Presenting the New MANIPro Glo Lamp (FB Live Ep. 43)

Presenting the New MANIPro Glo Lamp (FB Live Ep. 43)

– hey everybody it’s Wednesday and that
means it’s Kupa TV day really excited because we’re gonna be showing you a new
mani pro product today so get cozy we’ll be right back kupa is proud to
introduce Kupa base coat a superior adhesive between nail plate and gel
products without damage to the natural nail also Kupa high-gloss and Kupa
matte top coats both no wipe an excellent sealer and lasts two to four
weeks now we have the trio pack which include both high gloss and matte
topcoat and a free base coat for more information call one eight hundred nine
nine four five eight seven two four wwq being calm kupah is proud to announce two new
additions to the manipro passport family introducing my prince and my princess
complete with an acetone resistant control box and your choice of the KP 64
KP 55 handpiece with speeds of 230 thousand rpms for more information call
one eight hundred nine ninety four five eight seven two or visit us online at usually where the model sets you’re
sitting where the texas but today we’re actually introducing a really new
exciting family member i got many pro yeah so this isn’t gonna be our normal
format because we are gonna be so excited to tell you all about this
machine so today we’re taking a break from our regular demos and me a has seen
this but you haven’t had like the full so she’s gonna be playing I was advocate
with some questions I’m sure oh I don’t know everything about this new product
yeah so but before that I do have to announce what today’s code and all that
good stuff is so let me do my job first today make sure that you sign in to win
our free giveaway our free giveaway today it’s gonna be the trio kit which
is our bass top and matte gel coats so in order to enter to win make sure you
go to Kupa TV I mean Koopa /pages /mediabox oh
make sure your lanter once also for the rest of you you know everybody else can
be a winner too because today is promo code is KTV 43 you can use that at
cooping comm or the coop app to make your purchases that does not include
classes and warranty though so that’s my stuff okay that rolled okay my brain
still on vacation from the show but it just comes back it’s great yep alright
we have got to talk about this lovely piece of machinery here I first before I
start talking about it want to say how cute is our table setup because so white
we’re yeah we’re sporting our brand new mani Pro Passport plus wearing the
purple jacket in the white and now we’re bringing to everybody the mani Pro glow
in the white with its purple sleeves on so really excited because this is gonna
be a new element for our tables so it just looks cuter and cooler right how
many times have we had mismatched machines through our career yeah always
Oh ever much right never cute no I think it always comes from like the dental
industry or some other industry so we tend to have very simple machine you
know the e-files back in the 90s we’re like hanging from oh my god I’ve
seen like one working tool now we have hot Q you know interchangeable yep so I
want to explain what this mani pro glow is and it’s gonna take a little bit of
nerdiness because this machine has some new technology they’re really excited
about the first is it’s portable so right now it has no wires I’m gonna show
it to the side camera there is no wires so portable means you can’t charge oh
yeah and take it where everyone don’t need to use cable at the monkey desk or
pedicure desk exactly well you can take it to the
pedicure chair you don’t have to worry that god forbid it fell off your clients
laughing into the water it’s not they’re gonna get electrocuted cuz it’s not
plugged in oh I see so you don’t have to worry about it yeah and it has a nice
handle that makes it easy and it’s really light but look that light I could
I could live oh it’s very light yeah it should weigh it yeah yeah hmm the only
thing that really makes a lamp heavy when it’s portable like this is the
battery tray so underneath this is the pad so this is the hand rest pad which
by the way has the cutest pattern you never look easy
OOP I’m going to show it to the side camera I’m gonna call this the Kupa
Louie Vuitton pattern how’s Hugh Cooper gonna turn right it’s all Cooper logos
and this can be changed so you know if you ruin it or you get anything on it
you can buy a new pad yeah cuz when we use the glitter when we use chrome
powder when we use unicorn powder it’s always goes into those little yeah no I
can’t just actually make the logo look Riku maybe though underneath the pad is
where our power cell battery sits and it’s as easy as this to change the
battery if you need to each I show that to the camera this is the same battery
that operates our manipro passport plus so it’s same battery as inside of this
one yeah with this job whoops right there let’s
open this up and prove it see same battery so now you can share batteries
between machines and the great thing about it is when this is in its smart
