Professional Guide to Gluing Table Tennis Rubber (English Narration)

Professional Guide to Gluing Table Tennis Rubber (English Narration)

After unwrapping the rubber package,
we start putting the glue on the surface of the rubber. Then we gently brush the glue in one direction,
and make it a thin layer. How many layer of glue should we put on the rubber ? Usually one layer or two layers are enough,
but actually it really depends on the player. Please make sure you brush the glue in just one direction.
If you start brushing in that direction,
keep it the the same until you finish. And again, keep brushing it in the same direction
until you finish. Then we wait and let it dry. When the glue is dry, we can start gluing the rubber.
Usually we start from the bottom of the racket. When the position is correct,
you can use the appropriate tool, just like this one,
to roll over the rubber and make it firmly stick together. Then we can use a cutter to cut the rubber,
make sure the cutter is straight to the table surface. Cut it using appropriate force.
When you reach the edge and about to finish,
use lesser force and cut it gently.

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  1. hey man which rubbers should i use with "butterfly korbel  petr fl" blade??
    is Tenergy 05 fx and stiga calibra lt a good choice??

  2. Why do you spread the glue in only one direction?
    BTW, impressive looking watch at 00:46 🙂

  3. any recommendations on glue?  

  4. Where do you get that nice green cutting board?

  5. Which Type of glue are you using in this video. Can su send me a link ore the name?

    Thanks. And good videos

  6. Excellent Video…! Do you consider Donic better than Butterfly rubber or why did you choose Donic? Thanks for sharing

  7. How do you cut so cleanly? Teach me how! 🙂

  8. 睇到張卡片先知原來年初就係你到買
    塊stiga 幾好用..都係你幫我glue 🙂

  9. молодец лайк

  10. what kind of glue is that?

  11. Nice Cut Perfect!m/

  12. Hi, I was just wondering if only 1 pass is required for a perfect clean cut or should we pass through the rubber with the blade multiple times? What works best?

  13. It looks so easy till you try first time and ruin two sheets of nice 05s..

  14. shouldn't we stretch the rubber as we put it on the blade?


  16. how to glue table tennis rubber ( Grass) ?

  17. whats up with the same direction?

  18. Qual nome do papel que você bota por cima da Madeira?

  19. When the narrator says to cut the rubber using appropriate force i think she should precise that it is really hard to cut the rubber perfectly as this guy did, so you have to really force to cut it well.

  20. I want you to bring about cutter.

  21. Question. In this video you aligned the bottom of the rubber to the handle and then laid the rubber lightly on the blade. On other videos I see people "rolling the rubber down" instead of laying it flat before rolling. Isn't rolling the rubber down better as it will provide better surface contact,avoid air getting in between the rubber and the blade, and the sponge from scrunching?

  22. When you buy a rubber dose it come with both the red one and black rubber together…

  23. Which TT blade are you using ? Is it of Donic or other company ?

  24. anyone know what type of glue he used

  25. what glue u usr

  26. can we paste it with fevicol

  27. If i did it wrong, how to clean the rubber ?how to remove the old glue ?

  28. Does PVA glue work?

  29. Where can I buy that glue

  30. Donic vario clean glue. A very good one

  31. That was a great cut! And only 1 pass?

  32. Which glue is that??

  33. Do not put glue on the surface of the rubber, put it on the sponge side of the rubber.

  34. Is it the paper organic glue to for rubber attachment?

  35. Baracuda, que buen caucho.

  36. this seems easy to do but it takes a lot of practice to get the final result good.

  37. Is glue in use DHS?

  38. What happens if you use double sided tape instead

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