Rat King Rumble (Ep 4, Pt 2) | The Unsleeping City

Rat King Rumble (Ep 4, Pt 2) | The Unsleeping City

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or this too may come to pass. Misty, it’s gonna be you. – Get out of here. – I mean yeah, I’m gonna
get up as high as I can movement-wise.
– Okay. – And then I still have Crown of Madness, so that’s what that is,
and then I’m gonna– – Cool, those two are gonna
get attacks opportunity on you. – Bring it on. – [Brennan] One, two. Or one, two, three, four. – This guy was attacking
this guy right here. – Yeah, this guy– – Oh he was, yeah. So if you were here, he was there. If you’re here, so you can go basically, one, two, three is 15, 20, with an athletics check, you
can get up to the next thing. – Great, and we have advantage
on that because of the– – You divvy up the juicy cockroaches. Just call it to the cockroach! It’ll help you. – Cockroach oozes. – He’s a good dude. – I got a 15. – Oh, 15. 15 gets you up. – Great. – Cool, they’re gonna
get some attacks on you. – You got that plus two to AC this time. – Oh yes. So my AC is 16 currently. – Before you get up there
this one here restrains you and is gonna go ahead and deal 24 points of damage to Misty. – Did you credit? – And he credit, yeah. And you are once again restrained. – Well, I’m real sick guys. I’m on… I have five, five hit points. – I’m sorry, I can’t heal you. I learned I’m not a healer. – Definitely wasn’t talking
to you, but thank you. – So that’s your movement. You are now restrained.
– Okay. – But you can take actions. Give me a check for concentration. – Well. – What’s your constitution? – Constitution is 14. Beat’s it, yeah? You have to just beat a 10. – Yeah, you beat it. – So as my bonus action I’m
gonna look over to Sofia and be like, Sofia that
eyeshadow is a fabulous color. – Oh my God, thank you so much. It’s from a drugstore
if you can believe it. – No I can’t, it’s great! We should go shopping. – Oh my God, yes. I mean, again I get it from drugstores. We could go shopping there. – Kingston that’s you. – Can I climb up to the next level? – You sure can. Are you gonna use movement
or do an athletics check? – We get advantage.
– We have advantage. – Yeah, I’ll do an athletics check. My old running around a nat 20. (group cheering) – You see the juicy
cockroach flies him up. – No, I want nothing to
do this juicy cockroach. – So, I’m gonna say on a nat 20 we’re not even gonna worry about vertical. You go one, two, three, four, five, six. You guys see as Misty gets bitten you look around. Look up and see the rat king
commanding these alligators and you guys see that Kingston’s
coat flares out behind him. The subway token he wears around his neck begins to glow and you
hear a bunch of voices in so many different languages going come on Kingston, come on you got this. Get up there! Come on, come on, come on! And you tear up the steps. – I’m really proud to watch him. I’m like, yeah. – What do you do when you get up there. – Can I turn around, as cool as that was, can I turn around and cast
a second level command to try and command these
two albino alligators? – Oh, you’re gonna try to
hit two of them at once? – Yeah, I use it, it costs
as a second level spell. – Hell yeah, you can go for it. – So both of them have to make wisdom saving throws against 15. – I’ll say that the blue one
is the one not holding Misty. Both of them, what is your command? What does Kingston say? – Do I have to give the same
command to both of them? – Yes. – Okay. What are the chances that if I… I don’t know if I’m allowed to ask this. If I ask them to flee what are the chances they take Misty with them? – You are not sure. There’s a chance that
if this one wanted to it would just drag Misty away. – Disengage, wait right? – I like that. Can I be like, stop, go, go! – Cool, so you yell stop. Do you think Kingston more wants them to let go of Misty or wants them to move? – More to let go of Misty. – You see that both, the
one of them lets go of Misty and they both slink back into the water. – Further back out of that spot or? Or they’re they’re still in there? – They’re still in those spots. They have not left but
they have let go of Misty. And it looks like that
they are fully stopping. So on their turn, the way command works, is on their turn they’re
going to do that action. Hell yeah, that’s huge. Pete, that’s gonna be you. – Okay, I am going to try to run and jump. I’m gonna try to use my
action and a dash action to get as close forward as I can. – Okay, go ahead and give
me an athletics check. – Cool. Advantage, right so strength. Nat 20. (group cheering) – Holy. – Thank you cockroach. – Somebody like the cockroach. – One, two, three, four, five, six and you’re just leaping as far as you can. That’s a nat 20. Go ahead and give me a wild
magic surge real quick. – Great. What is it, up to four? – Now it’s just one. It resets. – Three. – Three, okay cool. I’m gonna say on a nat
20 that you insanely, you see that your boots split open and flame shoots out of
them like rocket boots. You land and reach onto the
edge of the panel right here. So you don’t land all the way on it but you, (grunts) bam! And land there. Rat king goes, dirty scoundrel. – And I don’t get any like duck movement or anything left, I
probably used everything. – You used your full action movement, everything on that insane athletics check to get over there. – Get a tetanus shot when we’re done. – Rad, that’s going to be… That’s now insane.