dock this is also charging right so this battery is fully charging right now if I
want this to be charging I can pull out its electrical plug I can plug it in and
while it’s sitting here the battery is charging I’m going to turn those hundred
percent I’m going to turn that to Aaron so right now it’s blinking because it is
100 percent and then if it goes down it’ll be at 75 if you lose battery life
it goes down to 50 no guesswork before the yes a hundred percent because the
lights are either on or off there’s us a weaker battery doesn’t dim your bulbs
it’s probably the layman’s terms for it as long as there’s power the light bulbs
are working at full capacity can you tell me how many sets or how long it’s
gonna last the one is fully charged fully charged continuous use is two
hours which doesn’t sound a lot because you’re thinking but you use thirty
thousands at a time seconds at a time that’s a hundred and twenty thirty
second and then that’s two hours so two hundred and forty thirty second button
pushes yeah so when you say true hours it doesn’t sound like a lot but that’s
continuous use to fully charge the battery it takes up to can take up to
six hours to eight hours so that’s where you change now I should I should reveal
cuz we’re already here and the pot is off one of the very cool things or very
cool features about this lamp just like the manipro passport plus can
change color so can the lamp woo right so let’s change its clothes it’s like
having a it’s like having a Barbie doll that’s really it’s
changed a lot of things and I can totally change our look that is so cool
yeah and then there’s one more you just removed this little piece down here cuz
it’s easier when I’m not holding it to do this cuz it’s quite easy oh yeah
pretty easy easy as all that now yeah yeah she’s mad
no she’s reaction Cooper right now she’s going out to fancy do I look up this
spray then you just put the battery back in you hold this little bit back it
locks in how beautiful it is does she go out for a different thing it’s not cool
well and then how many colors we have we are gonna have a ridiculously amount of
colors okay but so any color you can think out the passport plus as well the
jacket and the sleeves all coming glitters they’re gonna come in patterns
so not just not just plain colors but like we have a process called jellies
mm-hmm where it’s like a clear color plastic with metallic behind it oh
that’s like a bottle of Polish dye so glass and then color no so there’s
different effects that we can do to the color sleeves and the color jacket so
that these will always match its discolor just white right here so the
lamp will come in two colors I’m glad see that’s why we’re having this
conversation together cuz I’ll forget stuff no you can get the lamp in black
or you can get the lamp in white so if you buy the black passport plus you can
get the black the black mini pro glow when you first purchase it whether it’s
the plus or the glow they come with a set color so if you get the white you
get the purple that’s what comes in the package if you get the white lamp it’s
coming with the well forget the black it comes with the
Cooper red so once you receive it though you’ll be able to buy the sleeves in the
jacket separate sleeves and jacket sleeves one two okay like right okay
and the jacket oh those are ejected we call the police jackets we call the
colors I would definitely have pink glitter Oh girlfriend I have a rose gold
paint and I’ve been drooling over you know I cannot wait to see the rose gold
pink that leave right yeah I’ve seen it in the jacket seen it yeah yes but we
haven’t even scratched the surface yeah cuz this is like no pun intended
we haven’t scratched the surface yet I’m gonna turn it back to Aaron’s camera cuz
I want you to see how beautiful the panel is first of all these are not
raised buttons these are all a glass screen with easy touch so you have a
power button here that turns it on cuz we’re saving power when it’s not on and
then you’re able to change 10 30 60 90 okay so when it’s ready and you’re going
to use it this is really important it has just like most lamps the sensor so
I’ve started it at 10 seconds on purpose because I want this to shut off you can
see it’s glowing there’s a feature we’ve changed about it that is very important
and most texts don’t realize how important it is I’m wiggling my fingers
right now but the lump that lamp didn’t come on oh cool and I have to go in for
it to come on cuz the previous one when you finish the curing if when you’re
moving a finger turns on again it goes on again now ah there’s a reason for
this and I want to explain it to the viewers why this is important when
you’re doing a product like soak off gel soak off gel needs to be cured by the
recommended curing time and strength of lamp by your manufacturer if you over
cure it cure it too long or with too strong of a layer
it doesn’t soak off so what happens is your clients if you ask your clients
they think if I double cure that this product will stay on better or if they
