Poor Badminton Player’s Behaviour (11) Funny and cheating deception

Poor Badminton Player’s Behaviour (11) Funny and cheating deception

Poor Badminton Player’s Behaviour 11. Funny Deception ok, this is Andy, the captain of Team 1 in Lee’s Badminton club in the club not many players do that but some of them they do that they try to make deception in funny way they try to make deception very close to cheating watch this what I mean ok so ready to receive service I am about to serve to him in doubles he is set he is set and then suddenly he will look not him, he will look his partner, he look his partner and then serve so, this player thinks oh he is about to talking to my partner something and then suddenly service comes to me that is cheating not the deception another player ready ready to backward little bit ya he is ready to serve and then instead of watching opponent suddenly he watches there, that corner other corner not here like that and then he look other corner and then serve [laughs] I see him very poor quality they are very poor deceptions its like watch my eyes, if you are my opponent I should set and then serve to you but does not matter how you feel it ya you watch him, at beginning he watches him and suddenly looks there and serve and watches you and suddenly watch your partner and then looks like he is about to talk to your partner and then serve please don’t do such kind of deception that is not good deception ok another one so this player already ready and you come in ya you come in and you are ready so he is deliberately wait early and then when opponent is ready just ready and then you serve before he is really ready ya watch this so I am ready you are ready like that that’s very close to cheating its manner, if you want to make deception in that kind of way then make deception 2 – 3 seconds different way so ready set like that so I take 2 – 3 seconds little longer or set let him ready and then hit 2 – 3 seconds little bit earlier so that is understable time difference but this is far too much and then he will say [ooohhhh] ya he think he won it I don’t think so that is cheating its better to lose point by playing properly rather than getting the points in such kind of deceptive way

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  1. this clip is very funny!! when you could not stop laughing, i also couldn't! the good point about this video is that people who watch your video will not fall for their trick when they do it. but the bad point is that those people who don't know the trick who be tempted to use it, i just got a bit tempted…sorry.

  2. I wish I could send this to all the cheating players i know. Sadly I feel like this is preaching to to choir. The ones cheating like this won't watch the video. thx though.

  3. That is so funny…Players who do, do that just make themselves look silly. It's not a poor deception, it's a "dishonourable act" in my eyes! If someone did that to me, I would just laugh! I wouldn't even call it a "deception"!!!

  4. It's better to lose with honour, rather than to win with dishonour…

  5. I will have to try this just for the reaction.
    but only once πŸ™‚

  6. You can try it as as fun with the people who already know you. Otherwise they think you wrong way. Lee

  7. If anyone gets fooled by that, they deserve it. It means they're not focusing on the shuttlecock, doesn't it?

  8. Nice to see u smile πŸ™‚

  9. You are very welcome. Lee

  10. hahahaha very good

  11. Lee ,In training we learnt to signal to your opponent that you are ready to receive to raise your racket in the ready position, when I am playing singles with a boy he would get ready and then I would serve, then if he misses it by chance he would claim he is not ready and then call a let, then we would argue and he would get the let, this always happens and he always gets away with it. also he takes too long to get ready, he will stare away for a very long time pretending to look at something.

  12. Thanks for teaching me the tricks! πŸ˜‰ Just kidding. I couldn't stop laughing too when I saw them laughing, so funny. Thanks for the video.

  13. You are very welcome and I am pleased to know you like this clip. Lee

  14. As long as he puts up his racket and facing you then he is considered to be ready to take your serve. He should not say he was not ready after those actions in place.Some players are doing that, taking too much time to get ready to receive service. If that was in competition then you can ask someone but in club play situation, it is difficult to point it out. If it is too much then you can point out to him nicely. Lee

  15. Thank you very much coach Lee, I'll try to point it out nicely next time we play against each other in singles and see if it works out

  16. Please do point it to him a very friendly way and I am sure he will agree if you do that way. Lee

  17. i never do that..but this trick will give me a good point..hahaha..

  18. I am pleased to see that you enjoy this clip. Lee

  19. hey coach, this kind of serve, look at other place and serve, is that just etiquette or it is against the rule to do that kind of deception. i had met this kind of player last week, looking at other place and serve… it is allowable?

  20. It is not against rule as long as he serves after opponent is ready. But there can be arguement to be made as he is looking somewhere else his partner may think he is not ready to serve so he is not ready to receive. Answer to your question, no rule says your eyes should be on your opponent. lee

  21. hahaha, i love this video! its very true though. A lot of club players do this, it's just annoying.

  22. Some time I would like to explain to the players but I do not as I feel it may hurt their pride. Lee

  23. just wanna say thank you for this vid and other really helps me improving coach~

  24. I am very pleased to know. Thank you too. Lee

  25. I always say ready first before I serve πŸ™‚

  26. these funny deceptions get tiring if they're repeatedly played on me, but I wouldn't mind getting to know other new original 'cunning' deceptions during practice. ~Very helpful advice Coach.

  27. Lol,very nice video… Thanks coach… I will try some poor play now heheheh just kidding…

  28. Thank you for your comment. Try this to make real fun with the people you know very well otherwise they think you are really trying this to win. Lee

  29. Thank you for your comment. New deception clips will bbe up loaded soon. Lee

  30. Master Lee, when iam doing smash everybody tells me that my arm comes from the side ways. I am really powerful but I don't fell that iam making powerful shots. Any tips . I watched the other extra power for smash video. Should I have do any wrist work out? Thanks

  31. I think power is not the problem but the way you are making swing and the impact point can be the cause. It is more powerful and more accuriate if you hit it verticle directtion rather then side swing. Try to understand the swing logic then you will even hit harder and more accuriate. Lee

  32. Thanks A lot for the advice Master lee,now I try it out and tell you the results. And I shall make a video my smash and sent you πŸ™‚

  33. Ok that would be a good idea. Let me know when you are ready. Lee

  34. What happened to you Sir in 1:30 to 2:00?

  35. i've been following your videos and partly successful in implementing it in practice.
    however it would be very great if u can post videos on wrong footing the opponent,deception at net,
    double action,fake shots/drop/lift as it is very difficult to decode the players action from tv,and currently
    i can't afford coach due to funds,so fully dependent on you.hope u have something for people like us.

