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Hi I’m Alois Rosario from PingSkills. Samad
has asked a question about how to position yourself when you are trying to return a smash.
Now firstly Samad it is really important to remember that back there is not where you are
going to win a lot of points. It’s really a position that you are forced into if you make
a weak shot. So ideally you want to be close to the table, and this is where you should
be practising most of the time. But let’s show you what to do if you do happen to get back
there. So where you position yourself depends on where the ball lands and where they are hitting the ball from. If I hit the ball into the middle of the table I’m going to position
myself in the centre of the table because that covers the angles that the ball is likely
to go. There’s no need for me to be all the way over here because I’m leaving all of that
backhand area open. So now if I’ve played it wide over to the right handers forehand
area I need to position myself over to this side a bit because now that’s the possible
angles that the player is going to play the ball. Again it’s no point being all the
way over here because that is leaving my backhand area really open. And conversely if the ball
is wide over on the other side again I need to position myself over into here to cut off
the angles. So I need to position myself in the middle of the possibility of where the
ball is going. So from the middle I can then move slightly this way or slightly this way
and cover the ball a little bit easier. So the last thing is you need to watch the ball
really carefully. The better you watch the ball the quicker you’re going to pick up information
of where the ball is and that will give you just that split second difference of being
able to move and react to the ball. So if the balls is in the middle I need to position
myself in the middle and that way I can cover the angles that Jeff can go to. So now if
the ball is over on the forehand area I’m going to position myself in the middle of this area
to be able to cover
the angles. So now I’m going to move across and cover the angle. If you want to see more
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