boss me but when they over cure they actually make it not soak off and so
when you’re busy working and you’re not paying attention and their hands in the
lamp they wiggle their fingers they start it up again and then in two weeks
you go to suck it off and you’re like why can’t I get this off because they
did that to you so we’ve prevented them from doing that
to you we don’t want them to over care products and also like it’s gonna save
the battery life absolutely since its total because it’s a waste of time here
I think that’s a pretty cool feature now I’m gonna shut off this only because
I’m going to show the camera the underside sorry for the fingerprint I
didn’t like that side we’ve changed the way that we do the tray so usually these
are magnetic sometimes they take a little bit of getting it back on
straight and all that or dropped it right so what we’ve decided to do is
create a sliding feature and then um you’re looking at it from the underside
but this is how we place our fingers properly so when the client goes in the
lamp and their hand touches the tray they feel the bumps of where they’re
supposed to be placed to get the maximum like light placement if you’re gonna do
feet though kind of gross to have the tray there when you’re getting your feet
done yeah so you take the light and you just put
it over their foot and their feet aren’t touching the tray so no more worries
about having to take the tray on and off get the magnets lined up and put it back
on you just simply pull this up or put it away I think that’s pretty cool one
question if weak your hand without tray it’s gonna change the strengths of the
light no no no because LED bulbs and this is led UV by the way but LED bulbs
don’t bounce people think that they need all this reflective light to bounce the
wavelengths to cure the nails properly that’s you
LED lights aren’t there they’re not as the wavelengths aren’t the same they
don’t bounce around they get too weak when they bounce around so really
truthfully you don’t need all this metal around the LEDs you need it for the you
v’s mm-hmm yeah so whether or not this is there it won’t change what it does
though help with is aligning the feather reduce side camera and I’ll get him
there he is you switched okay see the see the inside folks so that forces me
to put my hand where it belongs if it’s not there
you’re just risking the client you know maybe they’re too far this way maybe
they’re too far that way they’re touching and they do want to say how
important the opening of this lamp is Aaron’s gonna come down for you this is
my hand I have this much room a lot of nail technicians and salons complain you
know as you’re going in the clients are hitting the opening because some
openings are too small yeah and then some openings are too small for long
nails you know and this is where it belongs so my hand is here I still have
all this area to go for a long nails in trouble
seriously yeah you’re in the lamp mm-hmm and I don’t I’m not touching if me a
Laney can fit anybody’s Dale’s gift right yep so you’re not gonna have to
worry about your clients nails hitting the back either and then it still has a
small table footprint which is important because we don’t have a lot of space on
our table Nancy we got any more question always
Kupa always gives a guarantee and a warranty so like if you buy this machine
and in the first 60 days you had a problem call us up we’ll replace it no
problem our warranties are one-year and because we have the Cooper repair center
not only can we warranty it but if you drop it and break it we can fix it
many people can do that maybe shipping it off somewhere and you have to wait to
get a new one Bob fall we say Bob could be early fall could be middle fault
could be late fall so I haven’t really gotten into the technology part I still
want to give time for some questions if they have more questions if they don’t
I’ll move on to the next part but if they do we can keep taking questions yes
you’ll be able to purchase the power cells individually so you’ll have
backups we’re even working on a Power Cell
charging station oh that’s cool yeah so if you have a salon and you have 10
girls working in your salon 10 girls and guys and you have you know Mandy Pro
passport plus and you have mani proclo that’s a lot of batteries being used
it’s good to have you know 4 in the hopper charging in case oh I forgot I
quit I can’t plug in cuz I’m over at the pedicure chair so you’ll be able to swap
out the battery instead of running back to an outlet to plug in one question
yeah can you use a money Pro girl while you’re charging I’m glad you got that
question that was what was in my head at the same time because we’re training
with our manipro passport not not to use it while it’s charging it’ll ruin the
battery both of these machines can be used while charging cool yeah exactly
yeah nothing’s gonna be battery more questions Nancy if you’re charging it
within the unit yes you know I am gonna run that experiment let’s do this if
