Real 360° Roller Coaster Amusement Ride in Fort Fun Germany

Real 360° Roller Coaster Amusement Ride in Fort Fun Germany

Hey guys, welcome to YouTube channel 3D-VR-360 with almost 1 million subscribers. I recorded a 360-degree video on my GoPro fusion camera in 4k video resolution and full stabilized image. Enjoy this smooth 360 rollercoaster ride captured in Germany. It’s the “Speed Snake” with two corkscrews and two inversions surrounded by a beautiful forest. So are you ready? 3 2 1 GO! Don’t forget it’s 360 😉 Hope you enjoyed this ride 😉

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  1. Можно в видео

  2. Wow It’s almost like I’m there but I’m not

  3. Ready for another roller coaster ride!!!!WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!??❤

  4. Who else only looked at his hand? ?

  5. I‘m from Germany!

  6. I watched this probably about 6 times? Glad I'm subbed and thank you.?

  7. Great video. Great quality ?

  8. WOW!!!…How cool!!!…

  9. Too bad u can’t use this on pc , on pc ur forced to use windows mixed reality or a vr game , but you can use vr portal to watch it on yt but it won’t cover the whole screen

  10. THIS IS NOT 360

  11. a no mames tengo arto lag en youtube :vvvv

  12. I looked back and noticed I'm alone lmao

  13. It is not happening in s8

  14. Woooooooo pude mover la pantalla

  15. I'm I the only one who screamed?

  16. Who else just looked at em selves

  17. Very good video: a real roller coaster ??

  18. How do you do this

  19. Bb bb bb bbb bb b bbb b bb bb bbbn

  20. m me gustan tus vídeos me gusta de 360 y quiero secso

  21. Nice i'm invisible ???

  22. This is fun !!!?❤?

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