Pushan Jain – Air Rifle Shooter – Student – Artist

What we have here is a circle so small
a dot and in every space in my mind there is just one thing my eye is on the
target my focus exact my finger pulls the
trigger I take the shot. I am me.
Hi I’m Pushan Jain and I graduate from Vasant Valley High School this year
and I live the average noisy chaotic life of an average teenager. I used to be
very distracted in my studies so I started shooting and I used to do
artistic calligraphic sketches which helped me make my hand more stable and that
helped me in shooting. So, I was fascinated by the human minds infinite
capacity to transform ideas into reality Shooting taught me the power of
silence and stillness. Silence got me focused and focus I believe is the only
way to excellence in sport as well as in life. So, I practiced for thousands of
hours in the same posture and the same technique which improved by shooting
and also gave me a clear mind and clear vision so that I can reach the future
I’m targeting. I can use stillness and silence in mathematical theorems and
psychology and a still mind and a still hand can help me build my own business
so I took part in as many competitions as I could and I represented India at
the Swedish Cup earlier this year in the 10-meter air rifle category during my
training camp in Norway I trained under coach Leif Steinar Rolland who was the ex junior coach for Norway and I realized the challenges faced by disabled
athletes in Norway and then I came back and worked with the Abhinav Bindra
Foundation and then I created presentation for the
need of an under 18 international team for disabled athletes and I also
advocated for better conditions for the sportsmen who are disabled in our
country to the Sports Authority of India so I would say a shooting is a
meditative art because when you’re shooting your mind has to be clear of
any thoughts and only when it’s clear of thoughts and when everything is
synchronized my body my rifle and my mind is the only time you can actually
get a perfect shot

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