there’s no buttery and true I’m gonna put it in the chat after just in case
so is it on yeah okay so yes you have to have a battery in there you can’t just
plug it in and not have a battery I’ve never done that experiment what if
we get a dealer there and most definitely we always welcome a dealer
from anywhere otherwise you do know you can buy anything from Kupa so long as
FedEx goes to you so wherever FedEx goes we go but yes of course we would hope to
have dealers in different parts of the world for them no definitely not
and I always recommend when you first get your machines to charge them right
away they don’t come fully charged they come
80 percent charged to because our battery is our battery you can’t find
this battery anywhere it’s made for us by our company so if when you get it it
only has 80 percent charge because we do twenty percent are in quality control
testing on it so you will need to just fully charge it you could use it right
out of the box you have the the 80% but just fully charge it be fully ready to
go and then only need to charge once you’ve gotten it down we’re not talking
about the plus today but it also has battery life indicator so it’ll tell you
when you’re down to 20 percent or less you can charge is this outside all a
settlement is done yeah I don’t nobody like this one are lambskin you know and
sticky and you’ve already talked about some of the alterations you will make
two years yeah I want a does oh this sleeves yeah and here I think every cool
that right because like if you glue the lines don’t own the machine like you
when you don’t want to have it anymore you can’t change it but like on here you
can switch off yeah different you could essentially everything
yay just be holding this piece and do your rhinestoning
and then put it on and you’ll be able to take it off and chain you know change it
as needed in case you want to the black one has a black pad which is really
pretty yeah so yeah there’s a lot of interchanging you can do with this I
think it’s pretty cool if we don’t have any more the questions from there okay
Nancy’s that’s your hearing Nancy’s poised Nancy’s now our social media yeah
so I asked her to join us today because I knew me and I would be very busy
talking about the machine and not looking so much at the chat so she’s
watching for your questions so that we can do them on camera
I have the nerdiest part of this presentation now this is gonna take you
thinking caps ladies and gentlemen so pay attention leaving clothes and
let’s have a talk about lamps okay wattage irradiance IV nano like there is
it 400 Nm is it 36 watts there’s a whole lot of terms out there that me know a
whole little to all of us what do you mean by irradiance so people use
terminology like nanometers and watts and irradiance
to describe how strong these lightbulbs are right they’re true term is
irradiance you can take anybody’s lamp and send it off to an expert they’ll put
it on a machine and test it and and you can know the irradiance ear radiance IRR
ad I am ze they can hold that right so the irradiance setting is really how
strong a cure the lamp is putting out I see though on terms of irradiance your
soak off gel start at about 10,000 irradiance and they can go up to as high
as well some of them who have really strong products like really strong
pigment take 36,000 irradiance thirty-six thousand as opposed to ten
thousand Wow yeah so I know for sure if you take a product that uses ten
thousand radians and you cured it in a lamp for a company that has a 36,000
irradiance that stuff is never soaking not because you’re following your
directions well this company says I need to cure this gel product for 30 seconds
but your lamp is not that company’s product right but you’re using a
different company’s product who uses high irradiance so now you stick that
product in the lamp for the 30 seconds you have over cured it by more than
three times necessary because it’s too strong in just 30 seconds it would
actually work better if you cured it for ten seconds all right that’s not a
that’s not a firm thing to do yet because you might be under curing yes
so irradiance is important and we don’t talk enough in the manufacturing world
about irradiance with our technicians nobody says our products take X amount
irradiance nobody says this lamp uses or emit X amount irradiance yeah and so the
safest way for you to know your products of being cured is I have Cooper products
I must use Cooper lamp if you have five products you’ve got to have five lamps
that’s crazy yuh-huh Turley ridiculous right so up until now there’s been a lot
of companies that have said my lamp will cure every product they’re not lying
it’ll cure it eventually but how long is it different irradiance or is it 36,000
radiant uh-huh so there is new technology out there and it’s called
amplified curing technology and that for let’s just bring it down to layman’s
terms is like one light bulb having a dimmer switch okay mmm-hmm so our lamp
