Polao Recipe—Basanti or Mishti Polao Ranna—Bengali Sweet Polao—Nababarsha Special Recipe

Polao Recipe—Basanti or Mishti Polao Ranna—Bengali Sweet Polao—Nababarsha Special Recipe

po-lao rice with meat, vegetables, fruits or nuts mish-tee sweet
Mishti Polao aged, raw gobindobhog rice 500g 1. Aged rice (purono chaal) has less tarch, leading to fluffier (not mushy) polao. 2. Raw rice (aatop chaap) is more flavourful as it is not parboiled. If you can’t find gobindobhog, look for the kalijira or jeera samba varieties. Bengali-style ghee 100g It is brown, grainy, nutty, and more complex in flavour. A good polao needs lots of ghee. raisins 35g
split cashew 35g green chillies 6 pcs salt 20g
sugar 70g wash rice thoroughly washing get rids of excess starch strain spread out and leave to air-dry transfer to a mixing bowl ghee (hold back 5g to fry cashews) cardamom 8 pcs, cinnamon 3 pcs, cloves 8 pcs bay leaves 3 pcs ginger 6g chop finely ginger 6g
turmeric ½ tsp mix until rice is well coated with ghee and spices allow it to rest, covered, for 1 hour when you’re ready to cook boil water in a kettle or on the stove 5g ghee reserved earlier cashew fry on low heat until lightly coloured add the rice fry on medium heat, stirring frequently fry longer for greater quantity of rice frying the rice enhances its flavour breaks down starch further (less starch=non-sticky rice) fry until the appearance of the rice turns from glassy to opaque fry with the raisins add 1050g (±50g (5%)) hot water amount of water is important! too much water, it will turn to mush; too little, the bottom of the pan will catch salt cook covered on lowest possible heat meanwhile, slit green chillies rice should be cooked, but firm sugar [remember, this is a ‘mishti’ (sweet) polao] green chillies stir carefully to avoid breaking the rice use ‘fold-and-rotate’ motion steam again on low heat polao tastes best the next day, so plan
accordingly at the very least, rest it for 2 hours before serving to allow salt and
sugar to permeate throughout resting the polao will also make it fluffier any excess moisture will get absorbed is there a more classic combination than polao & kosha mangsho?

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  1. এলাম, দেখলাম, ভালবাসলাম।
    আপনাদের কাজের ভক্ত হওয়া এতটাই সহজ ছিল। কঠিন পরিশ্রম যেভাবে আদ্যন্ত নিষ্ঠা আর বুদ্ধির সঙ্গে অবলীলায় করে চলেছেন তা দেখে আর বুঝে ভক্তি আর বিস্ময়ে রান্নার র-অজ্ঞাত এই আমি অবনতমস্তক হলাম।
    পোলাওটা রান্না করে কি ফ্রিজে রেখে দেওয়া উচিত হবে? পরেরদিন গরম করে পরিবেশন? এই জায়গাটা যদি আর একটু পরিষ্কার করেন।

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