– Yeah, that was wild. – You can’t get your
legs together in unison so you kind of wave your hands in the air and rocket over and grab onto the edge. Ricky, that’s gonna be you. – It seems like these two have stopped. – [Brennan] That one’s still
controlled by Misty, yeah. – You’re on my back right?
– Yeah. – I want to grab them and
go as far forward as I can. Can I grab both of them and move? – That’s gonna be an
intense athletics check. I mean, Misty’s very small. Misty’s like 4’10”.
– Yeah. – Give me, I’ll call it
a DC 20 athletics check to try and scoop them both up. – And I have advantage on
athletics checks right now and I’m blessed and I
have bardic inspiration. (group cheering) – Hell yes! – Don’t use the bardic
inspiration unless you have to. – Okay, I’ll wait then. – [Ally] Good call. – I already beat it. – You fireman, New York’s
bravest over one shoulder. You got Kugrash, you pick
Misty up and you can go. This guy’s gonna get an
attack of opportunity on you as you leave the space. Hits.
– Okay. Do I do, can I do anything? – You’re carrying them both no sweat but this guy hits you
for 17 points of damage and you’re also restrained,
you cannot move. – Okay, and so I’m still carrying them? – You’re carrying them. You haven’t used an action but
in your attempt to move away, this guy didn’t get an
attack on anyone else since the alligators last went did he? No.
– No, he got sentinel. – He got sentinel, right. – Can you trow them? – He’s fully got you restrained so you get thrown off your balance. One of your legs is in its mouth. – Gotcha, would it be crazy
to throw them on this? – Hell yes!
– Yeah! – Make another athletics check for me. – Just tossing a pixie and a rat. – I’m gonna say another DC 20. – So that’s 10, 16 plus
bardic inspiration, 17. – These two guys get over here. – And that’s my turn, right? – That’s your turn, yeah. That’s going to be the alligators. This guy’s gonna come for Ricky again. Now rolling advantage
’cause he’s already got you in his jaws. – Oh really? 49, I’m at 32. – Okay, okay. That’s more than I start with. – Hang on before you say anything out loud I’m gonna look at the alligator
that just attacked Ricky and say, you’re ugly too, you’re all ugly. And I take away five points
from whatever roll you just did. – You just saved Ricky’s life. You see that this thing has your leg and it goes to wrench you
into the water down deep. Misty turns around, as you whip around you guys see that a shade
of poison moves around the edge of Misty’s lips and tongue and a dart of spectral fey
energy hits the alligator in the side of the head and it goes. No, me beautiful! – You’ll never make it in this
city, you’ll never make it! – You see it looks over to the wall where there’s a small
poster of an alligator in a Broadway musical (cries). Ricky, you are not hit
for any extra damage. – It would’ve been over 30? – It would have– – Drowned?
– Dragged him under. – It would’ve dragged him under, yeah. Or it would’ve been so bad. – Am I hit for anything? – You’re not hit for any damage. These two alligator each
take a little step back scared of Kingston. What does the Crown of
Madness alligator do? – It has to be a melee
attack within somebody within range of him so
he’s gonna continue– – He can’t move? – He can move but like, the movement is not gonna be enough
to get the rat king. – What about the one eating me? – Oh yeah, can he attack the one that continues to eat Ricky? – Yeah, he can swing
over here and go that. – Yeah, so I’ll have him do that. – He actually rushes over, hits that dude and grabs that guy and
pulls him under the water. – We’re really running these alligators. – Am I still grabbed by it? – That’s interesting
’cause you’re restrained by an alligator who is also restrained. So yes, you are still in
the jaws of that alligator but that alligator’s in the
jaws of another alligator. You’re on your butt with your
legs going into the water. – Awful. – Yeah terrifying. – And the water’s still rising. That’s gonna be Sofia. – Okay, so I’m frozen,
what does that mean? – The water is rising around you. I’m gonna need you to make
another wisdom saving throw. – Another wisdom saving throw, okay. – You have bardic inspiration.