is able to take our irradiance down to 12,000 ingredients and it’s able to
bring it up to 26,000 Wow yeah so when you’re carrying soak
off gel at the 12,000 radians level that they’ll still soak off mm-hmm but if I
want to cure cover pink hard joe 12,000 radians is not going to be enough that’s
where the 26,000 irradiance comes in to play
so what amplified technology in this curing process means is when I am using
my lamp and I’m either using my 60 second or my 90 seconds okay when I use
my 60 the first 20 seconds of this cure is the low irradiance at 12,000 mm-hmm
and it goes up to 26,000 for the remaining 40 seconds now why would I
want these two buttons to do that because 60 and 90 are usually hard gels
and hard gels when you first start caring they’re really hot it’s are some
products yeah when they’re curing they cure so rapidly they release heat and
the clients hands will be in the lab and in that first five to ten seconds
they’re pulling it out cuz it’s getting hot helping sound oh yeah so by having
amplified carry technology you can be doing a hard gel product go in this lamp
the first 20 seconds or what we would consider a soft cure and then their
remaining 40 of the 60 seconds are folk cure and then if you’re using the 90
feature 20 seconds of soft cure the remainder of the 90 is full cure it’s
amazing is that it doesn’t really I mean yeah that’s pretty heavy heavy
information but if I just say to you our land will work with every British
products I know you’re all educated well enough cuz you’ve been watching our show
you’ve been going to school you’ve been taking classes and we’ve all been taught
to say baloney you can only use the manufacturers and their goods with the
manufacturers products because no lamp here is everybody’s product so the other
two buttons though we haven’t discussed and we do it okay they
okay yeah there was one question that Claire Hansen go clear so are you
jealous pure chels or hybrid ones but does that
also mean you need a certain amount of bulbs to cure a product okay you always
need a certain amount of bulbs that’s coverage so that’s like I’m in my living
room watching TV if I have one lamp in the far corner I can’t read over here I
can’t see what I’m doing but if I’ve lamps all around me my whole
room is illuminated same thing with nails how many light bulbs you have any
unit is supposed to be covering all of the space within the unit so that’s
always covered no problem what was the first part of it again okay everybody’s
gels will be either pure gels or hybrids ours in particular work in both led UV
the lamp is led UV if you have just UV it won’t care in here if you have just
led don’t care in here that’s one way of talking about hybrid the other way is
some products their gel so cops are a polished gel configuration and those
tend to need higher ingredients to cure and so for somebody if you need 36,000
Iranians to cure my lamp is 26,000 it says 30 seconds on the instructions
you need to cure longer than 30 seconds use the 960 second button how can I tell
like my gel is pure gel or like mix yeah that’s a question that comes from the
manufacturer oh okay and you have to ask and they may not even tell you because
it could be the secret of their sauce like I just genuinely want to know like
how long I have to cure I know and you know what if all of us manufactures bond
together and follow the true the true information we could be providing it but
for some of them they want to just say their lamp works for everybody and just
sell them to everybody you know by bringing out to light what the
irradiance is and what products need it would show that it wouldn’t
cure for everybody do you think like some of the gel never get separated that
gel pardon in the color pigment part everything can separate okay products
and a bottle can separate and they’ll separate worse it’s the temperature in
your salon get it’s warm meaning like if your product comes off of a FedEx truck
or a UPS truck and it’s been on it for days because it’s shipping from
California to New York right and it’s summer and it’s hot
the warmer gel is the easier it is for it to separate you should always you
should always be shaking I’m gonna do it on camera should always be shaking and
rolling your gels before this does nothing you really just you got to do it
a long time it’s like ketchup you know ketchup in a glass bottle but even in
get it out even if it’s pure gel because it’s pigmentation and then yeah stuff
can yeah warm gel changes its viscosity when gel is really warm it’s thinner
mm-hmm and when gel is really cold it’s thicker yeah and so you have less
separation and cold than you do in hot so you you have to do this for a long
time ketchup when you’re using a ketchup
bottle you do this time yeah and then finally the ketchup comes out but then
it really comes out when you’re mixing gel when you first start it’s not really
doing much like the ketchup but once you get it going it eventually gets going so
yeah we want to shake the motor like this upside down yeah I just I do this
