Teammate: What’s going on? Go back home to eat Teammate: Are you the black ghost? Yes Want to go to Sosnovka Military Base? What downstairs? How to clear this level? Don’t know how I cleared it last time Can you all open mic? Teammate: Me? Yes I’m referring to you No one Enemies? Teammate: Yes How many? Teammate: Maybe 2 Just 2? You won’t need me, you can settle it Teammate: You sound familiar Teammate: Where? At Block 1 Teammate: Someone at first floor Teammate: 1 upstairs Teammate: Jumped down Teammate: Anyone else? No All dead What? I’m not acting like a bot Practicing my skills You don’t even have the gun Teammate: Nevermind You need the AK47 to practice Teammate: I have 2 AK47 Oh, ignore what I said just now You sound familiar Teammate: No, you sound familiar No, you sound familiar Why? She’s not your girlfriend I’ll be first, you second Let’s go 5.56 gun? There’s Scar-L at the police station Let’s go Let’s go Find enemies Let’s go, where’s everyone? Not here? Make me fetch you guys We are Pumpkin Jeep Welcome aboard Are you passenger 12345? Please fasten your seatbelts Is this considered rich? We just met, you want me to remove my clothes? Ok You look good My character is also female I don’t know Teammate: Footsteps behind Really? Teammate: 3-story building Teammate: Bot Teammate: Roof Not a bot! Don’t throw grenade! Teammate: There were 2? Only 1 Wow, you… Took the 7.62 ammo so fast Why mark a location? Teammate: I feel like throwing a grenade at Number 4 You… I’m a cute person! I saw someone knocked himself with his own grenade I want to find that person Name is HuanXi Capture her Put her at the boot of the car You can? Oh, you can give up your seat Where is she? Teammate: Enemy ahead! Made a mistake Not a bot Vehicle, vehicle! Dont be anxious Enemy behind Teammate: Car coming What? Don’t get in, I’ll change a car Drive this jeep and follow me I’ll drive the buggy Follow me, if there’s enemy they will shoot me first I’ll drive the buggy Nevermind Keep a distance, be smart I came in alone Why didn’t you heal up, Number 3? Anyone in Pochinki? Find HuanXi and kill her Her name is HuanXi Yes 2 words and letter i Teammate: Airdrop near the seaside Red zone, not going in Go by this road, I have a bad feeling Teammate: Enemies ahead! Shoot the car! They are still not stopping Shoot the car! Teammate: Enemy threw grenade What were they thinking? Kept driving without stopping Not only 1 Total 3 enemies, they might have a chance if they stopped They kept driving Blame their driver for their deaths On the hill Where are they? Eh?! I have ammo No Let’s go No Change vehicle Is there fuel? Flare drop See it? Infront, on the slope Red vehicle All dead I want AWM Silencer is hard to find Let’s go The dress looks good Teammate: Car on the hill, South Teammate: Jeep drove past Teammate: See it? 170 All dead You didn’t do any damage Where are you from, miss? You look good in that dress, like… Like… You know like what? Like my girlfriend No, impossible Vehicle on the right! Teammate: Enemies above us Teammate: Enemies in the smoke Knocked 1 Teammate: 1 more All dead, right? Sniper gun is useless, all close ranged fights HuanXi died? You guys killed her? HuanXi is dead You guys killed HuanXi Let’s go, 1 enemy left Many battles fought here Didn’t knock anyone with my AWM Who can get into this jeep? Do you like me so much, miss? Why be the woman behind me? Teammate: Hiding in the housing area? I don’t know, can’t find him Who are you talking about? How so? Teammate: I saw the enemy Teammate: Oh! Found him! Follow me Teammate: Open World Chat Teammate: Don’t kill him Teammate: It’s a female opponent! Hello, hello! Enemy: Full squad? Yes Don’t pan her You… you… I’ll give you chicken dinner if you play the next match with me Enemy: Ok What are you doing? Kill my teammates, I won’t shoot at you Enemy: Really? Drive the car in I’m not Don’t kill her with the car Your teammates are all dead? Pan fight? You don’t intend to give her chicken dinner…? Miss, use the pan to fight them They will use fists Don’t hit her yet Use your fists to fight her Kill him! Ah!! Why did I die, hahaha! I was prone and didn’t move, why did you hit me? Teammate: You should save a photo, you killed BuQiuRen with pan She doesn’t know me She killed me with pan! Why don’t u use fists to fight her? Two ladies fight Impressive I died

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