Puss in Boots All Cutscenes | Full Game Movie (PS3, X360, Wii)

Puss in Boots All Cutscenes | Full Game Movie (PS3, X360, Wii)

tell you a story well I dunno the most
incredible story of all my story my legend the legend of course in books
like all great tales it begins with a hamburger I entered the establishment in search of
a simple score the patrons did not take me seriously until they were reminded of
my renovation the man gave up what they knew that he
bandits Jack and Jill had somehow found the magic beans
the legendary beans for which I spent half my life searching would lead to a
Giant’s Castle and to the Golden Goose I would finally be able to repay my debt
to my hometown of San Ricardo I need to find the location of this Jack and Jill
I could smell that one of the Bandidos could help me but he suddenly ran away
whatever he knew it was important enough to hide but if I was to find those bees
I would need to get you but the other Bandidos were not going to make the
decision fear me if you dare
I would love to stay and play my Flair was unparalleled gonna get me Gatto why
seniorita what are you doing in a rough place like this catch me if you can corner unfortunately
there were complications the bandits friends were departing I
would soon find out what I needed to know
Sony amigo don’t you think this would have been easier without all the running Jack and Jill were staying at the hotel
and they the magic beans the Fiesta was in full swing but this
was business I would have no time for pleasure well maybe a little time for
pleasure it was the classiest hotel in town and
nothing was going to stop me with those beings I could repay what I owe to the
people of San Ricardo the gays who tell me where Jack and Jill wore I just
needed to take it but I could not risk being spotted there was a price on my
head room seven before I could go there I
would have to deal with other obstacles what
how did hey you say anything like what anyone suspicious in this place
everywhere I look I could not afford to be spotted if Jack and Jill were alerted
it would be the last I saw of the beans room was ahead but first I had to get
past my frame from the harbor the hotel was very old that’s where they squeaky
floorboards well sir I was caught but luckily el siesta de fuego provided a
suitable distraction Oh door – Jack and Jill’s room there was
just one problem it was locked luckily for me this was really a problem
the hardest part would be getting the beans I would have to employ my very best
sneaking skills hey what gives boys that you you you stop where you are for some beans are mine me
you snap me you’d snap me you looking for something no housekeeping my friend was telling me nothing I
needed to know what he knew was he true after the magic beans you you cost me my piece at least do me
the honor of facing me in a duel have to do better than him and error maybe not as good as I know I
needed I never had any doubt you’re not making this easy for me I was worried I might have put on a few
pounds this chase ends right here right now listen that may be my girl you give me
one moment I have you there is no way but only a
fool would well I guess that answers that question there is room for only one amazing
feline in this town who are you I admire your skills but it cannot allow
you to continue the people were enjoying the fiesta del
Fuego and we’re at the spectacular show that I was putting on behind them only a madman would gross the hammer or
another madman was following in I will get you I can promise you that now I have you you think you would get
away again fortunately things could not get any
worse or maybe they could the cat get him anyone would think that you are a fraidy
cat I was not proud what have we here there was something about the place
there was a distinct Saints of anticipation I came face to face with
the one what cost me my score I was ready to fight dance fight I have one vegans fight this was not a
surprise what happened next however my rival a
woman it explained a lot of things her name was kitty but the real surprise
was still to come happy Alexander Dumpty he was once my
dearest friend like a brother to me just the side of him caused me to have a
flashback legends I had arrived in the home for lost children a kitten and
impossibly cute kitten on my first day how many had stood up for me and in
return I decided I would always have his back have two spoke of Legends and
inventions beyond my wildest dreams but most of all he told of the castle in the
sky and the beans that were taken there after was the brains
I was the scare just a kitten and an egg in search of magic beans what could be
more natural enough as time went on we found ourselves in trouble but where I begin a hero
Humpty took a dagger tricked me into stealing from the people of San Accardo
from our home bringing dishonor to both of us I escaped we’ll never speak again until this day
happy was still in search of the beans and now he had found them we would repay
our debt to San Ricardo together he knew exactly what we could find them but Jack
and Jill were moving fast naturally he had a plan for this this is not fun you are so very elevating to me now we
have a blend which we should stick and this time insist that I go first my
guest thank you did you know about this seriously thank you hey Jill this is fun ain’t it it’s not
when you talk we have some adventures don’t we where is Humpty
oh he said it would be here hey guys after you
mr. your time chill pass me my camera yeah aren’t you forgetting something
