Poor Badminton Player’s Behaviour (3) Excuses, excuses and excuses.

Poor Badminton Player’s Behaviour (3) Excuses, excuses and excuses.

I lost because I have bad stomach I lost because I could not sleep well I lost because my girlfriend was sick last night, I worried about her that’s why I lost so many excuses in Korea we say go to sanitary and ask them whey are they dead every single of them have reasons if I were you, you lost I will only say two words when I lost number 1 – I lost number 2 – you are better, shake hand end of the story the meaning of I lost means I am accepting my opponent is better he has something more than I have thats why I lost there fore I am going to train harder and then I will prepare my self to be the winner in next match that’s the meaning of saying I lost because I lost, no other excuses lets say he had bad stomach last night he his girl friend was sick last night its true yes, because I did not eat well I was low in energy so in a certain game last 5 points I lost that is true but I would not say even that is true because because I lost what ever I say that’s only excuses, even that is true I will not say because of my pride but there are so many players pride is so small and say such things without anything shame of them when you lose say nothing when you lose don’t show your disappointment in front of every one just upset you might cry in your room, when there is no one even your parents don’t see you you cry because you are so frustrated you are so upset, you can cry in your room not in front of other people because you have pride, your pride is too big to behave that way

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  1. you have great personality Coach Lee.. i will remember your advice forever.

  2. Whenever people make excuses in the game i play (my legs were tired from yesterday or the light was in my eyes) i simply tell them "Don't play if you are going to make excuses, no one forced you to play" and that usually makes them quiet.

  3. Thank you for your kind comment. I am very pleased to know that you see it beneficial to your badminton. Lee

  4. That is so right but there always people like that. Lee

  5. Usually people who have low self esteem feel like they have to justify all their actions. That's why they can't shut up.

  6. I do agree with you. Lee

  7. When other players gives me an excuse, I'd keep quiet because deep down inside you know that you've won because you gave your best, a loss is still a loss, it's doesn't make them better just because of excuses.

  8. It's better not to reply to their excuses. "No one forced you to play" is a bit aggressive in my honest opinion. Silence is golden 🙂

  9. Being harsh is the best way to teach them, keeping silent makes them think you accept their excuse since you aren't giving feedback

  10. what about if its a genuine excuse like : "my partner played the whole game with broken strings" ?? (yes, thats actually happened)

  11. That still not good I think. He should have prepared one or two more racket or borrow a racket from someone there. I would not play against some who's racket string is broken. Lee

  12. It's good to give the excuse to your opponent sometimes, a lot of people I play are delusional – If they beat you they think they have played really well or lose they played badly. Sometimes I turn up stiff/fatigued they play worse than usual but get more points and think they are improving so I tell them as a friendly gesture.

  13. That is good if they really understand you and ready to take what you say with trust. If there is no such relationship then better not to say as your opponent may most likely take it wrong way. Lee

  14. So may i ask you: What do you think about Andy Murray or Roger Federer crying, when they lost the final in Wimbledon or Australia (It's tennis but i don't think it's important here)? I mean they are great sportsmen and yet they show they weakness in this moment to everybody. Or do you think, that this behavior is just an exception?

  15. Yes they are great players. I dont see crying after a match is not showing their weaknes. They have their own personal imotions which we may not know hwta they are. I would say they show we4akness if they about to cry even before the match finish but about to lose. I think it is bit different direction to what I am mentioning in this these clips. Lee

  16. Thanks you very much for your quick answer! I absolutely appreciate the work you're doing. I like the fact, that you don't take badminton just as a sport but as a philosophy. Please keep it on Mr. Lee!

  17. Thank you very much for your kind comment. Lee

  18. Great teaching Master, Thanks a lot.

  19. @rokstahh is silence is golden , speech is silver.

  20. Mr.Lee excuse me , is it really important for placing the shuttle before having an opportunity to attack?-soon

  21. Not really, you can attack from the first shot if there is opportunity and chance. There is no fixed ways. Everyone plays their own way. Other people's idea does not mean it works for you. Because of sometime your opponent do not expect you to attack from first shot, it may work for you. Do not have fixed idea. It is your game and you play the way you like and learn from your mistakes and make your own tactics. Lee

  22. You are welcome. Lee

  23. Master! Were you Korean?! I thought you were Chinese cuz some of your videos' titles were Chinese. I was surprised that such a man like you who does speak english well and posts videos of really good quality is Korean! In Korea, most men in your age does not speak english well! Respect!

  24. 이재복 코치님을 몰라뵈서 죄송합니다 설마했어요… 영어를 잘하셔서.. 중국의 영어를잘하는 코치분이신줄… 하 역시 존경스럽습니다…. 앞으로도 동영상 많이 참고하고 배울게요!!

  25. Thank you very much for your kind comment on my clips and other things. Very much appreciated. Lee

  26. I really like this.It is also my philosophy. I am going to make sure my sons know this very well when playing badminton.I will share this on my facebook.Thank you coach Lee.

  27. Hello Lee, how to lift yourself up when nothing is working on the court, your shots are landing on net or outside, you are not able to pick the shots basically nothing is working for you and having a very very bad game in such case what should one do? 

  28. Hello Mr. Lee, i´m just a semi-good player, but your videos of badminton inspired me a lot! I agree very much of your opinion of player´s behaviour. Thank you and all the best to you.

  29. You're such an inspirational coach Mr. Lee. I thank you for all these videos!

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