Professor Tyler1 on What’s Wrong With League of Legends Ranked System… – LoL Daily Moments

Professor Tyler1 on What’s Wrong With League of Legends Ranked System… – LoL Daily Moments

let me do some math with you nice
follow along class start day 59 LP g3 59 LP
all right now we were winning plus 13 per game
LP that’s it per win all right so actually I that’s we got 14 we went
three in a row plus 14 plus 15 so boom right I sooner so today we got those
promos promos boom d2 promos baby game 1 I begged so I begged I begged I’m talking
about please please team dodge please please oh I’m so sorry
I begged my team the Dodge nobody dodged L l second game I was being a hard ghosted
the entire game L so after that we incident a promos we dropped to diamond 3 56 LP so I won three games I lost two I
was down a net 3 LP understand and then like the first game after that I won I
got +4 team brat what what does they get a 70 I lost again –
21 listen what lost another game – 20 I said Riot please
Riot please so in two losses I’m at 30 LP but then I lost one more and also more
so I went on a small four to five game losing streak
it is demoted these losing streaks happen man should I go from D to 2 here
it’s unjustified and quite frankly I think it’s racial profiling there I said it
I’m being racially profiled by Riot Games coming back we didn’t do a happy hit
challenger probably get married because I’ll be fucking 45 years old well that
happens Oh nice move goodnight Look at this guy he thinks he is getting my blue
Oh funny she’s probably not let’s be honest come on meet me the doc thank give me
give me give me give me oh my god I’m so good at League of Legends pushing in Who was the last guy? oh, it’s Elise, i can take care of her. I’ll wear your life dude know how it breaks my heart
gaining 13 and losing 21 you know how hard how hard every loss hearts and
every win feels insignificant you know toxic that is to me just because you
want to hide my MMR you don’t need mana on Draven you will
yeah think so yeah she gets on my auto your show
we had clubs for since gonna zero and claps is the big brother and like crops
is the little small brother as sometimes wants to play as well so you have to let
him we have to let crops have like one play time
hey hey claps is playing all the time I have to play a bit too and then he gets
one game of play time it’s fine that’s him the matter for us the long
run now last question geez who wants to take their revenge
after the defeat yesterday who is gonna show up claps or craps Baxter don’t
stream that craps is not coming today to the studio so I believe him we’ll see ya
after the break what do you think caps Krabs’s gone on vacation claps us back
to Schalke I tried it at the shelter slap the door
in their face Mini’s off machine beeps they’re here as
well join in the brain three members the g2 tryptophan track he’s gonna go down next imagine calling me bald people call me
bald chat laughs let’s go

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  1. I am the first one hehe xd

  2. i can't wait for T1 to admit jungle is trash

  3. why is t1 talking? the dude's absolute trash and only making money from streaming to 15 years old unranked beta bitch boys.

  4. 1:33 "I said Riot pls!!!" XD

  5. 9:28 SRO's "let's go" must be the most humble one out there. Love it.

  6. whats the outro song by NCS? quick !

  7. how tf can Aphelios destroy a half hp turret without a minion wave in 4 seconds. what happened to the game


  9. Stop showing TF Blade abusing op champs like Trynd after he gets his ass kicked on op champs like Irelia, he's not good

  10. Its almost like they created a never ending system to keep addicts playing,
    which inadvertently creates a higher chance for those addicts to buy skins, product, etcs.

  11. Why are half the clips Diana one shotting 4 people?

  12. small elo gain per victory in high elo is just fine, but it should also be small lp loss on losses

  13. 3.20 azir ult not active why

  14. Didn't expect the hilarious conclusion of Riot being racist towards Tyler

  15. I strongly believe that your videos are amongst the best, if not the best, quality wise. I mean it's not just a copy and paste video, there are actual effects which is rare for a highlight channel and I personally appreciate that. Keep it up, man and i really hope that your channel viewership is going to blow up soon!

  16. People calling aphelios broken for taking that tower but udyr been doing it for years 😂

  17. Anyone know the song for 6:16?

  18. I skip all the pro play clips. Shits overrated and dumb.

  19. why do you put gorl at the end ??????? dislike and unsub even tho i never subbed to ur dog ass channel

  20. G2 are throwing so hard rn. Its hard to watch

  21. Thats how mm system works, u play with easy opponents and u win, u earn less lp. And when u lose against them, u lose more lp than usual. Vice versa

  22. The guy who beat T1 was, show him some love!

  23. Diana rework: With enough AP, easily destroys the enemy team by diving in with R, just needs enough AP to do it
    Morde rework: Consistently stayed as an S tier pick in top lane because of his strong kit and item synergy
    Kayle rework: Was able to 1v9 for a while after her rework with her ridiculous scaling and utility
    Neeko: High AP ratios and good cc
    Sylas: Strong healing, utility and damage
    Qiyana: Multiple dashes, a high-damage cc ult, multiple ability uses
    Aphelios: 1v9 machine with too much of everything-healing, cc, aoe, poke, range, damage
    Sett: Anti-tank/bruiser with high %max health damage and true damage who had both a high winrate and pickrate

  24. guys i found a video wheres hes not screaming every five min

  25. Bro I like how he’s bitching about how he fucked his own mmr up

  26. 7:09 what’s her name?? 😮 such a beautiful lady

  27. "You don't need mana for Draven."

    Angry no mana for this ability noises

  28. When t1 is growing facial hair, if u look real hard, he begins to look like fat greekgodx lol

  29. Sardoche said that ( about riot's algorithm) a year ago.. American cathes up slowly ^

  30. all ratIRL clips are in the baron pit lul

  31. I said riot please killed me … lol

  32. All these low plat players tryin to defend their only way (known as Aphelios) to climb up the ladder. Whatever

  33. The reason tylers lp gains and losses are so bad s because he has p2/p1 mmr aa a d3 player..

  34. 7:10 whata her name???

  35. When you get a Penta on kassadin and think your a god lol

  36. 4:40 how does that make him good at league??? is he a clown

  37. Sro only makes plays like that cause he’s hard stuck d 4

  38. 5:50 so here is pewdiepie .. thats how hes taking a break

  39. So you can have a 60% winrate and lose lp? 200 years if experience

  40. 4:42 "I'm so good at league of legends" literally just press r

  41. Please Watch The Video in My Channel Please

  42. Lets Play a Game! Darth Vader Breath, Bart Simpson drinks beer,

    I'm so glad that are you here!

    Ok. The Young Girls Stopped Reading… Now You Can Check my Gaming Channel 😉 18+ only

  43. Advice from a plat jg main

  44. still watching the 15 hour T1 stream where he starts inting half way through

  45. 4:47 pressing a button in a skill-based game doesn’t mean you’re good. It just means you can press a button

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