Ratatouille All Cutscenes | Full Game Movie (PS3, X360)

Ratatouille All Cutscenes | Full Game Movie (PS3, X360)

all right now you’re clean pal move it
along hey little brother you finished yet just
about dad can’t a rat work in peace around here be careful not to wake up
the old lady cuz we got to get those charms collected before her nap times
over as charms to be collected boys so get moving
it’s a plane out loud and me’ll stop eating all our supplies whoa
what’s the plug granny keep an eye on your brother make sure he leaves
something for the rest of us why are you walking like that because I
eat with these pawns well go ahead but that won’t like it last thing he wants
is for you to act human yeah I know fine come on I know where there’s a bunch of
charms and I can show you some sweet moves along the way you know you can
whip your tail to break stuff that’s pretty cool huh give it a try you can
even use it on enemies yeah if you can hit them come on try it out now watch
and learn sometimes when things are too strong a tail swipe won’t affect them so
you got to use something explosive I can pick up and place these peppers anywhere
I want and then put it down when I’m ready to use it hey hey how do you know all this stuff
anyway my knowledge knows no bounds the only thing boundless about you is
your appetite these things are easy to use just jump on ain’t go to town so you
use this kind of springboard you got a hold down your jump before you release let’s try that again
ah now use the same springboard to join me whenever you come to a wall or a pipe
just jump towards it and grab on like this well once you do that you could
climb it all day long meet you at the top little brother gotta
get these things out of the way but they’re too dangerous to touch so be
careful this thing repels all swarms so you can pass safely now you give it a
try you can use these to get around in a hurry if you want to jump on top just do
this you can cross dangerous areas
get rid of enemies not to mention it’s a whole lot of fun now let’s see if you
have as much grace as I do so you see the pretty sparkles well jump where they
are and you’ll end up exactly where you want to be cool huh let’s see what you
got you have to balance while you’re on this and be careful if you lose your
balance it’s over if Lammas your rat check this out Remy grab it pull back
and release the launch yourself now watch the master soar why’d you want to
come up here again well I need your help with what this it’s a cookbook by
Auguste Cousteau my favorite chef with all sorts of mouth-watering delicacies
Wow I didn’t know you could read just come
on we’ll get it now and I’ll tell you more later your life rémi loves the simple life of the
country behind and came to Perry where life is much more complicated you’re not real I look why am I talking
to an illustration from a book a schism wha I am chef Auguste gusto I know who
you are but by silence I look there so one of me do you recognize these plays
I’m not certain but yes go on is it the back door to do stones the
most famous restaurant in all of Paris all of France
what into say did you leave me here hi
aren’t you just a figment of my imagination we I am heaping of your
imagination but inspiration comes to us all especially yes the critics have
dropped my restaurant from five stars to four I believe you want poppy ami can
help me get that star back rebuild Gusteau’s I think I can handle that
oh well done Remy well done perhaps you can also use your nose to find other
ants let’s see dark smelly black the perfect
place for a colony of rats well this is Greece you’re back home we thought we’d
never see you again oh wait till dad finds out Remy
thank goodness you’re alive dad it’s great to see you too but what are you
doing here we’re here because of your harebrained
scheme back at the cottage it’s hard to move a village you know sorry dad but
I’m here now and I want to help all right follow me and we’ll get to work Oh baby find a hon spot to signal to the other
rats great either I hit my head harder than I
thought or you’re the rat that helped me with the soup but but why how well it
doesn’t matter the thing is I could use a tiny chef like you around the kitchen
how about I promise not to chase you anymore and you promised to teach me to
cook okay then it’s a deal you know I think this might be the start
of something very special can you start tomorrow yeah right my friend is a market where every
great dish begins beware of humans if they notice or catch
its avoir ready here we have the fish and produce candles at Lake boulangerie
for our baked goods and labor share the butcher for omelets are you ready to get
some food is that a trick question I’m always ready for good food quickly before skinnier sees you I’ve
got you this time poor linguini see ASSA chefs into have
left him to complete the dinner rush alone but one chefs crisis maybe another
chef’s opportunity you must help him run ready as I’ll ever be
that he is wrestling a lobster by the stove very Fitness er there and Rize bear I get you little boy easy making all well little chef it looks like Gusteau’s
is ruined so with Gusteau’s closed down the spirit
of the place the soul of great cooking lives on cuz linguini and I understand
something that Skinner never will it is something the DOE preached his whole
life anyone can cook but only The Fearless can be great I did it you you you you you you you you

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  3. Alex | Ben Stiller
    Marty | Chris Rock
    Melman | David Schwimmer
    Gloria | Jada Pinkett Smith
    King Julien | Sacha Baron Cohen
    Maurice | Cedric The Entertainer
    Mort | Andy Richter
    Skipper | Tom McGrath
    Kowalski | Chris Miller
    Private | Christopher Knights
    Mason | Conrad Vernon

  4. John Bennett | Mark Wahlberg
    Lori | Mila Kunis
    Ted | Seth MacFarlane
    Rex | Joel McHale
    Donny | Giovanni Ribisi
    Guy | Patrick Warburton
    Thomas | Matt Walsh
    Tami-Lynn | Jessica Barth
    Robert | Aedin Mincks
    Frank | Bill Smitrovich
    Narrator (voice) | Patrick Stewart
    Norah Jones | Norah Jones
    Sam Jones | Sam J. Jones
    Himself | Tom Skerritt
    Young John | Bretton Manley
    John's Dad | Ralph Garman
    John's Mom | Alex Borstein

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