Predator: Hunting Grounds | State of Play Ultimate Adversary Trailer | PS4

Predator: Hunting Grounds | State of Play Ultimate Adversary Trailer | PS4

Wait…what the — [SCREAMING] [PREDATOR YELL] Contact! Oh, damn it! What is that? Stick to the mission. We’re moving out. [MUSIC PLAYING] Help me! [PREDATOR YELL]

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  1. Yo that looks awesome

  2. 720p run 30 fps hihihihihi

  3. I just wanna play w different predator classes

  4. Looks great. Shame about the voice acting lol.

  5. Get to da choppa!!!!!

  6. Looks much better wow

  7. Yyyeeesssss….finally…I'm definitely getting this game

  8. Alter das sieht SOOOO kacke aus ?? Leute kaufen sich dafür ne rtx lol

  9. Who here saw the archer and was like "Automatically I'm the archer"

  10. This looks better then the 2018 movie

  11. You had my curiosity…

    But now you have my erection.

  12. it looks like mobil game 😀

  13. So guys I think the game goes like the players have to do a mission while the predator hunts them down and I believe the only way to win is the complete the objective


  15. Tie-in stile anni 90… Licenza buttata nel cesso

  16. I want to play this more then death stranding lol

  17. The sound design is on point.

  18. They need to make a 3rd person open world game for the predator.

  19. Crysis 4? and its a single player or pvp

  20. Maybe we might actually get a finished polished playable game but who knows

  21. It's Evolve with a Predator skin… and remember how that faired. Not seeing anything revolutionary here, but the comment section is really hyped for this. Enjoy!

  22. Who is the hunter, and whom's the hunted, doofuses?

  23. feel like a ghost recon wildlands game

  24. Alguien que hable en español?

  25. this is exactly the type of game i been wanting

  26. YOOOOOOOO this looks like its going to be awesome!!!! ??

  27. Predator: concrete jungle

    Now that was a epic game!!!

  28. Why does the female predator sound like a purring cat

  29. Love it but have some questions

  30. Does anybody know if this will be an online only game?

  31. Sieht gut aus aber nach ein Tag spielen wird es bestimmt wieder langweilig weil es immer das gleiche ist die sollten lieber mall ne geile Kampagne dabei machen und denn Multiplayer nebenbei das wäre besser ?

  32. This game is gonna die as soon as it comes but honestly it's worth the keeping cuz who wouldn't want a predator game ?

  33. So its a Friday the 13th game with guns?

  34. Glad there adding a female predator

  35. Wow 24 aprils is my birthday ?

  36. Muito top Caraí!!!!!

  37. This should be 21+ age restriction

  38. Imagine if predator concrete jungle had these graphics

  39. Why no release for xbox one

  40. Lol they straight up took this from Call of duty ghost but im not mad

  41. Saw this as comic-con nyc 2019

  42. if it’s 30$ i’ll get it

  43. Looks nice to a predator fan

  44. Is only a shotter game? Not history?

  45. Female predator? Is there an option you can make her fall in love with you and don't get killed by her? That will be insane lol

  46. Haven’t been hyped for a game in a while

  47. Looks way better than previously released footage. Now I'm a interested to see more. Predator Concrete Jungle 2 would be a dream come true.

  48. What happened to the aliens? Anybody remembers the Alien vs Predator from back in the days where you could play online as an alien, marine and predator? One of my favorite games ever.

  49. This game better has split screen!

  50. am i missing something here or is this game suppose to be a survivor game where u can have to kill as many humans as possible before dying like cod zombies but with humans or is it a 1 vs 5 like 5 real players vs 1 real live predator player? can someone elaborate on what's this game about?

    they should do a battle royal as well i would love to see loads of predators killing eachother in squads

  51. will it be wolf predator mask and weapons like the dual sounder canon the shuriken and the wip?hope it has tons of cutomization option the avp evolution was amazing to bad it was a mobile game this game has to have similar to that

  52. You got my attention Fox

  53. I rather just play AVP on the Xbox one or Xbox 360

  54. So it's like Friday the 13th: The Game, except with Yautjas and not currently dead?

  55. Great another game where I have to play as a human most of the time unless I get lucky

  56. Can't wait for the Alien DLC

  57. *Female predator approaches to kill me
    Me:- You know I am something of a predator myself

  58. Es la primer depredador femenina la que trae el arco

  59. Female predator definitely more scarier than the males

  60. It will play as bad as Friday the 13th…… I can see it now

  61. 1:20 she's hot
    1:28 ok, i commit a mistake, sorry for offending

  62. Dayyum the female

    T H I C C

  63. To be honest, i'm not impressed.

  64. This game seems so unfair

  65. My thoughts:
    I’ve been waiting scince 2014 for a predator game!
    I REEAALLY hope there’s a story mode.
    There MUST be an Arnold Schwarzenegger skin.

  66. Rule 34 fanart INTENSIFIES

  67. It’s a PlayStation exclusive right?

  68. Predator customization looks so sick!!! They got me interested now definitely gonna keep my eye on this

  69. This is giving me a dead by daylight vibe

  70. Awwwww, the purr like Kitties before the kill

  71. Looks fun i was hoping to replace dead by daylights

  72. Wait a second, illfonic responsible for the Froday the 13th game. Hopefully they release a game that isn't bugged out.

  73. I’m having flashbacks of evolve. And yes I had to google the name of evolve to remember what it was called.

  74. Wow female predator ???

  75. I feel like this is going to be R18

  76. Love the trailer can't wait.???. A female predator I'm all in on this game

  77. I'm gonna have me some fun! I'm gonna HAVE me some fun!

  78. Cyber punk is going to be a trash game

  79. Who came here from Mr. Sark

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