Practice Pad Lesson For Beginners – Drum Lesson (Drumeo)

Practice Pad Lesson For Beginners – Drum Lesson (Drumeo)

(funky groove) – Hey everybody, my
name is Pat Petrillo and I’m an instructor
here at, and this is a beginning lesson for those of you who’ve just
picked up a pair of drumsticks. As an instructor
for many, many years I feel this is the
most important thing that you should learn how to do. Subdividing the beat. Quarter notes. Eighth notes. 16th notes. And doing those also with a
couple different stickings. So here’s a great
exercise for you if you’re just getting started. Here we go. So it starts with quarter notes. Quarter notes are the basic
subdivision of all music. And this is the tempo,
60 beats per minute. One one thousand,
two one thousand, three one thousand, four. One. Two. Three. Four. One. Two. Three. Four. Next we have eighth
notes, which is a doubled subdivision
from quarter notes. And those are played, one and two and
three and four and one and two and
three and four and. And then next, we have
one more subdivision, and that would be 16th notes. And those sound like this. One e and a two e and a
three e and a four e and a. (playing 16th notes) So as you can see,
everything fits in a metronomic time frame. Quarter notes, eighth
notes and 16th notes. So then we’re going to
try to do 16th notes as double bounce, so that
you can begin to learn how to do different
stickings, like this. One e and a two e and a
three e and a four e and a one e and a two e and a
three e and a four e and a. Remember that it’s
very important to let the sticks rebound and
to relax your grip. And then we’re gonna learn
one more pretty cool sticking and that’s the right
left left sticking, using 16th notes, and
that goes like this. One e and a two e and a
three e and a four e and a one e and a two e and a
three e and a four e and a right left left right
left left right left left right left left right
left right left. So if you can do this one
exercise as a beginning drummer, and perfect that,
you’re well on your way to learning different
sticking combinations. Let’s try it with a
metronome, here we go. (clicking quarter notes) One. Two. Three. Four. One and two and
three and four and one e and a two e and a
three e and a four e and a one e and a two e and a
three e and a four e and, one e and a two e and a
three e and a four e and a one e and a two e and a three
e and a four e and a one. So that’s a really
excellent exercise for you to practice
over and over again to make those sticks move in
coordination with each other and also to get the sticks
bouncing, very, very important and subdividing basic beats
is the very first step you need to take in
becoming a good drummer. Okay? Let’s try that at a faster
tempo now, here we go. (clicking quarter notes) (playing quarter notes) (playing eighth notes) (playing 16th notes) Excellent! Now if you have something
like the P4 practice pad, now you can move it around
the different surfaces as if you’re playing
on a regular drum set. Each surface has
a different feel and each surface has
a different rebound, and each one is raised
just a little bit, so it gives you that feel of
moving around the drum set just to give you a little
bit of complicated movements. Here we go. (clicking quarter notes) (playing quarter notes) (playing eighth notes) (playing 16th notes) So there you have it. That’s one of the first
rhythms and exercises that you should learn
as a beginning drummer. I’m Pat Petrillo for, and thanks for checking
out this lesson, and if you’re interested
in the P4 practice pad, just check out the link below. We’ll see you soon. (rock groove with
big drum fills)

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