– Yeah, I know. – And you are blessed. – Okay. Oh God! – [Ally] What was it? – Threes.
– All threes. Threes across the board. – 12?
– I got a 12. – You got a 12? – Um-hum. – That’s exactly the DC. (group cheering) So you feel the water rising. You look, see Ricky surrounded by gators as the water is rising
up above his platform. It gets to here and you hear
a voice in your head say, hey. – Hey.
– What you gonna do? What are you going to do? The water gets here, (screams). You snap out of the spell. – I’m gonna that panel. – Hell yeah. – And then do I get actions still? – No, it’s the end of your turn so it’s your full action
to get out of the spell. – Gotcha, okay. – So that’s gonna be Kugrash. – Cool, I actually realize, so is this guy fully under the water or does he have Ricky and
he’s kind a like up a– – His back half if being dragged under by the other alligator. – Got it, but his mouth is still up. He at the end of his turn
has to do a deck saving throw or take 2d6 fire damage
from the flaming spear. – Oh, ’cause he’s restrained ’cause the flaming spear’s on him. So he’s gotta make a deck saving throw. – [Brian] And if he’s restrained– – He fails. – Dope, so he takes six damage
on that turn, and then I– – I’m gonna, sorry, roll a wisdom save for the Crown of Madness one real quick. – Oh, yes please. – Fails again.
– Great. – Okay, then I’m gong– – You look great in the crown. Keep wearing it. – Thank you, thank you. – Then I’m gonna hop up here. – [Brennan] So that’s
gonna be five, 10, 15 cool. – Cool, then this is a little
bit of a funky use of this cantrip but thorn whip
allows you to, if you hit, to pull something 10 feet closer to you. I’m trying to use it to
essentially get around its mouth to open it up so Ricky can
get his foot out to pull him. – Oh, you want to use it
to move his jaw 10 feet. – Break him from his restraint. – And what’s that? It’s normally an attack roll. Is there any opposed elements. – It’s a spell attack roll. – I’m gonna have to do
a spell attack to hit and to do this alternate use it’s gonna be his strength
versus your wisdom. – Okay.
– Cool. Go ahead and roll to hit first of all. – Okay. So much, 25 – Hell yeah, you definitely hit. You’ve gotta beat a 10
with a wisdom check. – Come on plus five! – Do you have bless or no? – No, he’s not blessed. – I got a goddamn eight. – But you still do the damage. – I do just one D6 though. Three damage. – This alligator’s looking up. You get a whip around its mouth and it’s also being pulled
by this other alligator but it’s not letting go of Ricky’s leg. – We’ve not killed a single
thing in this fight yet. Constantly underwater. – Jesus Christ. The rat king goes, very well,
you wish to test the metal of the rodent monarch, hiya! And a wave or rats descends on you and as it goes to you, you
see that this weird sense of like a purring cat energy surrounds you and the rats all squeak
off, doesn’t hit you. But you do see as the rats part you see the face of the
angel of Bethesda Fountain within the rats for a second. – Em, Emma? – Em. – That’s going to now be… So the rat king attacks, misses. That’s going to be Misty. – Well, I’m gonna get up as high as I can and I’m actually gonna
break my Crown of Madness so that I can cast a second
level heal wounds on myself. – Okay. – One, two three. So that’s 15 movement right there. You make an athletics check? – Yeah, I’ll do an athletics check. Two 17s. – Hell yeah. You hop up here on this
tall one next to your fey lightness of foot. You are standing there next to Kingston on top of that tall platform. You’ve cured wounds, cool. – Second, sorry I’ll just, great! – So you break the Crown of Madness. That’s now going to be,
Kingston that’s you. – Ricky, what are you at?
– 32. – But he has two on him. – It’s the getting dragged. – Are you still restrained? – Yeah. – Can I see this one?
