Poor Badminton Player’s Behaviour (2) The Player who says I should have won

Poor Badminton Player’s Behaviour (2) The Player who says I should have won

In my coaching experience there are many players give me excuses and saying the sentence which I hate to hear Lee I should have won, I was having match point I was winning final game 17-15 I should have won, but what’s the result I lost I played against one of the chinese player I took one game of him I played so well he is happy because he took one game of a good, chinese good player the meaning of that player to a game of him is equal instead of he should be shamed of him not winning the whole match he is happy with the fact he took a game so why I don’t like players like that is the meaning of saying I should have won means I only lost because of bad luck at that time my opponent did net call that I have 100% chance of getting point above the net and hit out so he is not accepting opponent was better, opponent was faster opponent mentally is tougher he does not accept, he does not see it instead he is saying it I should have won but I lost because opponent have better luck I have bad luck when players have such kind of attitude he will not work on his weaknesses what he does next match he is waiting for better luck come to him so he will do that every single match every single tournament and then he will do that all of his badminton life so he get no where

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  1. People who say "should" have too much ego or are too hot headed when they play. It would have been more respectable if he said "could".

  2. Sure there will be a few more to come. Lee

  3. Lee, lets say throughout the whole game I'm making a lot of mistake and is affecting my partner. Sometimes I found myself trapped in that kind of situation and is hard to climb back out to prevent my mistake, how do you overcome it if you were in that situation?

  4. The truth is that 1. you are not making those mistakes intentionaly 2. You can not play more then what you have 3. Everyone makes mistakes. 4. You make more mistakes because of you worry about your partner. Make mistakes positively. you can not help not making mistakes. Do not worry about it and just do everything you can and enjoy it. If your partner is a good person, he will be happy to see you trying, not worry about mistakes and enjoy your badminton. You do not worry about it. Be your self.

  5. Is funny tho, I played with a lot of unfriendly players, when they made mistake they tend to slam their racket on their shoe or their legs. I tried my best and advised them in the middle of game. They don't really appreciate my advise nor seeing me trying; instead they told "me stay in your own spot, or make up your mind whether you gonna stay in the front or the back".

  6. This is not my style I don't stand still. I told them I like rotation and I play professionally. I know what to do now, thanks Lee!

  7. You are welcome. Lee

  8. Your series on poor badminton players' behaviour is great. It has some valuable lessons for life as well as sport.

  9. Thank you and I am very pleased to know you see it that way. Lee

  10. Great Say Master 🙂

  11. As long as you see the reason why you lost, it is good. But I would not still say I should have won if I lost. I would like to say by result. Lee

  12. This is one reason I love badminton. To improve on it, I have to take a hard look at myself. And with this series, Coach Lee, you showed me many faults I have that I let slide in the past.

  13. I am very pleased to know that this clip opens a new door for you.
    Now keep it that way and you will become totally different player. Lee

  14. Thank you Sir!

  15. You are very welcome. Lee

  16. Sir, do you have any video of how to dive in badminton?

  17. I do not have it but I may be consider it in the future. Lee

  18. Sir, do have any video how to return a dive??

  19. Coach Lee, now i can smash .. but now i want to learn how to drop

  20. That is good. It is very similar to smash but less action, and much softer. Your racket should hold the shuttlecock in fron of your body and gently push down. Try it and you will feel. At the start it may not go well but if you keep practice you will have good drop shot. Lee

  21. Sorry what do you mean by "dive"?

  22. tq coach Lee… can you be my coach.. seriously

  23. Yes sure, I love to be your coach. When you have questions let me know. Where are you?

  24. after watching ur behavioural videos i remember the movie Karate Kid in which jackie chan says to the kid , Kungfu is not just fighting . its the way how u put on ur jacket. its the way how u treat ppl ..

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