Poor Badminton Player’s Behaviour (8) Become a puppy in a warm house

Poor Badminton Player’s Behaviour (8) Become a puppy in a warm house

Poor Badminton Player’s Behaviour 8. Become a puppy in a warm house It happens to the younger players, to kids like 10, 11, 12, 13 that kind of age 14 father, mother invest him so much for lessons, badminton trainings there are players relatives who are watching him in the tournament he is expected to win the first game he won second game he lost third game opponent is having 19, he is 12 so he feels there is no chance I can win so up to third game 19-12 he was moving fine but when he is, come Andy you are 19, you are 19 19-12 so you are about to serve ya you are about to serve so he is about receiving you ready, ready as singles suddenly suddenly he become injured why he suddenly become injured just before he was fine why? he can’t take defeat he can’t face his parents he can’t face his friends I did every thing but I lost, he can’t take it that’s why he is suddenly receiving service like this saying I am going to lose because suddenly my leg something wrong with it so I lost because of my legs these days more and more younger players are like that I call them puppy in the warm house I am talking to the parents if you parents want to make your son tiger in a jungle then let him be tough let him be able to face the defeat and learn how to cope, how to handle that defeat and then prepare for the next battle that will be far better than comfort him every single time and do every thing for him and he will become big puppy in the warm house when he grow up

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  1. Awesome Lee… You are teaching living ethics.. great to learn through badminton.

  2. Thank you for your kind comment. Lee

  3. jorgenson did this in a match between liew daren from malaysia.korea open 2012.hahahahaha

  4. What the father think is what son will be. I am sure your son wpuld not behave like that. Lee

  5. you are best lee

  6. I hope he view the clips and change. Lee

  7. hi.. am from philippines… ive'd been coaching badminton for both men & women for almost 4 yrs. in our university… i have also encountered some different attitudes while we're on training, can i ask sum clips for discipline exercise for these matter?? also that will fit for those lazy players during training… tnx.

  8. There are many ways and skills on this. It requires good understanding of the players and need speciall relationship. It is dagerous to use a method of a coach. Each country have different cultures, each players have different experiences so you have to find the right one to apply. If you do it wrong and using not right one to the player, it may cause more problem. I have my own methods and resons for using those method.I will make clip in the near future about it.Thank you for rising the issue.

  9. true… players try to convey using their body languages

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