– Yeah. – Okay, great I’d like to command, again let’s just keep
the command parade going. (Emily laughs) – You’re bossy today. – I’m telling a lot of
alligators what to do today. – What do you say to this alligator? – Let him go, let go! – Slinks back into the water. Ricky your head comes up above water. That’s gonna be Pete. Unless, Kingston are
you doing anything else? – Get him, Pete! – Okay, I am going to
reach in past the squirming disgusting rats and grab Em. If I use shock and grasp
to electrocute her metal am I hurting her at all or
am I just burning the rats that are forming on the
outside of the metal? – I will allow you to make a… Just roll a charisma check to see if you can use
that spell in that way and feel free to add blessed to it. – Cool. 17, one and then a plus five, yeah. – You start thinking like, what are the limitations of my magic? I’m what? I’m the fox phantasm? What is this? And then you hear a voice saying, dreams are anything you make them. – Cool, yeah so I reach in
and I just electrocute Em trying to hurt this rat thing. Maybe I lift hoist myself in first. – You can actually, if you
wanna grab and sort of use the statue to hoist yourself in. – Cool, yeah yeah. – Let’s do this. Roll me an athletics check. We’ll say that to beat a 10 means that you hoist yourself up. To beat a 15 means you’re
like, yanking the statue. You’re able to yank the statue
out but you’ll do damage either way through shock and grasp. – Okay, cool. Come on! Ah, six. – Okay, but you roll blessed with that. – I mean, yeah. – Two, eight. – Eight, cool. You grab onto the statue. You’re still hanging
off of it over the side. Go ahead and roll your
damage for shock and grasp. – It’s a D8 I think.
– Yes. – All right. One, no! – Wait a minute, I forgot. Your wild magic surge– – Yeah, my dog. – Your dog. Roll that athletics check one more time. – I’m gonna use the good dice. 15?
– 15. – Oh, with a blessed, yeah. One, 16. – 16, you see that you
don’t do that much damage with shock and grasp but the rats let go just enough and you plunge into the
water with a beautiful angel. – Ooh! – You are under the angel statue. It is so heavy. You go deep in the water with the angel. – What, no not yes! – Oh no. – You’re underwater my good
man with the angel statue. But you see the rat king goes, my bride! My bride to be! And screams in horror. You have successfully rested
the angel out of the rat king. That’s going to be, that’s so cool. You see that your dog begins to disappear. Get you back, kid. One day I’ll kill ya, one
day I’ll kill ya for sure. – What?
– Bad dog. – Do your wild magic
search for shock and grasp. – Oh yeah, roll a shock and grasp. – It’s up to what?
– Now it’s up to two. Back to two. Six, nine.
– Cool. That’s going to be– – What a world.
– What a world. That’s going to be Ricky. – Okay, I’m all free now?
– All free. – Ricky’s kind of, this is maybe… Ricky’s gonna go as far
forward as possible. – And I believe you’re
still, no you got commanded. I let you go, you’re
not restrained anymore. – So to here and then– – Just for, because that’s
a lot of difficult terrain just give me the athletics
to make sure you can do it. – He can do advantage. – [Brennan] You roll advantage. – What do I need? – A 15. – Oh, that was a seven,
yeah I eventually got it. – Cool, dope. You hope up there. – And then I’m gonna look at the rat king and command while pointing at the panel and say reverse. – Awesome. This is for sure going
to be a box of doom roll. Let’s get that box of doom. The rat king is gonna save
against a suggestion cast from– – A command! – Oh sorry, a command
from the questing blade of our paladin Ricky Matsui. The DC’s 13, the rat king gets a plus two. On an 11 or higher this rat king saves. 10 or lower it fails. Six!
(group cheering) Gleaming light of civic responsibility echoes from your ax. What does Ricky say to the rat king? – Reverse! – So he says, my God those rippling abs, those silky pectorals, we must reverse the water’s flow, and begins to turn towards the panel. That is going to be the alligators. No Crown of Madness. – [Zac] He’s been commanded? – I commanded him to let go. – To let go which he did. These two guys are back in it. – Still got mirror and a jump. – [Ally] Oh yeah. – [Brian] I am cursed for that so– – So is just an even 33%? – So I roll and if I have three guys then if I get six or higher
then they attack that dude. – That dude, okay. – Got a 14 so– – So one of them bites– – One of them gets attacked and they have an AC of
10 plus my dex modifier so they have 14. If they get hit then they’re gone. – First one of your
mirror images vanishes. – Cool, Naruhodo style. Substitutioned you too. Then I roll again, eight or
higher, they hit the second one. – Okay, eight or higher
they hit the second one. – 17. – Cursed no more. – And their AC is 14, right? Misses
– Yes! – [Brennan] Roll again. – Do my dance with two of us. 16!
