Primitive Technology: Build a Stone Dam to Raise Fish

Primitive Technology: Build a Stone Dam to Raise Fish

Primitive Technology: Build a Stone Dam to Raise Fish

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  1. How old is this person?

  2. That’s pretty dam cool

  3. Who else came here from Infinite

  4. Who came here because of infinite lists. Btw this absolutely fantastic


  6. I'm here from INFINITE LISTS

  7. Your content is blowing my mind

  8. Petualang yang es terim??

  9. who is here cause of infinite

  10. Indonesia mana suaranya?

  11. Untuk orang indonesia bilang hadir#absen

  12. 19 m not bad here is banking

  13. Finally a believable one-person construction video from primitive technology

  14. Você E UM INDIO???

  15. Iyalah mereka yang taakap ikan aku mukinbukan kakap ikan

  16. Maganda panoorin

  17. Meh they just put the fish inside

  18. Search AdvenGeorge for a true action hunting food..

  19. who came here from infinite

  20. orang hutan nya hebat

  21. I heard these are all fake

  22. orang jawa nibton like

  23. Indramayu mana nih ??

  24. I just have one question. Why didn't you put the downstream fence on the inside of the rock fence and let it support the force of the river against the rocks? Seems to me that would be more secure.

  25. Caina meuni herang kitu….

  26. I wouldn't single stack … Better to be wide on bottom and taper the walls up … But this would work for expediency for food … Then beef it up … Baby fish will swim thru the fencing … Lol … Would make a good fish trap tho

  27. its nice but we cant do that here in the states with out geting a fine or even jail time

  28. How do these guys do this stuff

  29. Every time you Build something you fuck up my creek ….go back home takatui

  30. И нахрена этот аквариум?

  31. Se você está traduzindo isso você é um merda

  32. この人…この魚一匹捕る為に楽はしてないよ。だってこの石積みを見たら、大変な労力使ってるよ。割が合わない‼️

  33. Just got a ad saying all these channels and videos are fake

  34. Только время потратил

  35. It’s so nice to finally see that someone is actually building something believable instead of making a waterslide house.

  36. this guy………………………is goooood *-_0_0_/-*

  37. All that hard work for others entertainment. You really are a credit to YouTube.

  38. Please stop coping other videos and claiming they are your own

  39. Lũ về là đứt

  40. Lmao imagine what this guy could do with just a Swiss army knife

  41. Stupid,You build Dum for one fish ?? It can't breeding if only one..

  42. Nanti wkt hujan airnya pasang, ilang tuh semua batu ?, lebih baik buat kolam di sebelah sungai lebih aman untuk pelihara ikan

  43. randomly appears holding insanely large piranha

  44. Why not big open weaves for the first fence and tight small weaves for the second so all the fish just pile up?

  45. Boy, they sure won't let you do that here in the U.S. Too many environmentalist regulations.

  46. Fascinating…… Baffled to the 18k thumbs down….

  47. There is a bunch of clips like that on youtube: young men from asia (which country?) are building "primitive" stuff with nor practical value: the net is far too wide to keep any fish in, the dam too unstable and will be gone with the first rain and so on. So everything is only build for youtube and the clicks of a western audience, that lives so distant from environment and nature, that they find first: peace and satisfaction in watching the clip and second: do not seem to realise, that everything is fake and cant work. Its a strange and alien world out there.

  48. Bangun tidur ku terus mandi

  49. Hey maybe the reason you don't get a ton of likes is because people are so interested in your video they forget to like it

  50. Bunu seven tek Türk benmiyim ????????

  51. Is that a fucking piranha!

  52. we hedden niet zien hoe je t huus maakt hed

  53. John Plant's Primitive Technology copycat channel??

  54. If he is in the wild then how does he get the money for the spots to build because he can’t just go in some random forest, then get people to help set up the videos, edit, and make sure that they are not in it?

  55. Wait. The house is on the water. There’s no door. Can u imagine the amount of bug bites you would get?!? Mosquitos raise their young in water. Flies hang around as well…. oof

  56. Cek this video

  57. I wonder if he realizes that he probably made enough money off YouTube ads to buy some decent survival gear

  58. Kênh e thú vị thật e ở đâu thế

  59. That bee going round the camera is so annoying

  60. If he is in the middle of no where how does he have a go pro or camera and an Iphone, Ipad or Computer

  61. I was like, I bet he saw coi fish

  62. Primitive my ass, look at that fade job with his hair! I doubt it that he did it with a bamboo. lol

  63. I did something like this but I blocked the entire river and made a pond like thing, in the long run it screwed up a lot of good farmland

  64. That will take ages

  65. I came to the channel to watch the fish trap very well

  66. This guy is in australia

    If u dont believe me search it on google ?

  67. This is your private ground?

  68. and for some reason ive got the bob the builder theme song stuck in my head… ??

  69. Deserted island off the coast of Vietnam… Yeah those mosquitos there are vicious… They life hacking in survival mode… ☮?

  70. Lier. This is fake.

  71. These fking mustiquos

  72. Чё за бред какой-то.
    Мальчик в детстве не наигрался.

  73. We spend the whole evening with my kids building a stone dam in our river. But looking at your stone dam are much more sophisticated ?. We have to up our river stone dam on our next video. Thanks for sharing. Awesome videos & ideas you have here ??

  74. Me “wakes up” ima play some video games. Him “wakes up” ima build a dam to capture fish.

  75. Very good video ???????

  76. rapaz tu é um gênio burro

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