  36. I fully understand your point. Soon I am going to make a lot of deceptive shot clips as well as how to defend opponent cedeption. Lee

  37. Thanks for Consideration Master lee,Can't wait For Videos.

  38. You are coaching at lees now?

  39. I understand youre coaching at lees in missauga, just curious are you nccp certified by badminton canada ?

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  41. That first serve demonstration you did was hilarious. Hilarious but cheap deception.

  42. Not many do that but sometime I see players are doing it. Lee

  43. Mr. Lee, sometimes before making a serve I look at one corner of the serve area, but hit to the opposite. Do you think it is acceptable? I don't look to opponent's partner or somewhere down as you showed, I'm just trying to hide my real target for serving.

  44. I know why you do that but the best way is to look your opponent. By you looking at one corner, your opponent also may know why you looking at that point. Lee

  45. I laughed so hard watching this clip.

  46. Is it acceptable for the formal match? This trick is quite good, I would try it. If my opponent did this to me, I would be tricked. Hahaha. You are genious sir.

  47. Thank you but I would not try this. Lee

  48. Dear Lee,

    I come across this so very much now-a-days. Earlier I used to be irritated at it but now, I laugh so much within myself just recalling this great video clip. One of my opponents actually looks at the corner and serves. World is so small….

  49. Thank you for kind comment on this clip. It is difficult to point it out to the person who is doing it. Lee

  50. I dont understand why one rule for serve and another rule for other shots ..?? while hitting smashes many player's align themselves in one direction but ultimately hit the other way.. why cant the same rule apply to serve as well.. as the opponent surely knows that a serve can come to him any moment . he has to take it. whether deceptive or straight .. Please advice Coach Lee. Becoz i do such serves all the time πŸ˜€ but i look at the shuttlecock , not the player while serving. is it fine ?

  51. You should see all of it that way you detact faster. Of course you have to train to see the real action not the deceptive actions. Lee

  52. Hi Coach Lee. I really appreciate this series in teaching proper etiquette to players everywhere. Although I don't cheat in the ways that you mentioned, after watching the videos I notice I am sometimes not a very good sport. Although I play with some players (mostly not as good as I am) playfully, I will try to watch out for their feelings more.

    I also have a couple of questions. I am out of characters so I will continue on another comment.

  53. My first question:Is it ok to teach people while not in a match? I dislike the people who teach people on court, but sometimes I see mistakes some people do and I sincerely want them to be better.Should I teach them?

    Also, if I am REALLY not sure if a shuttle is in or out, (if I could not see it) should I say it is in or simply call it a let?

    Last question: Is it ok to do smaller deceptions while serving? For example looking a one corner of his service box but flicking it to another.

  54. 1. It is depending the relationship between you and them. Also if they wish you to teach. Some may do some may not. Sometime if you teach it may distract them.
    2. Say the truth and ask them to play let of call it in for your opponent faver(it is my way)
    3. That kind of deception is not really high level deception. They would know you see the corner because of you have intention to flick. It is low level deception in my view.

    Kind regards


  55. Thank you for your prompt reply.

    However, I'm sorry but I do not completely understand what you mean by "low level" and "high level" deception. Do you mean low level deception is not effective? Or do you mean that it is unfair?
    If I often look at one corner of his court and serve there, but on one occasion hit it to another corner instead, is that good then?


  56. Yes I mean it is less effective. You are playing against the player, you should looking at his posture, intention, position and you show nothing but you have all the posibilities and finally you serve where you think is the best. In this way you also ready for his return best posible way. When you are looking at the corner instead of your opponent, you are not reading him. Lee

  57. It's good to see you guys having fun πŸ™‚

  58. I think a lo of coaches tell their Players to behave badly, they call that "fighting" psychologically

  59. Coach Lee with the giggles made me laugh πŸ˜€

  60. Its amazing how attitude could affect your game so much..good video lee..?

  61. Thanks coach. You inspire a lot of players.Β 

  62. haha! Nice one Coach Lee. You made me start laughing as well when you both started laughing. Made my day! I'm gonna try this cheap tactics just for fun with my friends later. haha! πŸ™‚

  63. This is so funny πŸ˜€

  64. I specialy laughed to this video, it's fun to see you laugh. Thanks again for all these great videos to learn how to play good badminton and be a good player

  65. im laughing right now !! :)))

  66. is it allowed to a real match? Coach Lee. I'm from Philippines

  67. Coach where I send you my clip for correction.

  68. The main problem is that most badminton players and even some coach so reluctant to read the "LAW OF BADMINTON' handbook. If it is no restriction in the book no point of accuse it as cheating. Thus will mislead if student take part in tourney and end up umpire allow it cause the umpire judge by the book while the student get new lesson not to just listen to coach without reading the updated handbook.

  69. Hi coach, I sometimes see opponents take too long to serve. They will look at you for about 10 seconds then he will move racket as if to serve but stops before hitting the shuttlecock. Is that ok?

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