– Let’s see. Successfully hits it, he’s gone. Last one just making an attack
against the real Kugrash. – Still doing the dance by myself. I feel like I need to continue with this. – Everybody do the Kugrash. – And misses you. (group cheering) You guys look down and see this little rat this little thing all four
alligators come out and. Oh yeah, you’re doing some like real ’80s moon dance kind of stuff. Real Thriller, incredible. – He’s nasty but he’s good. – Yeah, I got like attached to a guy to do a wave and he pops–
(Emily laughs) – That’s amazing. Sofia it’s gonna be you. – Okay, so the rat king’s
going to reverse the panel but he hasn’t pressed it yet or anything? – Hasn’t pressed it yet, no. – But I don’t want to attack him because if I attack him
that’s gonna stop him from pressing the panel, right? – This guy takes 2d6, fire spear. Five.
– Cool. That one’s looking extremely. Yeah, what’s Sofia gonna do? – I don’t know. I think that I don’t want him
to stop doing the panel thing but I don’t really have
anything else to do. – You could go for the panel too. – He’ll know how to do
it better than I can. I guess I’ll just swim
down and try and drag Pete and the angel up. I don’t really have good strength though. I don’t really know what to do here. – You gotta make the call. You could also get to that
platform and ready an action. – Okay, that’s what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna try and hop up onto that thing and then leap across. – [Brennan] So you’re gonna get up here– – I wanna leap across and ready an action for as soon as he presses
reverse, then I attack him. – Let me just get my little
jump calculator out here. – Jump calculator, by Texas Instruments. (all laughing) – You know, you’re not always
gonna have a jump calculator in your pocket. You’ve gotta figure out
how to do it on your own. – That’s what they told me in high school. – Okay, that’s gonna be a 22. – Nice, leap and you’d
have to spend your movement and your action getting up out
of the water, leaping across. Let me see, we have movement of 40, right? – [Emily] Yeah, movement of 40. – [Brennan] So you go five, 10, 15– – I also have, if I have a DC15 things aren’t
difficult terrain for me. – Oh that’s right. Yes, yes, yes so that’s actually one, two. You’ve fully make it across
and you can ready your action. – [Emily] Okay, so I’m gonna attack him as soon as he presses the button. – Cool, and readying an action means you won’t get your bonus
action just as an FYI. – Okay, well that’s my fate. – Such is life. – Such is life, it is what it is is what I’ve learned. (all laughing) – That’s going to be, Pete. You go all the rest of the way down and this angel has
pinned you to the bottom underneath all the water. I’m gonna need you to, I know
it’s not your turn right now but make a constitution
saving throw for me. – Five. – You can try to add
blessed to that if you want. You gotta beat a 10. – Eight. – Wait, you have constitution plus two. – Oh cool, 10. – Oh yeah! – So you do not begin to drown. It pins you and you move your
stomach at the last second but you are like trapped
under this giant angel statue in this piss horrible sewer water. That’s going to be Kugrash. That’s you baby. – All right, later gators. Misty style, outta here. I’m gonna go 30 feet as close as I can get to where I guess I heard
or saw Pete fall off and then I would like to. – So that’s 30 feet. – And then I would like
to, that’s a bonus action, so I’d like to wild shape
into a reef shark in the air. – Sick!
