Poor Badminton Player’s Behaviour (12) Angry at shuttlecocks

Poor Badminton Player’s Behaviour (12) Angry at shuttlecocks

Poor badminton Players Behaviour 12. Angry at the shuttlecock I see these kind of players from club level but more national and international level for example they play a match he is ready, the opponent made such a good drop shot over there so he could not get to the shuttle cock because he could not get to the shuttle cock he is angry with himself and he will go to the shuttle cock he pass the shuttle cock to opponent like that and some other people very often I see it they go to the shuttle cock and just hit shuttle like this some times they go to the shuttle cock just pass shuttle cock little bit away from the net for opponent to come and pick it up so why more international, national players behave this way why they more angry at the shuttle cock because there attitude is not respecting attitude they have if he could not get to it, there must be one of two reasons number 1 – he was not ready mentally, physically number 2 – opponent made such a good shot, such a good deceptive shot what ever he made a good shot if he has the learning attitude then he have to identify, I was ready but I could not get it because he did such a good deceptive shot so next time I will be ready for it, I will watch out for it and he has nothing to be angry at the shuttle cock he should respect such a good shot from his opponent yes he is opponent I lost the point but it was fantastic shot from him I respect it, I should learn and I should challenge to get that next time there is no reason to be angry at the shuttle cock and passing shuttle cock like this that shows his attitude, that shows how small player he is

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  1. you have no idea how many people i play with always blame the shuttle, even though it flies very very well, they blame the shuttle. if we play with a fast shuttle, most players will blame the shuttle because they cant reach it in time, even though they have very bad footwork. but instead of trying to improve their footwork, they just blame the shuttle, walk off the court to get one of their own shuttles which is much slower, and use it….

  2. it annoys me so much since im the biggest player in the badminton center… i mean i weight 140 kg and i can still reach most of the shuttles i get, no matter the difficulty i just give it my all to get to the shuttle

  3. My partner is doing this all the time – pass the shuttlecock in such sloppy manner, just throw it with his racket, often not even to the side where serving opponent is standing. What annoys me even more, he is not doing this because he is angry or something. I am sure he is doing this just because he doesn't even care about it.

  4. Try to let him this set of clips. Then see what he says about it.
    I very much hope he sees it and changes the way he does it to others. Lee

  5. I wouldn't get angry at them because they could be angry birds

  6. Hi Lee, I have another question. How do I improve my consistency in my strokes, and reduce the number of unforced errors? I know you will say practice, but I am already practicing a fair amount. I mean during practice, how can I improve this?

  7. The way you to look at is the quality of practice. You imagine that you are playing a match then practice. Same time please check if you grip and hitting skills are right. Lee

  8. I might give u a suggestion =] My Coach trains my consistency like this: For example when I train my smashing, he feeds my 30 shuttles, and I MUST do 30 SUCCESSFUL smashes in a ROW. If just one smash gets into the net or just went out, my coach would just recount starting from 1 again. This method just force u to put great concentration on each of yr shots.

    Just like Mr Lee says, imagine that u are playing a match when practicing means to put focus on every shot :P. Hope this helps.

  9. I agree! Thank you!

  10. Coach i utter sound when i smash what do you think of it. Though it is only when i hit the shutle.

  11. I think that is fine. Lee

  12. Thank you coach.

  13. You are very welcome. Lee

  14. All these Badminton videos are fantastic. Not only are you helping people play better Badminton with positioning and technique around the court. You're teaching a healthy mentality to the game with morals and respect to other players.

    This is a top Youtube page for anyone who wants to learn how to play a great game the Correct Way.

  15. I would like to thank you very much for your kind comment on my clips. Very mucvh appreciated. Lee

  16. Waiting for new videos 🙁 want to buy DVD But no money! 🙁

  17. Please wait bit more time. I will try to upload soon. Lee

  18. Coach Lee, is it possible for a racket to lose its string tension?!? I have Dunlop Evo Carbon which is 18-26lbs but I'm not sure if it's still like that.

  19. Yes it does. If you use a racket for sometime the tention get lose. Lee

  20. very true! i do that sometimes when i lose a point… but ill control myself next time. thanks !

  21. I am very pleased to know that. I very much hope it is working for you. Lee

  22. Coach how do i improve my consistency in my backhand strokes and reduced the numbers of errors.The picture you saw in profile picture is my father . krishan kant. . Coach i am studied in 7th class and i am good student of my school. I has been selected for U-17 match in Kathua. i live in NAGRI village (Kathua) coach i want your phone no. my father email id is [email protected]

  23. Reply me as soon as possible. my dream is to become a badminton player.

  24. Sure then you should practice hard. Lee

  25. You can never be a good player unless you don't have a good attitude…

  26. Yes I do agree with you. Lee

  27. Coach lee what are you sponsored by? And what racket would you recommend ?

  28. Coach lee what are you sponsored by? And what racket would you recommend ?

  29. Unfortunately I've reached the point where I think individuals should have the freedom, without penalty, to not shake hands after a match. Why should anyone have to shake hands after being mocked at, have offensive remarks made at them, or have their shuttles kicked or "slapped shot" around"? No one deserves to be treated this way, especially having played a 100% clean game.

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