is a comfortable way I mean you could but you should because all of the
chemicals that are in your products you want to make sure for the life of your
jar bottle whatever you know stir or shape because you want your chemicals to
always be there say this is the product the less likely it is separate job jar
that’s really thick probably not gonna separate then product more likely mmm do
you have any questions okay I still two more buttons to talk
about because our lamp does have different irradiance settings for these
two buttons I know that I stand I stand by you because people like even in the
marketing on the packaging you know we get in these debates on giving them too
much information sure no because if I just tell you my
layup cures everybody’s jealous you’re gonna know you’re not gonna believe it
you have to know why it does and then you have to be able to prove it free so
I’m gonna tell you stuff I’m gonna tell you how you can prove it first yeah this
is why I love to talk to you Lane because now that your nerd she’s
educating me and I can educate my client yeah exactly and other other technicians
when you’re giving our classes yes so these two buttons I have set this
ten-second button to be the low irradiance setting and I’ve set the
thirty-second button to be the fully radiant setting the reason for that is
because if you want to do a low irradiance soft gel cure you can do this
three times thirty seconds if you need to do ya know like gel polish nail art
and you want to just do a flash cure mhm fully radiance you use the thirty second
button don’t have to run it the whole time just get them in there for a flash
here and shut it off mm-hmm but you need be able to have options when we use 30
or many seconds like when we put it in yo doubt it’s gonna turn off yeah well
it’ll automatically shut off when this is 30 so it’s too long here let’s do 10
it’ll automatically there you go it’ll automatically shut off oh that’s what
you were asking yeah no it won’t shut off and okay so you have to yeah but I
oh okay so I can hit the button whines hey me a we’re doing nail art you can
also turn on from there too yeah can you put your hand in I need to flash carry
your art I hit the button and then I wait I just need a couple seconds I shut
it off and then we’re back to work on your nail art so that’s how
you can do flash cares if you need full power flash cares or if you need top so
you said ten-second it’s soft cure in here and 30 second days like a full hour
and then the other to stop for 20 the rest is full right good good good
I love this I think it’s pretty cool yeah cuz I know people are asking I know
I think I know I know I know it in my head but what I don’t know I know I know
no there’s a there’s a 1% chance I’m wrong so I don’t want to be wrong it
rather posted in the chat after because I don’t want to say the wrong price I’ve
been saying it all week I’ve been in New York on business calls talking to
dealers and I have said it the dealer pricing so many times that I don’t want
to get too small on price yeah yeah that’s a that’s a bad offence on my part
I promise you I’ll put price we have two questions sure so it’s always
automatically said okay ten seconds is always low always this one will always
care at the twelve thousand thirty seconds will always careful at the high
twenty-six thousand these to start out for twenty seconds at the low and it
automatically switches to the high visually you can’t even see it I’m gonna
turn this on oh my shut off the lamp hang on okay
for the first twenty seconds this is gonna be at the low irradiance and then
it’s going to switch to the high this isn’t anything that happens in visible
light this is the waves of LED and UV so visually you’re not going to be looking
for a cue that this is changing and if you look at it at ten seconds on the
soft cure and you look at the thirty second button at the full care
there is no difference in brightness either maybe like a little bit warm soft
oh no no well caring wise because there’s no exothermic reaction
yeah our second question is well some or all
of this information we are the King and queens of content actually we’re filming
plusses video tomorrow we’re filming a video on this machine all of our
equipment will have QR codes and actually the QR codes will be in the
machine itself like you’ll be able to remove the battery in case you know six
months from now you need a refresher you could pull the battery out scan the QR
code watch the video and the QR codes will be on the lamp as well so in case
you you know throw it all your packaging you threw out your instructions but for
some reason you just can’t remember you’ll be able to scan the QR code and
watch the bee and this Facebook live was always on Facebook yeah this will be on
Facebook and then it goes onto YouTube as well continuous two hours continuous
so you know ten seconds is gonna be like I don’t I can’t even do the math in my
head what 10 60 to 120 so 120 bottom times 612 I don’t know I’m gonna do it