– Yeah! – [Brennan] Hell yeah. – [Zac] Is this saltwater? – [Brian] It’s a disgusting shark. – [Emily] Yeah, yeah of course. – It’s a sewer shark. And then I wanna speed of 40. I’ve already used an action
so it’s just the one movement. So just just 40 feet
to try to get down to. – Awesome. You get down all the way to Pete. You get your jaws on the side of the– – I’m like (screams). – I’m trying to give a Kugrash wink. I do my dance. – But you don’t know, you
just saw a shark show up. – That famous shark wink. (all laughing) – Yeah, a shark that winks. – You guys see the water rises this is the last point here. The gators start swimming towards you and the rat king goes, quickly
(mimics panel beeping). And as the gators are about to pounce the water level recedes
and drops them back down. So, the water went up and
comes back down to this level. – Okay, and then Sofia Bikes comes in and takes a hit at this dude. – Go for it. – Well, 20’s gonna hit, right? – 20 definitely hits. Go ahead and roll damage. – I don’t even need my blessed, all right. – These rats are wearing full
plate and plus one shields. – It’s gonna be 10! – Jesus! You see the rat king
says, very well to reverse what wonderful man, wham! Your shin, knee, foot,
you get your whole leg right in the meat of this rat king. – I practiced a little more Ty. I got thick shins. – And you can feel its one
tail just split a little bit under you kicking it. He goes, (screams) the royal tail! And that’s going to– – I’m freeing all you little. – Don’t become his new bride. – Oh, I don’t know. I’ve been rejected by pigeons. If someone showed me a little bit of love I might go for it.
– it’s gonna be Misty. – The rat king is less than
60 feet away from me, right? – Um-hmm. – Great, so I would like to
cast phantasmal force on him. He has to do an intelligence saving throw. And then on a failed save I create a phantasmal object creature
or other visible phenomenon. So let me know if he succeeds. – He does not succeed. – Great, so I would like to conjure a real scary looking rat catcher. (Brennan laughs) And a creature that I create. They do 1d6 psychic damage to the target if it’s in the phantom’s area. – Go ahead and roll 1d6
– Great. Six!
– Nice. – You see that you hit it
and you see across from you a shining beautiful man in
clearly a rat catcher’s costume with perfect white teeth and a big pole with a rat catching
thing on the end of it. – Is that Ricky? – You see he goes, ♪ Gotta catch, gotta catch ♪ and (grunts) slams, blood goes everywhere. – Darling, you’re selling it! I believe every word! – I actually went and got
coffee with a cousin of mine who’s a real rat catcher and
told me all about the part. – Yes, yes do that work. Acting is work, acting is work. – That’s going to be Kingston. – Great, I’m gonna cast
guiding bolt on the rat king. – Hell yeah, what does that do? – I make arraigned spell attack and if it hits I make 46 radiant damage and the next attack made against
the target has advantage. – Wow! – Right, let’s see how this goes. – Oh, 19? – 19 hits.
– Great. Six, six, one, one. – Whoa what a ride. – An exactly average roll. How much damage is that? – Wow, 14– – Fuckin’ average, dude. – Average as hell. So 14 damage and then the next attack roll made
against him has advantage. – He can’t be looking good. We got him with a scorching ray earlier. You get all that in? – Get ready. – Cool, Pete that’s you. So you’re partially drowning, you’re under this angel, you see the shark doesn’t appear to be attacking you but you’re just underwater. What does Pete do? And also you’re face to face with the angel statue
right now by the way. You’re trapped under this thing, it’s like a beautiful statue although you see that she is now frozen in a pose of someone weeping. – Okay, I feel like this has all just been so shocking and scary I’m gonna in a haze even though I should
get out and save myself cast detect thoughts on her. – You cast detect thoughts. In this insane moment
of danger for yourself you reach into this place of empathy and you’re suddenly for a moment floating in the dream realm again and you see a little smiling orphan child with gray skin, black eyes
look up at you and smile. And as creepy as this
is, and it’s a creepy kid it just looks so serene and pleased. And you see it says,
everyone that ever came here had a dream. And it looks and you see
the Bethesda Fountain being built and the
angel being placed there for the first time and you see it says, the angel of the waters,
the fountain of purification and healing where all
things can be born anew. That’s what dreams are. They’re the one thing