the beans I was kind of busy the beans hide I will go back with your boobs and
the bags under everything else fine done it love why
but it lad for this kinda how did you were to go he had been
planning this day since we were small we carefully planted the beans and waited
and waited they’re amazing things happen there were clouds snow some wind
somebody pretty lighting we ran we climb we had a nappy we find some more
until eventually we arrived at the castle and the location of our treasure however even with our great strengths
and where the golden egg difficult to move as always
Humpty had a back-up plan this is not a safe place look at the size of these
things there she is finally the Golden Goose
shall we go get her I’m choking up here I need a minute
you better go without me I shall lead the way
oh no become all these distance and now that there is treasure you will lead the
way uh puss she’s gone I suddenly feel so small you may go first this time why thank you
wait why uh no reason oh I get it almost there papers have you got the goose yet oh why hello there señorita fancy
meeting you here it’s okay we’ve got it we’ve got it we
haven’t got another job for me then hold still how did your oh never mind look at the
beautiful flower that is like nothing I’ve ever seen you have to stop doing
that doing what the goose is over there I suppose you’ll be there when I get
there too maybe you are very slow today if you are so
fast why don’t you go get the goose and miss out on all the fun
no way nice pussy what was that on second
thought I don’t want to know I am but a small Cardo in a bee bee
puzzle what was that noise oh pardon me they
talk of the great terror it’s just a story anyway you should just
go grab the Golden Goose you’ll be fine and you’re not going because oh I have
important plans to be making egg you I am NOT insane I think we know what happens here I get
close you fly away well not this time we amiko this time I wait for you to come
to me here we go again must be careful me I have encountered
more terrifying force than his simple I shall be careful you were a worthy
adversary but I have won this battle of wills finally we had the goose the goose
that laid the golden eggs we left the Giant’s Castle the same way
as we arrived in style in college I would take to dry not good hello hello guys thanks puss I thought I was a goner you
can always rely on me brother just grab hold and float down really yes
really guys big happy thoughts huh you saw tiny
know you sometimes when you to stop arguing
hahaha we landed safely it amazingly Beanstalk but our safety was short-lived Kitty and I were over well my superior
tactics they came for the goose but they went
away with our than they bite and for Kitty and I knew we had to find him his
horribly tracks back to the Bandit camp there was a certain sense of the
inevitable yes there they are thanks to my keen senses I am able to
detect the slightest hint of a trap I had to get into that room and save
HAMP t if I could sneak up and abandon I could take the key ah what you do not realize is that I am the
greatest nigger in the history of sneaking oops is him Humpty I’m here to
rescue you hey you could’ve warned me okay I should be going now nothing to
meet you I had escaped the danger of the explosion go – get out of here before the war – at
least something more important comes along ah kitty I was just looking for Humpty but
I see you have already found him what is that you say you took your time I can leave you in
there if you’re so clever remind me who was distracted by a ball
of yarn I think I preferred it when were full of dynamite we had the goose and we were safe for
now we celebrated through the night to old friends and one new United in
victory but in the morning the goose was nowhere to be seen and my friends had
vanished I was alone once more I decided to
return to my home of San Ricardo to my surprise hunter was already there
with the booze and my fate had been decided him he had planned it all from
the start and revealed himself to be a master of deceit but his revenge did not
stop with me the people of Santa Karl next I was powerless to stop him
luckily I still had one true friend tell you where I could find my so-called
brother my only wish was that it was not too late come on come on
you are nothing but trouble no this way Humpty Alexander Dumpty I will not let
you get away with this you’re too late puss the mother loose is
on her way she’s coming for her baby help pushing boots are stolen the goose
help stay here come on come on
you are nothing but trouble no this way Humpty Alexander Dan woody I will not
let you get away with this you’re too late puss the Mother Goose is
on her way she’s coming for her baby help pushing boots has stolen the goose
help stay here he mama was after her baby destroy or exam Ricardo looking for it I love feeling they will not give up
liquor so that I fight luckily fighting is something that I can do things easy
come I have something for you push I’m sorry even take her the town saved but my friend my brother
fate hello he from Orange County Alexander
Dumpty was a golden egg all along I was free I had paid off my debt to the
people of San Ricardo but Kitty never stayed in one place for too long nor was
she the time for big goodbyes my only hope was that one day our paths would
cross once more their story was over but for me this was just another chapter in
the legend of horse ill votes

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