Raket Seçimi -2 / Kordaj ve Tansiyon I SPXTV

Raket Seçimi -2 / Kordaj ve Tansiyon I SPXTV

Hello, I’m Orkun, our guest is Erhan Oral. Our topic is, the right string pattern and the right string tension. Yes, Erhan, I don’t know the number of
videos we’ve made but this was a good series. We’ve given a lot of information
about string pattern and rackets. Erhan is our tennis authority. I’m talking about the ones that
didn’t watch our previous videos. We talk about Erhan at
the first video a lot, so watch that please, so the informations he give
becomes more valuable for you. I know, there are a lot of
people that are around you telling you what to buy or do, but it’s important to choose
the right doctor here, in every category… If you’re going to buy motorcycle helmets, you have to consult
someone that really knows the stuff, not everyone can help you… Let’s go back to string pattern, string pattern is something that
Erhan is really obsessive about, I know this very well. He really is obsessive about
this, and he is right. For a lot of people the string
pattern is not important, he goes and buys the stuff from a shop, and it sits there for like a year,
and he goes along playing wit that.. Or if the strings don’t snap,
I mean veteran players, they go and play with the same
string pattern even though it sits under the sun, in the car,
in the bag for years… However string pattern is almost as important
as the racket itself. I name it like this. For me, the string of the racket is
the spirit of the racket. – Yeah.
– It is THAT important… It is the main actor that
complements the features of the racket itself that we talked
about in the previous videos, like head size, balance, weight or grip… Can we phrase it like this? – If this is the car, this is its engine…
– Yeah. If there is no engine,
it won’t go anywhere… If it has a bad engine,
it goes to where it can go… Racket has no meaning, if the string isn’t like how you want it, if it’s not suitable for
your personal choice, it doesn’t mean how this racket is, it’s that much of a difference. So let’s talk about why
it is so important… Ok… We have the materials of a string pattern, – thicknesses of string patterns,
– Yeah. and also the tension of a string pattern…
– Exactly. Let’s talk about these step by step, … People are really curious about that, and also there are a lot of misinformation
lurking around about this matter… I know the conversations that
are being made at the tennis clubs, I sometimes overhear them… There really is a ot of misinformation, so let’s turn this into a
social responsibility project and let’s inform people… Yeah, sure… Let’s talk about string types briefly… Nylon, synthetic gut… Nylon is the cheapest, – after that synthetic gut…
– Synthetic gut… Polyester strings, natural gut, although it is never used kevlar, and also there are hybrid materials… Hybrid strings are the ombination of multi filament,
polyester and gut… Let’s expand this “gut”
thing if you want… You told me the other day, I said “I can’t believe it”,
just the other day, recently, I was sitting in my office… Erhan came and said “Orkun, mate, I just learned something.”
Tell me what you said back then… Yeah, I am really sensitive about strings and I really love
researching this topic, … I don’t know how you
missed it for this long… Yeah, I learned that Eric Babolat invented the gut strings in 1875. So Babolat was founded in 1875… I believe he invents the stuff himself… By the way, I knew that
Babolat invented this but I didn’t know it was gut string and I also didn’t know that it was back in 1875… I’m really impressed that he
did this in 1875, cow… From a cow’s gut, he invented such a thing… – From ground up he produced this thing…
– Well done to him and congratulations By the way, the reason it’s pricy is not the fact that is really durable or has really good control or its playability or its flexibility… From 3 cows, they can produce only one set of strings… When you say guts, some say, is it cat gut or something? No it’s not, it’s cow gut… – Cow or a sheep…
– Cow or a sheep but mainly cow gut, I believe Babolat uses cow guts… From 3 cows, they can produce
only one set of gut strings, friends… They use cow gutsIt’s pricier by the way… The price is 169 TL, and with discount it says it’s 152 TL, but if you compare this to the price of
3 cows, it’s not that pricy… And this is only the half of it… Half of it yeah, tell them
what hybrid is also… The hybrid string that we are using here… This is the string that is inside
this package by the way… The vertical strings are gut strings, and the horizontal ones are polyester, what we call RPM Blast… – Yeah.
– Uhhmmm. By the way, if we are talking
about this anyways… This string pattern… Half of it is this,
are those the vertical ones? No the horizontals… Sorry, the horizontals are RPM blast, – And the other one is gut…
– Yeah, the gut, the vertical one… Fundamentally this should be vice versa by the way… Normally, guts should be the horizontal strings, – That’s why I was surprised yeah…
– and and the others vertical… – The ones that I use…
– That’s a personal choice… Yeah, that’s my choice and a lot of pros use it aswell, it’s because of the feeling. Yes it might be less durable but, by the way, this string snaps more easily.. But, because we hit the ball with top spin, vertical strings move more and this gives the ball extra spin… Of course you forgot the durability. Normally if I use this one for 5 or 6 days, – this lowers to 3 days…
– Yeah, right… But normally, social players or advanced players can – use gut strings horizontally aswell
– Ok. let’s talk about thickness now, for example it is written 1.25, 1.30, 1.35 on them. And there’s also gauge that’s like 17, 16 or 15. One is American and the other is in milimeters… – Mm and American style…
– Yeah. The one we call gauge starts with 15. 15 is the thickest one by the way, 15 is the thickest… it goes backwards… So, 15… When the number is low,
string is thicker… The Americans are kinda weird about this,
