Real Or Fake K-Pop Bands (GAME)

Real Or Fake K-Pop Bands (GAME)

( music playing )All right, Korean pop music,
or K-pop, is hugely popular, plus it’s also ridiculous. And when things are popular
and ridiculous, we have no choice
but to bring them to you
on this show, often in game form.
It’s time for… You okay, Link?
You coughing a little bit? – I had a little–
– You got a little something? I don’t know.
Something made me cough. – Let’s get it unstuck.
– A little– a little cough
with a “k.” – Um…
– It had a pop to it. Okay, I’m gonna tell you–
uh, also you got– you got, like, you got,
like, lint on your face – from your amazing sweatshirt.
– Oh, my goodness. Just got all kinds
of things happening. – You ready?
You want to proceed?
– ( gargling ) – Gargle while you’re at it.
– Ah, yes. I’m gonna tell you about
a K-pop band… – Okay. I’m very knowledgeable
with a “k”.
– …and you’re deciding whether or not it’s real
or fake, okay? – Yes.
– And if you get three of these
right, hoo-hoo, you’re gonna have the privilege
of popping a K balloon. If we only had one.
Oh! And if you don’t,
you know who gets to pop it? – You.
– Daddy does. Um, ahem, don’t do that.
Don’t do that. – Don’t call myself “Daddy”?
– No, don’t. – Just trying it out.
You don’t like it?
– What about “Daddy” with a “K”? – “Kaddy”?
– Yeah, okay. – You can be my “Kaddy.”
– Uh, that feels a lot
different. – Okay.
– Here we go, question one. Love ’em. Oh, yes. – Is this real or fake?
– Ha– how would– how would such a succinct term
as “Weki Meki” mean something so wordy as,
“A union of girls who got
the key to their world”? I don’t speak Korean.
I don’t know.
But I’m su– – Very efficient language.
– Yeah. Um…hmm. “Weki Meki” does mean that.
True. You’re right, Link!
And here’s Weki Meki weki-ing
and meki-ing… – They’re here? Oh.
– In their video, “I Don’t Like
Your Girlfriend.” ( music playing ) ( singing in Korean ) ♪ I don’t like
your girlfriend ♪ ♪ I don’t like your girl,
what? ♪ ♪ I don’t like
your girlfriend. ♪ This what I always imagined
girls’ slumber parties
would be like. You know? And I would hear about
Leslie and Amber having
a slumber party, and it was just there
in the kitchen just… very colorful things
happening. Well, we snu–
we went to one of them.
We snuck in. – You’re not supposed
to talk about that.
– They hid us in the closet. And then we asked for food,
and they– you asked for pork and beans. And they brought you
some beans
in the closet. – I forgot all about this, man.
– And then Leslie’s mom opens the closet door
and you’re in there
eating beans. Eatin’ beans. Don’t worry,
Mrs. Peeples, I’s just enjoyin’
these beans. I’m staying away
from the girls. Yeah, no foul play. Love ’em. Of course. Wow, that’s a little
presumptuous, right? – Real or fake?
– Man, a lot of– – Dong bang.
– That– – It sounds sexy.
– Both of these have names and then another name
for the band. – Yeah.
– Hmm. – You know.
– Which is why this one
is also true. It is real.
It happened. – I’m sorry, Link,
you’re right!
– Yeah. – Wow, yes.
– ♪ Oo-ee-ow-ow-oh yeah ♪
Play it. And the song is called
“Mirotic.” ♪ You know you got it ♪ ♪ Yeah ♪ ♪ Come on, come on ♪ ♪ Come on,
come on ♪ ♪ I got you ♪ ♪ Ooh, I got blood vessels
pumping on my bicep. ♪ – Yeah.
– And came out of his neck.
That is gross! Yeah, I think the sexiness
also got lost in translation. – Unfortunately.
– Yeah, I did not see
much sexiness. But very polished,
those K-pop bands. Is that what Crossfit
is like? – You guys are into that.
– I think it is.
I think it is. I’m two for two.
I’m gonna get to pop
that balloon. Yeah, Link, I mean,
this is definitely yours
to lose at this point. – Right.
– So you’re going for the sweep. – I only listen to K-pop,
did I say that?
– Nope. Love ’em. – I was there.
– Real or fake? And it was amazing.
I caught a cat, and then I traded it in
for the pudding because I was like,
huh, I prefer the pudding. – In my mind.
– Because? – It’s fake.
– Three for three.
That’s right! This didn’t happen in Korea.
It happened at another type
of live show. – Let’s show the clip.
– It’s a static clip
known as a picture. –Yeah, Link, that– do you
remember when that happened

Yeah, I’m eating the pudding.– Rhett:Recently at the tour
of mythicality?

