For the forehand corner, i will do my directional split step
left from right to the back I push with my left performing a che-che , maybe two, i do a scissor jump, Landing with left foot first and right afterwards, like this. So you need to hear your feet hit the ground two times Not like this. This was at the same time. They must land differently So left foot first and then right , like this this movement is a bit false, because when you do the scissor jump you normally go straight so the normally the footwork will look like this Then we have the rear backhand corner. Start with a directional split step Then i am pulling my right foot behind my left and it end up over here and then I’m skipping on my left foot
like this. So let’s break it down. 1)Directional split step, 2) a skip, 3) one che-che, 4) scissor jump, 5) reach the middle

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  1. Thanku for this ?

  2. You are very good coach ?

  3. Please help me in increasing backhand toss

  4. Sir please make video how to get tire out our opponent

  5. You all are doing well

  6. Damn this work very well, thank youu

  7. Thanks bro your teaching is best. Hope you will soon get 1M

  8. sir, what's the best string for slice shot / slice dropshot ?

  9. Watch my channel

  10. Thanks who all enjoy to play Bandminton …..

  11. waiting for next video. Footwork at front court

  12. Great video on the footwork, explained so good!??

  13. Did you use some kind of background blur effect? Doesn't look to nice. But you're a great coach tho 😉

  14. Hay, I've been looking for a video showing quick switching between forehand grip and backhand grip!! Do you already have one ??

  15. Wow..exactly what I had been looking for. Thx a million.

  16. Hi Mads, Great Video….

    Can you please explain, while doing the scissor jump you stressed on landing on both feet at different time. What's wrong if land at the same time on both feet.


  17. Hi guys, love your videos – very informative and well explained. However, for this video, since you're not feeding shuttles, I would recommend removing the net so we can see you better instead of trying to see through the net which sometimes causes the focus tracking to go off. Keep up the great work! Chen.

  18. For going to the back court, do you advice using a cross foot walk instead of the shuffle/che-che ? i have seen some players do that, especially in singles…Btw, request: for footwork exercises, can you please get rid of the net? was a little distracting.

  19. You made your split towards your right back. You cannot assume the shuttle will go that way. The split should be natural in direction.

  20. yes.malysia step.

  21. hey i have a question about the split step at the start of eatch of the next move, how do you know to split step that way because i would split step facing the net but that would be slower. so how do you know where to split step to?

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