that connects us all. I’m glad that you wanted
to know her dreams. And you (gasps) breathe in some water only are blinded by two
shining white lights and just as soon as the
water entered your lungs it exits as a metal hand touches
yours shoulder and chest. And you see that the two
blinding white lights are the eyes of the angel glowing white. And you see even under the water you are detecting her thoughts and thus can hear her. She says, I’m the angel of
the friggin’ water, kid. I would never let hurt you. Let’s get out of here. – Cool
– Yeah, Em! – So and the shark feel
the angel start to move. Your desire to understand
the thoughts of this being have awoken it from
whatever it was binding. – Cool. – Ricky, that’s you. – I’m going to just ready an action to attack any alligators that come near. – Hell yeah. So you ready an action. The alligators do. Cool. You get free attack on one ’cause you have a written action readied. – And none of them came into my sentinel. – No, they’re like jumping. They’re out of your reach
by the time they get there. – Yeah, that’s like a 23. – Go ahead. The beefy boy that you’ve been doing the flaming spear
damage to you hit him. – Great. I hit him for 10. – 10, he is looking so fucking hurt. – We haven’t even killed him yet? – But he’s gonna jump
up and make an attack. He’s gonna make it with disadvantage ’cause he’s jumping up. That’s a miss. Jumping up to hit Kingston, that’s a miss. Two of them are jumping after Misty. – Man, they really like you. – What can I tell you, I’m a star. – She’s a cute little pixie. She’s like a snack to them. – Yeah, they all are leaping up but you’re a little bit
too high out of the water and you’re staying away from the edge. Snap, snap, snap, snap, snap! – Shoo, shoo! Get out of here, shoo! – You guys see that Pete explodes out of the water. This angel flies, drops
you on the platform next to the rat king, circles around, lands on the platform here and is going to… Heals Ricky Matsui for 17 hit points. – Oh wow, I’m back at 49. – The angel looks around and says, hi it’s real nice of you guys. You see she looks over
and says, hey there Sofie! – Hi Em! I’m glad to see you doing well. – Well I’m covered in toilet paper but other than that I’m feeling all right. – You still look good, you wear it well. – Oh, thank you. That’s going to be Kugrash. – Wait, isn’t it Sofie? Don’t I have a turn? – Oh sorry, yes you do have a turn. Yes, yes, yes. – So I essentially want to
take out my little comb, my little hair styling comb and start going at these tails trying to get the tangles out. (all laughing) – So good at styling rats. – Go for it. Roll me some attacks. – Okay. Oh, and I’m blessed, okay. – And doesn’t it have disadvantage. – Does a 14 hit? – You have advantage
on a first attack roll. – Ooh, okay good I’m gonna need that. Okay, does a 17 hit? – 17 hits. – 10
– 10 damage roll. Any other attacks you’re doing? – Yeah, I’m gonna… So that is 18 gonna hit right? – 18 hits. – That’s gonna be eight and
then burn another key point, slap him again. That’s gonna hit. So then for a seven. – You see as Em waves over you you see Sofia reaches to
the little pack on her belt whips out a de-tangler,
a nail file, spray. He says, what? What are you doing? What devilry is this? – If it’s your wedding
you gotta look good. – No, no! And you see just muscling in there. Sofie bites, the tails,
grime all over your arm. Our tail, our tail, our tail, our tail! Our tails, our tails! And the rats scatter, their tail untangled as the crown falls to
the ground before you. – I barf. I’m right there and I barf. I throw up a bunch of
water that I’d swallowed. – Seawater.
– Full barf. – Can I grab the crown
just to hold onto it. – Yes, absolutely you can grab the crown. – I’m sorry I just barfed on it. – Kugrash, that’s you baby. – Sweet, okay I’m a shark right now. (all laughing) – Maybe we should but
the crown on the shark. – Okay, so there’s still four dudes there. Can I poke my little shark
head up out of the water and see if these guys
still look aggressive now that the rat isn’t? – They don’t look as
focused as they did before. – I’m gonna snap out of wild shape and I’m gonna try to reverse the spell. Try to use animal handling or something. – [Brennan] Cool. – Actually, you know what? Can I shark, try to jump up there and tell Sofie, or just tell, can you throw the crown to me? – Yeah, if you just swim under
me I can drop it onto you. – Cool, you swim. Give me a little athletics
check to pop up there. And I think you’re also
a swimming creature so do it with advantage. – The athletics of the shark. – He’s only, doesn’t have that much. 11.