– Link:I’m eating the pudding.You’re throwing the cat.
– Rhett:Yeah.Link:
And that cat is either huge
or very close to the camera.
Very close to the camera.
I really catapulted that cat.
But the cat was used to it.
It’s like, “Whoa!” – I don’t throw cats, guys.
– Three for three. That means I get to pop
the balloon. – You definitely get to pop
the balloon.
– Yes! I’ll give you another–
I’ll find another balloon – to pop if you go five
for five.
– Yes! I’ll just find
something else to pop. – It won’t even be a balloon.
– Okay. I don’t catapult cats.
I just hate cats, okay? You could never throw a cat. Love ’em. – Real or fake.
– Right. And you know, they–
they tried to forge documents, uh, for a couple
of weeks there. And then a TMZ,
the Korean version got a hold of it, KMZ. And they ripped them
to shreds. This is sadly true.
This happened. You’re right, Link. Let’s show you
what these guys look like. Let’s show, let’s show. ( singing in Korean ) ♪ Without you I’m hopeless ♪ ( singing in Korean ) ♪ We know it
we need it ♪ ♪ To feel like this. ♪ ♪ None of us are Korean ♪
But that doesn’t matter. You don’t have to be Korean
to do K-pop. That’s right. You know what?
This is now a Korean
YouTube show. – Yes!
– Send us letters. – All in Korean.
– Good. Do I get to pop it yet
or do you have another one? – I have one more, Link.
– Okay. This is for the sweep– man,
hey, if you get the sweep, – you better pop the crap
out of this.
– Yes! – It better be so satisfying.
– Yes! Yeah, “Em-black.” – Real or fake?
– “Woman With a Suitcase.” Did Thunder move on
to acting? It’s “Music Boys That Live
In Absolute Quality.” But you do see them live. I have seen them live and they are absolute…ly
not real. Fake.
“Woman In a Suitcase.” “With a Suitcase.” – Link, they’re real.
– No! And here’s MBLAQ,
“Living In Absolute Quality.”Check ’em out.
And if that’s not enough
for you,
– check out Thunder
and his acting prowess.
– Yes. ( music playing ) ( inhales, exhales ) Yeah? – Seems so comfortable.
– You need no words for such
an emotive scene. Well, I think YouTube user
Marry Jane Lucero speaks for all of us
when she says… ( chuckles )
Well, he’s acting, and he’s
doing a great job at it. But you know what, Link?
You still got four out of five. You still get to pop it.
Here’s your balloon.
Here’s your needle. I don’t like to give you
sharp things, but I’m gonna give it to you
and step back. – ( pop )
– ( laughter ) – ( air hissing )
– You hear that? It’s oozing air. – ( pop )
– You hear that? That’s– you can’t use a–
you can’t use this to pop it. All right, then–
then hug pop it.
Hug pop it, Link. – ( pop )
– Both: Yeah! – ( air squealing )
– Oh, no! ( air squealing ) – I’m like a reed wraith.
– It won’t pop. – ( air squealing )
– It can’t be–
It cannot be popped. Wait, Link, Link,
more sharp things. Give me the needle.
I don’t want to use this. I think it’s gonna–
I just need a– You can put the pressure on it
and I can pop it. Make the noise again. I can’t.
I can’t find the hole. – Ready?
– ( air gushing ) ( laughter ) Man, this is like a weird
K-pop music video now.( singing in Korean )( cat meows )
♪ Catch me. ♪– Yeah!
– Oh, he did it. – I win!
– Okay. Stay tuned to watch us
try your Christmas food hacks. Link:
Give the ultimate gift,
a mythical gift card
available in various amounts

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