Psycho Dad Drowns Xbox

Psycho Dad Drowns Xbox

So this is where he has been going. Hey, you need any help there? Why are you always filming?! What are you doing in there? Nothing. Could you not go in there please! Alright, if it bugs you that much. Jesus Christ, I will put the camera down. Look, I am sorry. I just do not…I am working out in there and I don’t want anyone to see like it looks
like there is sweat everywhere. and shit. Oh, there is a bunch of sweat of everywhere! Do not go in there! I am serious! Okay! I am serious. Alright. Just do not fucking go in there. I am just going to poop so I am going to come back and if I see you in there, I am going to kill you! Alright, fine! (Opens Door) (Jeffrey!) What?! Like as a brother, could you just be cool for once?! I really have to shit, alright? Alright, fine. (I am trusting you!) Alright, do not sweat your dick off. (Opens Door Again) He should not be doing this… (Flips Bird!) (Ghost) Where the fuck did he go… Did he touch anything? He touched my… Cannot stand him… (Halo Reach Gameplay) Fuck! What the hell are you doing?! What the hell? Dad! Dad! Dad! Dad! No! No! No! It is not what it looks like…Yeah, it is not? I told you what not to do…You are fucking crazy! …and you are doing it! Look, do not touch the fucking TV! Here! DAD! I told you before about this…Dad! Dad! You made a commitment! You are not going to destroy another fucking… Are you going to destroy that fucking Xbox?! You made an agreement with us and that is that! (Chuckles) That cost money! That is the second Xbox I bought! If you do not learn from this… I had to buy that off freaking Craigslist! I do not care! It was Craigslist! I do not care. I do not care. Dad, what the fuck are you doing?! Dad, I swear to God! Oh, shit. If you do this…What are you going to do? Oh, shit. Seriously, what are you going to do? I am going to call…Child Services. Call somebody, Jess. This is not right. You cannot do this to your child! Yes, I can. You are not listening. You are in my house. Why…You are not listening! I have a game in there! I have Halo Reach! You should learn! That means something to me! You made a commitment to us that you would not game until you got a job. I made a commitment to that! I made a commitment to that! Dad! DAD! Holy shit! Holy shit! You are hopeless. Stinking hopeless. Fuck! There it is! (Laughing) Oh, my God. Are you fucking crazy?! I cannot believe that happened. Learn your lesson. Where are you going?! Where are you going?! Come here! I am not done with you. You do not do that! What do you mean? That is not going to teach him anything! Oh, that does not teach him anything yet you spray me with a hose. Well, you made him upset! You guys are all mental! You promised! I fucking hate…You promised! It is going to still work. You promised…You promised. (Mocking) Whatever! Hey! Hello! Earth to your child, do you even care?! Uh, it is wet. Do you even care? Oh, it is wet? You cannot be treating him like that! It is called it is broken, it is electronic! I do not care, you do not listen. There has to be some other way. You promised us something, you stick to it. I swear to God if you film one more fucking video, how about I get your whole fucking camera wet!? Are you going to put…You going to go swim with the fishes like your little Xbox there? Aw, you are going to have to wash that! How many things of yours have gotten wet today? (Evil Laughter) How the fuck do you work this thing?! Start! You piece of shit! (Blower Starts) (Screams) Shit! Shit! Shit! Shit! Fuck! Fuck! Are you kidding me? Shit! Turn off! How?! (Sock Wipe) (WTF Laughter)

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  1. Cmon give him some fcking mercy

  2. Ô ng quay pua mat day

  3. tru your dad is mental

  4. 2:56 I’m gonna call child services lol ?

  5. I think that the Xbox is his girlfriend and his father kill her in there pool and when he is drying it it could be he is doing spr

  6. i gonna call child service

  7. This is dumb his brother is aloud to game but he isnt and what ever devise he gets he destroys it for NO REASON

  8. ps4 is better anyway

  9. He brother should go die and his father must pay all everything

  10. This is a flying funniest video you know what I think your dad should do this to your s*** a lot more I noticed an old video and you're going to see this comment later on but to be honest of everything you do have done your big a***** so I think you deserve that back then and what you're going to get in a couple years ago to deserve you m*********

  11. The smile at 0:59 always gets me

  12. Your dad is a a".s for that

  13. I'm gonna call child services!!

  14. Leave the poor dude alone. He looks upset whenever you guys poke around his stuffs….

  15. His dad needs to fucking chill

  16. If u say why r u filming all the time then maybe just should not be a yt ?

  17. I would hide my bros stuff and not snitch

  18. His dad was a ps4 player for sure.

  19. Skinny Peter Griffin

  20. Does Xbox can drown?

  21. the did is terbible

  22. 22 years old (at the time of filming): "I'm gonna call child services."

  23. 3:18 When I see you again….. AAAAAAH!!!! UUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!

  24. Ps4 vs Xbox be like lol


  26. Shooting virus’s at moped now

  27. I know how it feels when we lost our love things

  28. Did u just tell your dad to go in there

  29. I'm so sorry for this family

  30. YoU cAnT dO tHiS tO yOuR cHiLd!!! Bruhhh your a man

  31. 3:30 when teacher gives us quiz no one studied for

  32. 1:12 when see that person you hate

  33. Why was his dad so mad about his xbox

  34. Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh

  35. You're crazy bigbruda

  36. Hey big brother Brillo

  37. There is an easy way to fix it put it in a uncooked rice

  38. Your dumb you shouldn’t be doing that just let your brother have fun

  39. You don’t desserts to have 3 million subscribers

  40. His dads a call of duty guy for sure

  41. I'm sad for the kid tho

  42. his brother is noob and fuking idiot noob noob noob

  43. I'll call child services!

  44. The disk is probably fine… the system not so much.

  45. What the hell is wrong with your dad does he not like when you play???

  46. I hate mcjuggers brother and his dad they are sooooo mean

  47. this is crap totally crap bullshit

  48. he's the pysco not the dad

  49. Lmao that’s what Xbox gets I hate xbox

  50. 1:02 I like your shirt

  51. The brother is a snitch ?

  52. 2:45 It wAs cRagLisT LOL

  53. You can tell there this kid has been indoctrinated into the liberal ideology. Douchebag

  54. Why are you so rude to him

  55. Put that finger to you ?

  56. Is nobody gonna notice that the camera guy point the middle fingre at us seriously am I the only one

  57. The brother is an …

  58. I was 13 when this came out not knowing it was fakw and I literally despised jefferey jr i thought he was actually for real a degenerate evil bully, but as soon as the series ending came i was relieved and now Jeff is my favorite family member

  59. Who are these guys anyways lmaoooooo

  60. Die FRIKIN person

  61. You guys have all that nice land that you could play on and yet he still decides to sit around and play video games

  62. Well let’s just hope that the x box had the red ring of death

  63. Dude u shouldn't be doin dis. No offence but u are a bad bro :^ the dad is PHYCO OVERLOAD so ye

  64. Haha he got a xbox 360

  65. If this is really fake this guy should win an Oscar. Put the xbox in rice should be fine.

  66. 1:12 he flicks us off

  67. Yeah like theirs sweat fickle you

  68. His dad is an egg for this

  69. He can die because the Xbox is wet he can get electrafied

  70. More parents need to do this to their Snowflake kids

  71. 2:11 is when he takes it and 3:18 is when he drowns it

  72. dude what a mean brother if i was you i would never tell dad SMH

  73. So this makes what the 114th Xbox destroyed in these videos by this stupid fucking family! Obviously it’s fake and this is how they make their money the stupid little punk kid thinks this is a business ha ha Ha… Yet another set up video from the stupid family

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