Predictive Text Challenge

Predictive Text Challenge

We’ve invented a fun game
using predictive texting. Let’s play that. ♪ (theme music) ♪ Good Mythical Morning. The most recent operating system
update to the iPhone iOS 08… Is it 08 or just 8? – 8!
– iOS 8, has a pretty cool predictive text feature.
When you’re texting somebody, all of a sudden, now you’re
presented with three words – that you can just click on those.
– Oh. It tries to read you mind of the
word that you wanna text next, so that instead of typing it,
you can just send it. And it’s actually using your
past conversations. It’s not like it’s the same
for every single person. It’s using what you’ve
typed into your phone, – Uh huh.
– and it’s taking into account who you’re talking to. So if you use a
certain language with your lady friend, and you use a certain — that’s my wife —
a certain language with your boss, – Boss? Oh, I’m your boss. (laughing)
– it’s different. Oh, with your boss, it’s different. And so we’ve
invented a game. We’re gonna see who can get to a target
word more quickly. And all you can do is – you can type in one word…
– The first word of the text. and then you have to use only the
QuickType choices that Apple presents. It’s basically based on the principle
that I thought it would be funny to text people only what the
predictive texts suggested, and it just leads to crazy
sentences, as you’ll see. Or maybe we’ll get some right.
Okay! These are gonna be our magic words.
Stevie will be presenting the magic words. – We have 20 seconds to get to them.
– All right. (Stevie offscreen) The first magic
word is “dog.” – ♪ (music) ♪
– Dog. Okay. Are you gonna say “go”
or do we just go? Um, I’m already going. – (Rhett exhales)
– Oh… (Link groans) (Link groans again) – (Link groans painfully)
– (Stevie) Three, two, one… – (iPhone message sent sound)
– I failed. – (iPhone message sent sound)
– Oh, we started with the same thing! So, you started with “pet food”,
so did I… I started with “pet” and
then you said “food.” Yeah. “Pet food is the only thing that
I have to be able to get.” – (exhales) Yeah.
– Like, that’s your one requirement. – Yeah, that’s my job, bro.
– (laughing) All right, read mine. “Pet food is so good to be able
to get the hang of.” – (laughing)
– I mean, when you get the hang – of pet food, nothing’s better than that.
– Oh! You got it! – Okay, round two.
– (Stevie) The next magic word is “roof.” – ♪ (same music, etc.) ♪
– Roof. Uh… – I can’t spell the first word.
– (Rhett exhales) – (Rhett sighs in disappointment)
– Ooh, eeh, ahh… – (both groaning)
– (Stevie) Three, two, one… – (Rhett laughing) Oh gosh.
– (iPhone message sent sound, etc.) I failed again, man.
I was really startin’ good. – I started with “shangles.”
– Shingles! Oh, very specific. “Shingles are not in the world,
and I don’t think I can get it.” – (Rhett and crew offscreen laughing)
– Well, that’s pretty pessimistic. What?! Shingles are not
in the world! I don’t get it! No, you’re not… I don’t think that you
can get ’em. Like, you can’t acquire them. – “Climb.”
– Mhm, like climb up… I thought I was gonna get there. “Climb up to the point where the”
(louder) “heck is going to be a little.” – (Link and crew offscreen laughing)
– You know that point – where the heck is gonna be a little?
– Yeah. – That’s where you need to climb to.
– That’s right before the shingles get it. – But it is on the roof, so…
– All right! – I thought I was gonna get there.
– 0 for 2. (Stevie) the next magic word is “baby.” Ooh…
Okay, I gotta really think about this. Ah, what?! (exhales) (Link sighs) (Stevie) Three, two, one… (Link laughs) (stammering) I put “diapers,” “for,”
“the,” and then it came up with “rest!” “Diapers for the rest of the year, and I
have a great way to get it together.” – (everyone on and offscreen laughing)
– At least you’re– – Now yours is even better. “Swaddle…”
– “Swaddle” is a good start, right? Swaddle. What else you gonna
swaddle besides a – (both) Baby!
– …Apple people? “Swaddle to the point” (louder)
“where the heck is the what!” – (laughing) “This what.”
– Oh. “…where the heck is this what!” Do you say “what the heck”
a lot on your texts? – (Stevie laughing)
– I think because I chose “heck” before, it’s givin’ me another “heck!” – What the heck, man?!
– What the heck… – And I’ve got to “get it together.”
– …is this? Is this what? All right, we’re gonna get one.
We’re gonna get one. (Stevie) The next magic word is “hero.” Okay. (Rhett sighs) What? (Rhett laughing) – (Rhett laughing)
– Oh no. (Stevie) Three, two, one… Sorry, Link. I thought I was going
somewhere with “super.” “Super cute and funny and
cute and funny as…” (laughing) – (audio mutes) –ll is not a funny place.
– Well, okay. Mine is not funny either. Read mine. (laughing) Hold on, I gotta
say mine again. “Super cute and funny and
cute and funny as–” (audio mutes) – (Link and crew offscreen laughing)
– That’s you, brother! – Thanks, Rhett!
– No, okay. – I think I’ve seen a comment about you
– Mine is dark. – that said that. “Rescue workers were
killed by police officers in my head.” – (everyone on and offscreen laughing)
– Oh no. I am sorry. – Rescue workers were killed…
– That’s not true! – … by police officers in your head?
– I’ve never done that! – What?!
– (crew offscreen laughing) – What was the prompt?
– What is wrong with you, Link?! – What is wrong with you?!