wrong like hum and you said so serious I don’t know our continuous means if this
light turned on and it could stay on for two hours continuously that’s the
battery but you’re not you’re curing 30 seconds at a time for each coat so and
then you just plug in and keep going if your battery gets too low 120 times over
60 buttons yeah means probably enough for the whole day
work oh yeah definitely a whole day you should always just charge your machines
that night yeah and now you can overcharge oh okay that’s another thing
to know about these batteries if I it’s not like our old iPhones where they used
to they only charge it until it got to a
hundred percent and then I’m Plato so these machines if you put them on their
Chargers at night every night when you come in the next morning take them off
you’re good to go you never have to worry about it and also you can charging
while you’re using it down and then you can have spare battery and when you are
not using machine like you can charge him and then go back to take it off and
then use it exactly so I think it would be pretty hard to run out of battery
like you your brain would seriously have to be on vacation and not paying
attention I think before you’d run out yeah any other one does it come in a box
yeah always in a box I don’t have the box handy for this one our packaging
game has been up to so much I can’t wait for everybody to see the cost the
passport plusses packaging looks like a box for Beats headphones the beats by
Apple because I happen to have just bought one when we were doing the
packaging so it will come in a very secure safe box so that when it ships
there’s no fear of damage whatsoever all of the instructions are always in with
the product the warranty information will be in there as well as unboxing
instructions so how to remove the color Jack you know color sleeves and how to
put them on all the info about the buttons all of that will be included and
then the really great thing is like bowls when you grow a girl like it has
the percentage like battery life yeah it’s really easy indication and I’m also
in the money for a class oh I forgot it hold it we changed that Tracy when is
asking do we have to change the bowl no no no you don’t change the boat with
LEDs you don’t the old school you v’s you used to you have no way to get in
there we used to use the machine the next
question would be how long did the bulbs last and I can’t tell you that because
how often are you using it are you a casual jell user or are you
doing nothing but gels so the life of the bulb
you know you’ll definitely you would definitely know if they weren’t working
nothing would be caring but could I tell you how long these bulbs last God at
this point no couldn’t even but I could find out people saying I need this in my
life yeah everybody needs this in their yeah this is really so cute yep and you
can customize your lamp yeah you can make it all about you yeah we almost
made it in an hour I didn’t think this is gonna going out a half hour there was
a lot of info but I didn’t think there was that much so maybe we should
announce to our winners of the trio because we were given the trio yeah I’m
antsy we’ll post in the chat what you need to do to claim your prize
congratulations everybody else don’t forget KTV 43 is your promo code to go
to coup pink comm or download the app to your mobile phone you can use the promo
code there as well uh I also here’s the part I always forget so I always like it
in front of my face want to say make sure you always follow us on social
media yeah you should tell them what your social media is so they can follow
you so my Instagram page is divine nail art di VI & e nail art underscore Mia
mie yeah she’s a lot of art too now you have a
lot those ba bears are popular really oh yeah I want to make me aver for like all
the Kupa color like palette I love so you can follow Kupa all of us and
Facebook YouTube and Twitter at Kupa Inc or you can also follow us on
instagram at Kupa_TV that’s our show today I want to thank everybody
for tuning in and I want to thank me a for being my specialty yeah so we will
see you next week Wednesday 11:00 a.m. we’re here every week and we’ll kuba is
proud to introduce Google base coat a superior adhesive between nail plate and
gel products without damage to the natural nail also super high-gloss and
Kupa matte top coats both no wipe an excellent sealer and lasts two to four
weeks now we have the trio pack which include both high gloss and matte top
coat and a free base coat for more information call one eight hundred nine
nine four five eight seven two four or

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  1. Please please have/make sleeves in unicorn ? to match the unicorn ? drill!!!

  2. The Pro-Glow set, is the set for me! Well thought out design and workability. Waiting with anticipation for my new companions, the battery charge station is so clever…? WOW !

  3. I love the new lamp!! absolutely going to get one!!

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