta 5

  75. April 2018 has to be hit man for ps plus

  76. What I want to know is does bloodborne come with the dlc

  77. If anyone wants free games contact me on [email protected]

  78. Should I buy Bloodborne gor free or should I get it physical,even though i'm not a digital gamer.

  79. So I need PlayStations plus to play for free

  80. i just bought ratchet and clank for my bday on 22 march…

  81. Won't lie. This line up gets a 11/10. Well done Sony

  82. Curse their fiends, their children too. And their children, forever true.

  83. I take 2 days free and i started downloading bloodborn.after 2 days can i continue to playing it or not.

  84. I wish I didn't stick with Xbox. Games get shittier every single month, litterly…

  85. I’m surprised you lot actually gave this video so many likes.

  86. Best line up ever.. please make uncharted 4 free

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