PROSPEED BADMINTON – How to String a Badminton Racket

PROSPEED BADMINTON – How to String a Badminton Racket

Hey guys my name is Gordon from Prospeed Badminton and today i would like to teach you how to string a badminton racket actually stringing a badminton racket is not as hard as you think what you need is a badminton racket a badminton string a nail cutter and a string hock first of all, we are going to unpack the string and we are going to use our nail cutter to cut of the zip tie that holds the string in place but be careful not to damage the string then we are going to place the strings in such position and starts to unwind it unwind it in a twisting motion then we are going to enter the first hole towards the top there will be a line on top of the racket between the grommet as an indicator then we are going to move on to the second hole make two full stretch pull then we are going to continue with the same procedure there is a small warning not to pull the string too hard, because sometimes the grommet might pop out until we arrive to a point where there are a lot of tight and small grommets we need to start skipping one grommet at a time moving on, we are going to skip another grommet JUST LIKE SO continue the process we are going to skip another one and then we are going to skip another one and we are going to skip another one from the bottom part of the racket JUST LIKE SO 🙂 by repeating thoes steps It was easy to finish the other side of the racket and we are going to continue with the horizontal section of the stringging process we are going to enter the string from the 8th grommet First of all we need to weave the string over and under the main string until you reach the next grommet and then, we need to start the next string in the oposit order For instance, if your first string started by going under the first main string then the second string should start by going over the main string this allow the string to retains it’s tention repeat these two steps until the top of the racket and you are done if after a few strings, it looks a little something like this means you are doing it in the correct way but if it looks something like that then you are doing it wrong continue the same method throughout the whole racket to the point we will arrived at our previously skiped grommets and then, fill it in sometimes it will be a thigh fit there will be a hole which will share both vertical and horizontal string Which is this but no worries, just go through the hole Reapeat the same method by filing up all the grommets on top of the racket after we completed out hand stringing remember to thread it through the grommet at the bottom to tie a knob we are going to start by passing the main string that the current end passes through come up and over the main string pass the end of the string through the loop which is created by the previous two step hold the loop in position and grab the tip of the string give it a few twist preferably six to seven twist using the pillars, pull the end of the string with some force then we are going to mount our racket onto the string machine I personally prefer a manual version mount it tightly and adjust the racket in it’s correct shape make sure the racket does not move around set your preferable tension place a cardboard in the retainer then we are going to pull the first string starting from the bottom, pull both string from the side first clamp the string to make sure the string not to go lose when you release the retainer continue the third string from the top skip the second string, because we are going to pull it in pair means that once we pull the string we are going to pull the other string that we skkiped at the same time clamp the the string that we pulled by repeating the previous step you will be able to complete the racket easily with these simple steps by repeating the previous step, you are good to go after pulling the last string and clamping it then we are going to pull the horizontal string we can’t pull it in pairs in the horizontal part because that will weaken the tension after pulling the first string, realign the clamp and clamp the string that you pulled easy continue with the second string you just need to repeat these step throughout the whole racket until the top JUST LIKE SO at the last string be careful not to pull it to hard because sometime you will pull out the last string make your life easier by being careful after pulling the last string take the nail cutter and shorten the string by cutting the extras clamp the final string and we are going to tie a knot look carefully because once you messed up in this part, you messed up you might want to use a bit of force by jerking the knot a bit but not too hard make it two because two is always better that one and then we need a chopstick, any chopstick will do, but make sure it is wood put some force to glide the surface just like that basically it is just a process of the beautification of the strings arrangement and finally you are done cut the extra strings carefully, and not to cut the strings in the middle or else it will not be good and we are done and that is how you string a badminton racket

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