I really can’t understand. Why do they insist on such thing?
Why 15 for example? Let’s not go there… 15 yes, it’s confusing. 15 is the thickest one, it gets thinner when you go to 17… It is the vice versa with mm. It goes from 1.25, 1.30 is thicker, 1.35 thicker, 1.40 is the thickest. Exactly. And you can see the L ones of those. There is 15L, 16L, 17L. Like, between 15 and 16. – Like 15,5.
– Yeah. I’m saying this so you
don’t get confused… But I think you should look for the mm,
it’s the easiest. Because we are living in metric system. If you explain this to an
American he wouldn’t understand… What do you mean by milimeter? They know about gauge,
used to that from their childhoods.. But we use mm. Because of that, you should
check if it’s 1.25 or 1.30 or so… What does this thickness do by the way? For example, what thickness do you use? Because I use this string, I’m using 1.30 with hybrid, and 1.25 with the gut. It’s because I prefer durability. Normally, 1.30 is not that thick but it’s thick enough. But since it holds the tension best, that’s why I use that, because it holds the tension for the longest time and it increases the feeling of the ball on the racket. Now, I’m stepping in here because they might miss this. Because you are explaining this
like you are explaining it to me… Now friends, we arranged
our string pattern. Let’s take this racket. It’s
fresh out of the machine. It has 26 kg of tension. This stays as 26 only for a couple of days, that’s for a good string of course. If it is like these, it starts
to flex almost immediately, – in the same day.
– Yes, immediately. Especially if it’s in the back of the car, -it flexes to a basket.We call that basket.
– Note this, when you apply 25 kgs of tension, the inner tension of the string is not 25 kgs. You shouldn’t confuse dinamic tension and reference tension. The real important thing is
the weight inside this. what does a thin string do,
what does a thick string do? – Thick string is more durable,
-Yep. so main reason is that. But with the thin string,
there is more speed… A lot more.Some researches
say that the power increases aswell but you
cannot say that for sure. But like I said, the feeling is better. By feeling I mean the sensitivity you get when you hit the ball. The feeling of the ball is on the racket. And you cannot feel it if you don’t
take any courses with a tennis trainer. You need to be a veteran
tennis player of 5, 7 or even 10 years in order to feel the string. By the way, before I give you any advice on string pattern and weight, this is also really personal aswell, there are recommended values on your rackets, you should stay at that range. Babolat recommends those itself. They say you should use these values, for example 25 or 27. They say 27. My advice to you is, use the lower one, not the higher one. Try to do it as low as
possible.For example, I’m playing with 22 kgs… I sometimes go as low as 20 kgs. It depends on the ground and humidity of the air but I won’t go into details. Like I said, the less kg pressure we apply, the more power we produce. – Trampoline effect…
– Trampoline effect. The higher the pressure we apply, the control effect rises accordingly. So, about the string. Why did you prefer the gut one, let me retrace it. Yes it is a more expensive
spring pattern but the feeling is a lot better… Which means a good player can feel the ball and the racket a lot… He can feel every collision at every nano second. And two, it loses its tension the least… Elasticity, so every string has an elastic time frame. By the way Orkun talked about that, the racket strings that weren’t renewed, lose their properties alltogether.. Yeah, you have to change your strings once a month. I’m telling you this for your health. For the health of your
arm and elbow… Because I see people in social clubs that play tennis at leas
twice or thrice a week… It’s true that I’m talking
about extreme sides of the job, because I am really sensitive about this, I shouldn’t be a reference. Yeah, you shouldn’t be. Oh, but if you decide on being a reference,
we’d like that a lot.As, our sales would go through the roof… But to make people a favor, You need to change the strings once a month. Your pleasure would also increase, because people spend time on this. They leave their homes and children and come here play sports. They are doing sport but.. They need to make it rightly,
with right equipments. We always say this.
Increase that quality. Quality of your game depends on – how you use this material.
– Yeah, at least once a month, if you are playing frequently… You have to change the string at least
once a month ,it loses its properties, – Racket dies in a way…
– Racket dies yeah… Kıvanç, did we take too
ong with the video? -12…
– 12, yeah… Do you have anything else to say, Erhan? – Uhmm, no!
– hahaha We explained a lot of things about string pattern, like a lot, it’s been 12 minutes. I’m going to summarize it quickly. If the string pattern is thinner,
the feeling of the ball increases… When the string pattern gets thicker, our durability increases but our feeling decreases… If you prefer gut strings, there are hybrid strings, like Erhan explained a while ago.. That one loses its tension in a long time, that’s why you should prefer that… You pay a hefty amount at the beginning
but you reap the rewards later… – Exactly.
– Like buying a durable or a high quality product
and using it for years. If you are playing regular tennis,
or playing it frequently, you need to cut your strings
and get new ones. Tension is always specified on the racket. If the recommended tension for that racket is 25-27, then you need to prefer… You should prefer 25, the lower one, if you are not an authority in this field. – So in general, this is it.
– It’s mainly trial and error. When you keep on playing, you can say you want more control and you can harden it a bit. You can increase it for a kg or two in close courts, because
there is no wind… These are my simple advices for you… Ok, see you in other videos.

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