Poor Badminton Player’s Behaviour (1) Cheating Line Calls

Poor Badminton Player’s Behaviour (1) Cheating Line Calls

some times I am really shocked to see some players try to cheat their line calls to win the point in singles if shuttle lands very close there then I can understand he might say out because its 50-50 very close every body, any body can understand it can be mistaken and some line calls can be said in or out because its so close I have no problem human can make mistakes but when I see some players say out when the shuttle is here like that its definitely in but he or she said out and try to carry on it is better make the line call honestly in truth way and loose the match rather than try to make a cheating line calls and then win every human has got heart, may be some other people not sure ya may be that’s really out but important thing is the person who said out is the person who knows most clearly he lied because he saw it let’s say he won it he will go home no body will feel happy he will be shamed with himself deep inside I know that so do not even try to cheat line calls to win the match when I was younger shuttle lands on the end 50-50, it can be said in it can be said out in that case I normally say in I say it for my opponent favor why? because I want 100% clean win because if I say that out there is 50% of possible argument existed because it was so close and if I say out and then I win the match in deep inside I feel not happy, because I might won it because of that point, then the winning of whole match I am not 100% satisfied I rather give it to him and play more and then win cleanly now you might question me Lee how should I give win to the players who cheat line calls seriously like that number 1 advice to you to deal with such kind of player is do not argue with him just say once that was in that was far in and then of course he will argue that was out stop it there because if you keep arguing it what will be the result you will spend 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes keep arguing and then get no where stop upset and try to beat him with your ability next time you smash don’t smash there smash here you must have that ability so that he cant say out next time instead of smash to the line smash to his body so he can’t say out next time clear, don’t clear to the line you should have ability to hit clear which lands 10 or 15cm inside and then beat him that way because he is cheating he is a cheater you are not cheater you can’t make conversation because you are 2 different people so my advice lose match with truth, truthful line calls that way you will be happier whether you win or lose and when you face player like that when you play against player like that don’t argue just say once and then beat him by your ability that is big real player

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  1. new videos! yay! awesome. besides, i'm happy to see i'm doing it the right way, this is how i've always handled these situations. good advice, mr. lee

  2. Hi Coach Lee,
    You are so right, and honestly I also do the same as what you are saying. If the sshuttle was in, I ask and then stop. But if I was playing a tournament and I saw my opponent calling incorrect line calls, I would ask for a line judge. I have been in a situation where me and my partner were on game point, 20-18. The opponent hit the shuttle out, both me and my partner saw it and the line judge also called it out as well. The opponent made a fuss and we reserved and we won 24-22.

  3. I am pleased to know you are doing same way I would do. Thank you for posting your comment. Lee

  4. I think it that case he should not allow his way. It does not matter how much he argue it should not allowed. You are right you should ask for line judge against such player in competitions. Lee

  5. i am thanking my lucky stars everyday that he is lol!

  6. There is a saying i always follow, "If you cheat, you don't cheat your opponent, you only cheat yourself"

  7. That is very very ture. Thank you for a very much for that. Lee



  10. Thank you very much for your kindest comment on my coaching. Lee

  11. Wow Such great advice, Coach Lee.

  12. I wish all player would so fair like you!

  13. Thank you for your comment and lets keep working to pass this to more players. Lee

  14. the first picture is cute 🙂

  15. Thank you very much for your kind comment. Lee

  16. All players who cheat, are Cheaters, and all player who played fair, clean are their teachers b-)

  17. I wish there were more trainers in spain that think like you. What do you recommended us to do if the other player cheats more than once the line calls

  18. If there is refree then ask him to have someone to umpring.
    If there is no one then you have to beat him with his cheating. You mention that ones to him and if he does it again then no need to mention it again but say ones more after you beat him. Dont say anything about his line calls if you lost. Lee

  19. That's a good advice, thanks

  20. Hi Lee, Ashwin again. Yes, New Zealand is a beautiful place to visit with nice people. I was lucky as one of the best badminton courts in the country was close to my house. Unfortunately I moved to Australia and don't have the same wonderful facilities or players. But I guess playing in a limited environment will make me a more versatile player.

  21. Sure and I do agree with you. I have never been to both countries but hope to go there in the future. Lee

  22. You are very welcome. Lee


  24. very good advice… what about, when its 50% in and 50% out.. its a point or out..??

  25. I normally give it to my oppornent in such case. Lee

  26. Yes i understand that but I want to know what the rule "says" about this… thank you.. 🙂 Redi..

  27. When there is no refree then the player on the court make decision. Lee

  28. Yes I do agree most of players do that. It is a kind of educational clip for the particular players. Lee

  29. On the cost of sounding "gay"….. I LOVE YOU LEE!

  30. I LOVE YOU TOO. Lee

  31. Yes, I couldn't agree more. If you don't know then it means that you didn't see it out then call "in" in favor of your opponent.

    You can replay only if both didn't see the landing of the shuttlecock.

  32. It is good to see that you have same views on this. Lee

  33. love has many avatars Siddharth ..!! and gay means both homosexual and happy , cheerful as well..!! its all in the mind 😉

  34. Youre the man! keep up with the awesome coaching Lee !!!

  35. Thank you very much for your kind comment. Lee

  36. Great advice Mr.Lee!! even for everyday life 🙂

  37. Sir lee .how i datch a player in badminton plz tell m

  38. This one issue of cheating line calls bugs me so much in badminton. Thanks Coach Lee for your video. Made me understand the issue a little more. And I've just learned to let go on the arguing, and just enjoy the game.

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