Real Life Knight Rider: Fan Spends £18,000 Recreating Iconic Car

Real Life Knight Rider: Fan Spends £18,000 Recreating Iconic Car

COMM: Knight Rider, a classic 1980’s TV series in which David Hasselhoff fought crime with
the help of his talking car. COMM: This is the story of one man’s ten year crusade to build his own personal replica
of Michael Knight’s iconic vehicle, Kitt. COMM: He’s Scott Bainbridge and he lives in Newcastle upon Tyne in the north of England. Scott: Knight Rider’s sort of a combination between technology and a cool car. So when
you bring those two together, I just fell in love with it, all the cool lights on
the dashboard, the scanner light and the car they use is a great looking car to begin with,
so it just really won me over. COMM: In 2004, Scott bought a wrecked Pontiac Trans Am and after ten years work and an outlay
of £18,000, has transformed it into a stunning replica of Kitt. Scott: I wouldn’t say there’s one specific thing I like about the car on its own, it’s
sort of a combination of everything, I mean it’s black, it’s sleek and you’ve got all
the custom stuff on the inside. Everything works really well. COMM: When Scott began his project 10 years ago, his Pontiac looked very different to
how it looks today. Scott: : I first got the car back in 2004, it arrived on a low loader and it was
in a very, very sorry state. So it’s taken me ten years to get it from what it was originally, up
to what you see now which is the whole interior has to be redone, all new dashboard, new carpets,
new wheels, and that’s just to get it to look like the Knight Rider car. Scott: But I’m also restoring a 25-year-old American car, so it’s had welding, new
doors, new wings, new windscreen, paint, everything. Everything’s been replaced. COMM: As well as fitting a 5.7 litre V8 engine, Scott has also paid special attention to recreating
the technical aspects of the original TV car. Scott: Gadget wise it’s got the full dashboard with the TVs. Kitt can talk to you… “I am the voice of Knight Industry Two Thousand’s microprocessor. K-I-T-T for easy reference, KITT if you prefer.” Scott: Gadgets planned for the future include an oil slick, a smoke screen, a grappling hook, but I don’t think it will get as far as autocruise unfortunately. COMM: Scott now takes his Kitt to Car shows and Sci-Fi events. Scott: How do I feel when I’m out driving it? It’s great, it’s I don’t pretend
to be Michael Knight and I’m fighting crime or anything like that, but it’s nice to just get
out and hear the noise and what not? COMM: And the dramatic looking vehicle always causes a stir on the roads. Woman: It just looks like Knight Rider doesn’t it? Who can’t remember Knight Rider? It’s
fab! Really good, it looks like the real thing, I love it. Man: Come inside. Wow look at this! Man: It’s a super car with all the gadgets, all the toys, absolutely everything. Everything
you could ever want. An ITs dream as well really. COMM: The 30-year-old postman says he’s become used to the amount of attention the
car generates. Scott: I get quite a lot of thumbs up and people flashing lights on their cars and people
taking pictures of me. Yeah it’s usually positive. I think it brings back a lot of
memories for people when they see Kitt cruising down the road. COMM: However, Scott is not finished yet – and still has several improvements he wants to
make to the car. Scott: Is it complete? No. All the dashboard needs to come back out soon I hope, when I
get my new set of electronics. That will take a while. Scott: There’s other little bits on the body work that need sorting out it so it
probably will be getting painted for a third time. And then I’ve got new interior panels to put in as well. Just going back to the screen accuracy thing, the plastics are a tan colour, but mine aren’t quite right so I’ve got a new set which need to go on. Scott: Do I have any plans to fit a turbo boost? No in a simple word. It might be fun getting
some air, but on the way back down I think the car would be a write off, so we’ll leave
that one off.

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  1. There's just something so sleek and mean about Kitt, I love it.. The car in its entirety with the red light bar is just unlike any other iconic vehicle.

  2. K.i.t.t is very important to everyone

  3. He looks so cool that he could play in the new movie

  4. 18,000 pounds or slightly over 25,000 dollars. A bargain compared to the 2 million dollar price tag Universal paid – source TV Guide – for the original. No details on the 2 million price so that might include the stunt cars.

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  7. That's a ruiner 2000 from gta

  8. Wow really amazing job. I agree, the old cars in these shows were iconic. Dukes of Hazzard was another. Even Airwolf.

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  15. This model is something they should reproduce with modern engines and tech but basically the same body design.

  16. Love how Sabretooth is driving KITT. But joking aside what a thoroughly decent guy and an amazing achievement. Superb!

  17. Pretty sure I saw this car drive past in Cullercoats a couple weeks ago! Unless there's another KITT roaming the streets in the area. Saw the strobe light at the front but didn't get a look at the dash when it went past where I was crossing the road. Looked great though! 😀

  18. When this show came out I was around 19 years old I was more General Lee starchy and hutch fan

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  30. the original kitt was a 1982 pontiac firebird trans am…. why people refer to the car as a trans am is weird…. the actual model is a firebird, trans am is a type of firebird

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