– Hero. What does a hero – What does a hero have to do with that?
– I don’t wanna hear any more of your thoughts. You’re not super
cute and funny anymore. – Okay. Boy, let’s keep goin’.
– (laughing) (Stevie) The next magic word is “moon.” Moon. Um… – Oh gosh. I didn’t…
– (sighs) This worked when we rehearsed it.
I mean I got “cup of coffee” one time. (Rhett sighs) (Stevie) Three, two, one… (laughing) So, I was thinking
of the phrase “hung the moon” – So the first word I wrote was (laughing)
-“Hung.” …”hung.” “Hung over and over again and again
for me to get my nails done.” (everyone on and offscreen laughing) I get “hung over” again and
again to get my nails done. – Ah. Well, no. I do something different.
– Don’t you? “Half the people who are not the
same as the most important.” – (haughty voice) Yes, the rest of us.
– (crew offscreen laughing) – (laughing) Wow.
– No moons in there! We gotta get one. We’ve gotta go
until we get one, come on. This is difficult, but it’s fun. Right? And we practiced a little bit and we
got some. None of these, though. (Stevie) The next magic word is “parade.” Oh. Oh gosh. Okay. (Rhett sighs) (Link groans) (Stevie) Three, two, one… You’re cheating.
You’re taking too long. I’m just trying to make a complete
thought because I totally failed. You started with “Macy’s”, which,
“Macy’s Day Parade”, I get it. “Macy’s and I love you
so much better than this one.” (Link and crew offscreen laughing) “MACY’S AND I… love you
so much better than this one.” – That’s what I was trying to–
– Oh. Oh, you and Macy’s. – “Float…”
– “Float, in, the…” “…morning and I’m not going to be
the best way for me and you.” – Who floats in the morning?
– Give us another one. (Stevie) The next magic word is “pizza.” Okay. – (correct ding)
– Boo! Boo, I got one! “Slice of pizza!” Woo woo woo! (etc.)
I’m a textpert! Read mine. (laughing) Order! “Order for me to get a job.” Who wants a pizza
when you can get a job?! Yeah, I’ll make the call right now, Link. Yeah, no, no. Not a pizza.
I got a friend here who wants a job. – (laughing) All right. I thought I could
– So do I win? – No, gimme– One more, really quick.
– Okay, you want a chance. – You want a chance to redeem yourself.
– C’mon. (Stevie) The next magic word is “hand.” Oh! Oh, there she is again. (crew offscreen laughing) (Stevie) Three, two, one… – (correct ding)
– Yes! “Fingers cro…” Read mine.
Not yours. Read mine. “Arm and leg and a little bit of a
sudden urge to get a hand.” – (crew offscreen laughing)
– Yeah! – (Link laughing)
– You… you got hand! – Hand was the word!
– Yeah! Ah, I did it! Hold on, how did… what?
How did… That’s magic! (high-pitched) Ha ha, yeah! – How did you get to hand?
– (high-pitched) I don’t know! “Arm and a leg and a little bit of a
sudden urge to get a hand!” (crew offscreen laughing) (Link whispers) I typed “hand.” Oh, you typed…
you cheated, man! Dang! “Fingers crossed for you guys should make
the most beautiful girl in the world is the only thing that would make it to a
do it with for and is the best most of.” – Geah, most beautiful girl in the world
– (laughing) “is the only thing that
would make it a do it.” Listen, I thought I was gonna get it.
“Arm and a leg…” It added leg. – You cheated, man.
– I was like, “Just gimme a hand.” I didn’t type “leg”, though. – “Arm and a leg…”
– Every body part until hand. “Arm and a leg and a little…”
hand! Okay, as you can see if you get
a sudden urge to get a hand, call Link. – (everyone on and offscreen laughing)
– (clapping) And if you’re interested in the
most beautiful girl in the world, – apparently I’ve been texting her.
– (both laughing) Thanks for liking and
commenting on this video, and for trying to play along.
We’ll tell you in Good Mythical More – how to do that, but for now…
– You can support the show by checking out, home to
thousands of online video tutorials. You wanna learn how to do some
video editing, some photography, you name it software-based,
they can teach you how to do it. –, free trial.
– You know what time it is! We’re the Everidges from Kentucky,
but we’re at Myrtle Beach. It’s time to spin
The Wheel of Mytchicality! -♪ (Wheel of Mythicality music) ♪
– And remember we just announced the all-new camouflage Mythical shoe! That you can see unless
you’re in the forest. And you can get it with this
matching hat, the Mythical hat. (Rhett) Just go to
and click on the shoe. We made it very simple.
You get two of ’em. – You get two shoes.
– Pretty good deal. Click through to Good Mythical More.
We’re gonna play some more of this and tell you how you can play. “Link is Rhett’s grandma’s new boyfriend.” (Rhett and crew offscreen laughing) Well, I gotta think
about this for a second. (Link) What? “Link is Rhett’s grandma’s new boyfriend.” – Hey.
– (childish voice) Hey, Paul. – Yep. You’re Rhett?
– You’re Paul. I head about you. I’ve heard about you;
you’re the grandson. I’ve been… datin’…
your grandma. – Yeah.
– She’s some hot stuff. – Mm…
– Dat grandma of yours is… – Well, that’s between you and her.
– I got a motorcycle. I saw that. Me and her been ridin’
on the motorcycle together. I saw THAT. Me in the front, her in the back. – (everyone on and off screen laughing)
– I saw that. Tried to unsee it. – There’s some room for you in a side car.
– Nope. [Captioned by Kevin:
GMM Captioning Team]

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