Puss in Boots Walkthrough Part 1 (PS3, Wii, XBOX 360) HD

Puss in Boots Walkthrough Part 1 (PS3, Wii, XBOX 360) HD

Tell you a story? Well, I do know the most
incredible story of all… …my story… my legend. The legend of Puss in Boots! Like all great tales it begins
with a humble gato. I entered the establishment
in search of a simple score. The patrons did not
take me seriously… … until they were reminded of my… … reputation. The men gave up what they knew. That the bandits Jack and Jill had
somehow found the magic beans. The legendary beans for which
I spent half my life searching… … would lead to a giant’s castle
and to the golden goose. I would finally be able to repay my debt
to my home town of San Ricardo. I needed to find thelocation
of this… Jack and Jill. I could smell that one of
the banditos could help me… … but he suddenly ran away. Whatever he knew,
it was important enough to hide. But if I was to find those beans,
I would need to catch him. But the other banditos were not
going to make that easy for me. Fear me… If you dare! Do not mess with us. You call that fighting? Why are you idiots just standing there? Attack! I would love to stay and play,
but I gotta go! My flair was unparalleled. Come and get me, gato! He did not want me to follow him. But I always think on my feet. He would not stop me for long. I must catch up with the… Why, Senorita? What are you
doing in a rough place like this? The pleasure is all yours. I will never tell you the secret! Watch out! I promise I won’t throw another barrel! Oh no, there you go. Here it comes! Watch out! You are not very good at this. I promise I won’t throw another barrel!
Oh no, there you go. This is very easy. Here it comes! You keep rolling them,
I’ll keep dodging them. All day long. Catch me if you can. I had the bandit cornered. – Unfortunately there were… Eh…
– Eeey, el gato! Complications. The bandit’s friends were departing,
I would soon find out what I needed to know. So, mi amigo, don’t you think this would
have been easier without all the running?

Comments (82)

  1. Actually looks pretty good for a franchise based game :3.

  2. This game makes me laugh xD I wanna play it and be Puss…in Boots.

  3. its okay but really short. It was around 20 bucks but I didn't pay it, just borrowed. Hauppage V2.

  4. i like this movie!!!

  5. lame and worsth but cool

  6. *Game* or are you Wisdurm?

  7. i have this, i saw this video to see how it was

  8. this is movie before shrek 2

  9. I have this game I bet it a lot but sonic the hedgehog is better
    I was kinda bored watching this
    Can u play different games

  10. THIS GAME SUCKS!!!I only watched this because I liked the movie.And yes it was before Shrek 2.

  11. The fighting techniques disappointed me.

  12. I thought you'd have to press a and b or something.And the sentence I just said is because I have the wii.

  13. This is just your average topical kids game the show of puss in boots on netflix is the shit

  14. This game is awesome 😀

  15. Play puzzle and dragons z on 3ds

  16. Ah, nostalgia, even though it was only 6 years ago.

  17. your mooooooooöooom

  18. 3:00 "You call that fighting?" I call it moosehead

  19. I am trying to get this game for 3 month please tell me where to find it

  20. I kinda enjoyed this game. lol but the combat could have been better.

  21. It looks funny but is it fun? Is it just another kids game?

  22. 9zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  23. For some reasson, the voice of this cat here, reminds me to Fernando Martínez from GTA Vice City… LOL!!

  24. What you gonna do hit it in the head with a guitar

  25. Malwina Bender

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  27. Pretty good Banderas impression

  28. Nab. H,'. M m. Awed huckleberry gufhdtygkuhkhfhgghfgvygbghjhhnnnbh

  29. I… I was not aware there was a puss in boot's game and holy shit it looks fun…

  30. the IA looks very bad

  31. я тоже в ету игру играю

  32. esse tannbem achato

  33. I just bought this game

  34. how do u on get the hidden trophies

  35. Why can't we control pus?

  36. Hey I have a game like that

  37. где ти скачать Puss in Boots Walkthrough

  38. I do not like this voice actor. Still looks fun though.

  39. plz tell me where to find this game!

  40. So bad for ps3 players.I finished this with mine with kinect xbox 360

  41. I know this game I Love it

  42. بلالارباؤيفاﻻبقبى

  43. Very good walkthrough (I've seen all 8 videos). Thank you, ★WishingTikal★.

  44. i done dis before 😛

  45. This guy from the boss just like shrek

  46. OK ᑕᗩᑎ I ᑭᒪᗩY

  47. Where to find this game

  48. The game move just like sonic and the black knight

  49. Why he play guitar when he already got time to run

  50. 8:45 you not very good at this
    *puss doge easliy

  51. Darn, the nostalgia! I used to play this ALL THE TIME as a kid. Although I'm 15 now xD.

  52. I have this on my wii. It was realistic to be sword fighting with puss in boots. Memories

  53. Hey how do u escape from the guy that pets u in ps3 because I can't escape that part

  54. Wow! U r very good as puss in boots!! Makes me want to play haha

  55. This game is sooo easy.

  56. I remembered playing the Knicet version long time ago! (Sorry about the misspelling)

  57. Я люблю кот в сапогах

  58. First video ive watched on youtube

  59. Do you need an Xbox 360 Kinect to play this or can you play it just on a normal 360?

  60. Щаловннашр

  61. Who else is looking back the stuff you watched as a kid ?

    ?? thanks for the likes

  62. ?Somehow the combat is better than most of the ac games

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