Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 – The Power of Football | PS4

Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 – The Power of Football | PS4

FEAT. GIZZLE PLAYING] ♪ I ain’t weak. I ain’t soft.
I ain’t got no chill ♪ ♪ I get loud.
I ain’t scared to say what I feel ♪ ♪ I add fuel to my fire,
but get outta my face ♪ ♪ I’m first year second,
so stay in your place ♪ ♪ I go hard
just to go harder again ♪ ♪ I push myself to the limits,
so come back with a win ♪ ♪ Yeah. It’s real in the field
when you rocking this ill ♪ ♪ They can try to hold me back,
but I’m killing it still ♪ ♪ ‘Cuz nobody wants it badder than me ♪ ♪ Nobody ♪ ♪ Here we go.
Ready or not. We’re like… ♪ ♪ On our way straight to the top.
We’re like… ♪ ♪ Watch out ‘cuz we’re coming in hot
It’s like… ♪ ♪ Ready or not ♪ ♪ Here we go. Ready or not.
We’re like… ♪ ♪ On our way straight to the top.
We’re like… ♪ ♪ Watch out ‘cuz we’re coming in hot.
It’s like… ♪ ♪ Ready or not ♪♪

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  1. agar ho tere ijaajat to maang le khuda se tumako,
    suna hai dil se maange gai dua kabhi bekar nahi jati!

  2. Konami made Metal Gear Survive remember

  3. When will it release?

  4. Когда онлайн в России заработает ?????

  5. Can anybody tell me the name of this song?

  6. Pes is better than fifa the real football game fifa is for kids same game every year

  7. PES cada año imprecionando

  8. PES : simulation
    FIFA : arcade
    Choose your side

  9. That's possibly the worst video to convince anyone to buy a game

  10. Pes19 or fifa19?
    In my opinion Pes19 has better gameplay. Fifa19 has better graphics lol

  11. Motor grafico de la play, nivel dios!… cuando mierda va a poner emoticones youtube?!! (Carita roja enojada) (aplausos)

  12. I wanted to buy this..but ea keep possessed my wallet

  13. FIFA way better ! We have packs that give us what we fifa supporters deserve. I always waste 1000 for fifa each year

  14. pro evolution football's rules.

  15. 2020 era and beyond confirmed again too. annually anyone's.

  16. Fifa's Better

    Change my mind

  17. pro evolution football's arcade version too thanks konami pretty please. + power's ups too.

  18. It's very very cool pes 2019 we are happy this year

  19. Spider-Man, 6 dys left baby's. another's victory for the PlayStation community again.

  20. Liverpool's FC wins again trio's again. mane, firmino and SALAH strikes again. go lfc.

  21. go lfc, PEF RULES.

  22. Please fix the disgrace this the master league, so much to learn from FIFA's career mode

  23. Thats a real soccer game which feels so realistic at all so fifa dont have amy chance to beat PES

  24. Fifa? Never heard of her

  25. I don't like the music

  26. only poor kids play PES. (Most of you can't afford $99 Fifa19)

  27. The power of through ball and hold X and square.

  28. So I’ve been playing last years version with game pass and the servers are such garbage it’s unreal.

  29. PES2019 ❤️ KONAMI ??

  30. PES has that realism of Football, Fifa has it but all powered by an Game Engine

  31. fifa fans will complain for sure

  32. I’ve never gotten a soccer game, can someone tell me what’s better? fifa or pes

  33. Hahahaha they didnt have the license to show Beckham in Man United gear

  34. great game amazing grafics!!!

  35. Yo lo comprare por la liga master.

  36. I don't know if it's just me but i see that the grass looked better on the demo than the final version!!

  37. Wooooow it's beautiful

  38. Nice game.bad publish

  39. It's the same every year how is this not a dead game

  40. Estos juegos son iguales desde el 2005 maso menos

  41. I swear Fifa 19 will be more trash than 18

  42. Welcome everyone one my name is ali a and Today We will be playing pes battle Royale
    intro plays

  43. Better than the f*ckin FIFA 19

  44. Don't this have microtransaction, too?

  45. People are actually buying this game? Lol

    Congrats PES


  48. What's better? Fifa or PES?

  49. 2018

    Golden year Of PES

  50. like si ya tienes el juego

  51. FIFA 19 the king of games +CR7 ???⚡️??Siiiiiiiiiiiim

  52. La misma mierda que todos los años

  53. pés very best that fifa

  54. gameplay pes
    license fifa
    graphics both of them

  55. It’s pretty wack

  56. not better than fifa 19

  57. The irony of the title

  58. Real Life Football is better than games?jokes haha

  59. No one will be playing it this year

  60. Cadê o clima dinâmico ;-;

  61. Anyone else just like both PES and FIFA?

  62. I’m glad to see Kojima’s Fox Engine is being used just for a soccer game. Konami really is the worst.

  63. fornite celebration??

  64. There would be no champions leaugue ?!

  65. Thumbs down for beckham. Who is he? ?


  67. It is 2018 and they are still talking about grandpa Beckham, wuuuuttt?!!!

  68. This year Pes is killing Fifa

  69. No UEFA champions league, UEFA European league and no UEFA Super Cup

  70. PES is the best!!!

  71. Ill buy pes 19
    This pes reminds me of the old 3d (iss2.pes3.4.5)intros that looks so realistic . And we 90's kids .hoping that one day football simulations reach that level .
    And konami made that real with pes 19. The basis of any football game is a gameplay . and the feeling of the manager controling his players and that what i felt in the demo . not a pay 2 win panini collection arcade game . EA had the uefa licences for years making awful spin off editions . And never included them in their career modes… Konami used perfectly those licences. But losing them is not fatal as long as the gameplay is wonderful .

  72. Lo malo que la maquina siempre ataca de la misma manera , siempre por debajo.nunca tiran un centro a la cabeza o un remate fuera del area.

  73. Trash, md white and london blue lol

  74. Fifa fan bois lik pes comment

  75. Fifa 19 is way much better

  76. PES wins graphic and real face
    FIFA wins license

  77. please release it for ps3

  78. Bound to FIFA by loyalty

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