– Okay, you slump partially over the side. You’re too big for the platform and Pete has to jump out of the way. But you’re kind of hanging over the side but Sofie does drop this
giant crown on your head. – Sweet, I turn back into Kugrash so that I’m now a rat king and then I say, my children you have a new
non-douchebag king now. Stop attacking your fellow friends of. – Go ahead and roll animal
handling with advantage. – Yeah come on! – 25, 25. – So you see that the shark flops over, turns into a rat, you have
this giant crown on your head. King of New York baby! You turn to them and say that. You see all the alligators go (moans). And you see they all
so hungry but they obey and begin to swim down. Three of them just submerge as the water gets sucked out. This giant sewer grate here you see that one of them pops it up. You see them whirl pooling and you see that all the alligators are just very content but a little sad and are flushed down this drain together. You see the last one goes, (grunts). – I am so sorry, this sucks. – Is that rat still going
after the phantom cheese? – You see that there are mostly
a pile of drowned rats there but you see that there’s one rat, this little cheese there that is crawling over the dead bodies of his companions. You see he says, I must brave on soldier. Your king’s orders, cheese for the crown. Long you have come, long
you have tarried here Let your hand be the hand. And you see he reaches the hand up. Pete, you feel your spell, it is just a minor illusion of cheese. You could pump a little
bit more juice into it to make it a little bit
realer if you wanted to. – I do that. – His hand touches a little
piece of solid cheese and he goes, a life spent
in service to a cause is the life I have chosen. My king, the cheese is yours. And collapses on the other rats. – I’m watching rats so that I can use this in my next performance. (all laughing) – I move the flaming spear over to them. A viking funeral for my brothers. – Y’all gotta get me the out of here. I am done with this sewer,
we were at a nice party. – Kugrash is weeping. They were tricked. – Honestly, not safe to be down here in close space with burning rats. – Do you have any antibiotics on you? – No! – I wish I had that nip of Smirnoff now. – And then I’m gonna put the toasted rats down the drain so that
the crocs can eat them. – Toasted rats? – Yeah, a bunch of toasted
rats go down the drain. You hear some hungry
alligators go, thank you! – Least I could do. – The rat king is defeated and you see that the control
panel as Pete and Sofie she’s at the control
panel opens both the door that you guys came through
and this upper door here. – Cool. – Wow.
– Wild. – What were we doing? The wedding! (all laughing) – Our plus ones. – We should talk to the statue. – You see Em looks around and says, first of all, I’m so sorry. You guys came here from a wedding? That is so thoughtful. – Yeah well, I mean this was
also supposed to be a wedding. – I mean honestly also
like, we give it three years you know what I’m saying? It’s one of those weddings. You go with the formality. – You wanna leave a note and be like if this ends within a year
can I get the gift back? – Lifespan of a pigeon, right? – Oh, yeah that’s true– – Oh, that’s true the pigeon might die. – And pixies always look for money was it for pigeon money? – She says, look I gotta get back to the fountain, all right? Something came and tore me off. The rat king was there and
he dragged me away but– – But it wasn’t the rat king? – Something else did it? – No, nothing else. To tear me off of that fountain you would need powerful magic. – Do you think it was infernal? – Could be, yeah could’ve been infernal but maybe something else. Listen, I gotta get back to my fountain. You guys know your way out of the sewers? – Yeah.
– I’m sure Kug can. – Come talk to me at the fountain anytime. You’re all sweethearts. – Oh babes, since you’re an angel of water you couldn’t clean us up
a little bit could you? – What am I some two bit cherub? No, I’m the angel of the
waters of healing, bless. And fire hose blasts you guys. You are clean as daisies. You even smell kinda nice. So sort of like the park in spring, little bit of flowers on the air. You are fully drenched, it is
water, it is not, not water. – Can I roll to see how much of that $1000 worth of blow was ruined? (all laughing) – Roll me a D20. – And then it wasn’t ruined. – You want high, not low. – What’s that? – You want a high roll here not a low one. – I look at you and say,
this backpack situation you really make it work and I give you– – Bardic inspiration? Bardic inspiration. – That’s six?
– Yeah. – 16.
– 20! You look, the cling wrap is still there. – Okay cool. – Come talk to me at the
fountain any time, dears. I owe you one. And don’t think that I would be mad if you called in that favor, know that. Kisses.
– Appreciate you. – Spreads her wings and
flies out of the sewers. The rat king defeated you hold his crown in your hands and somewhere the wedding of Angela Confetti and
Ronald Pigeon continues. Tune in next time for
another exciting episode of “The Unsleeping City”. – Angela, you’re making a huge mistake. – Ronald pigeon. – (laughs) Nice. Guys, that’s all for this
chapter of “Dimension 20”. But wait, more full
episodes call out to you from the realms beyond Will you come to their aid and sign up for your free trial today? You arrive in the manhole cover that you exited from back near the ramble where you can presume that the reception for the wedding is just beginning and you see Bethesda
Fountain cracked in half.

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